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Tuesday Kickoff: Kaka transfer hits a snag, Newcastle close in on double signing, and more


What seemed almost inevitable a few days ago, now looks to be out of reach.

Kaka, the former talisman of the Brazilian national team and A.C. Milan, was all set for a move back to his former club from Real Madrid, before financial issues have forced the transfer to stall, according to reports.

A.C. Milan Vice-President Adriano Galliani has stated that the transfer was done, except for dealing with Kaka’s current wages, which reportedly amount to €9 million a season. Kaka had offered to take a pay cut to make the move, but it seems unlikely that he will reduce his salary enough to satisfy Milan’s directors.

The 30-year-old has made just seven appearances for Real Madrid this season in La Liga, with his only goals this season coming in the Champions League and Copa Del Rey.

Here are some other stories to get your Tuesday started:


Alan Pardew must be practicing his French, as he is on the verge of hauling in two more players from Ligue Un.

Montpellier defender Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa is currently in Tyneside completing a medical for his reported £8 million move to Newcastle, while the club is in advanced talks with Nancy defender Massadio Haidara on a move to St. James Park, according to a statement from the French club.

Haidara, 20, has made 17 appearances at left-back for Nancy this season, who sit in the relegation zone in Ligue Un. He is set to complete his medical today or tomorrow before the transfer is finalized.


If not for Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, Radamel Falcao may be called the best goal scorer in the world.

For the next three weeks or so, his club Atletico Madrid will have to live without him.

Falcao injured his hamstring in the 57th minute of last Sunday’s 2-0 win against Levante, causing consternation amongst the fans and his manager Diego Simeone. Simeone has stated that Falcao will miss at least 20 days before he is cleared to play.

The Colombian striker has scored 18 goals this season in La Liga, and his team sits in second place in the table, on 47 points.


Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina’s father, Miguel Reina, has opened a new can of worms by stating on a Spanish radio show that his son would love to return to Barcelona and be the first choice goalkeeper.

Current ‘keeper Victor Valdes announced his intent last week to leave Barcelona when his contract is over, leading to speculation within the Spanish media to who would take Valdes’ place in the team.

Reina, who came through La Masia at Barcelona before leaving for in search of first-team minutes, has been at Liverpool since 2005, when he moved to Merseyside from Villareal.


It’s been 202 days since Corinthians won their first ever Copa Libertadores title, but tonight South America’s premier competition returns to action with the first stage of the tournament.

Rafa Marquez and Mexico’s Leon will make their Libertadores debut tonight against Iqueque of Chile, while Venezuena’s Deportivo Anzoategui takes on Tigres from Argentina.

Mexican clubs Toluca and Tijuana, also in the competition, will begin playing in the second stage next month.


Cardiff City have completed the signing of Frazier Campbell from Sunderland on a three-and-a-half year contract for a £650,000. (REPORT)

UEFA President Michel Platini believes match-fixing is the biggest evil in football today. (REPORT)

Former England manager Sven Göran Eriksson finally reached a deal, to take over as technical director at UAE side Al-Nasr. (REPORT)

Benfica have decided to keep Pablo Aimar at the club until the summer. (REPORT)


What do you think of these reports? Do you see Kaka agreeing to take a bigger pay cut to make the move to Milan? Do you think Newcastle’s reinforcements will help them stay in the Premier League? Should Barcelona consider Reina as a potential replacement for Valdes?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Iqueque is where South America gets most of its used cars, a lot from Japan. If you live in S. America and want a car cheap you go to Iqueque.

    • I’m not familiar with the website, but it looks like a blog site that anyone can write for with no journalistic standards whatsoever. The writer doesn’t offer anything in the way of a source.

  2. 9 million Euros (about 12 million US) a year for Kaka salary is a tidy sum. I’m sure the Galaxy would offer a good and competitive amount BUT I seriously doubt they wanted to match that. And then the transfer fee which would be another hefty hit (I’m thinking around $10-12 mill US. Frank Lampard at 4-5 mill US and no transfer fee is an absolute BARGAIN.

    I think, though, that Real Madrid believes they were snaked by the Beckham deal. I think they had little idea that Becks would actually sign with the Galaxy, and were thinking they could re-sign him for a lot less than his original contract. The main competition for Becks back then was….AC Milan..surprise!!! But even the reduced demands made by Real for Kaka going on loan to Milan were to much for the Italians to swallow. I don’t think they were taking anything for granted with Kaka.

    I think Kaka will still have about 1-1.5 years left on his contract and should he not get more starts or significant playing time by the summer, expect Real Madrid begin value shopping him around to get him off the books. If the Galaxy do sign Lamps and Donovan stays on, then expect the Red Bulls to have a clear path to KaKa next summer.

  3. The Jesus loving Christian will not negotiate for less then the tens of millions he requires.

    I wonder if Jesus would have cast him out of the temple…

    • Not hating on you, but perhaps Kaka wants the extra money so that he can spend it on something other than on himself. I’m a Christian, and if I was in Kaka’s position I would bargain hard to get best possible contract, and then I would be generous with the money I get toward those who need it.

    • Dumbest thing I’ve read all day. Wanting money transcends all race, gender, and religious lines. I fail to see how him negotiating for a higher wage makes him any less spiritual or worthy.

      On a related note, how was occupy wall street for you?

    • I don’t understand your point at all. Are you suggesting there are moral implications here? How so? Say he has offered to take a pay cut of two million (or whatever) – would he be a “better” Christian if he offered to take a cut of three million? What number would satisfy Jesus? What does his salary have to do with his religious beliefs, anyway? It’s not as if the millions he’s paid is taking bread out of the mouths of starving children. It’s coming out of the pockets of a billionaire. In fact, the more money he’s paid, the more “good” he can do in the name of his religion.

      Before anyone starts, I’m an atheist. I just don’t see what a Kaka’s religious beliefs have to do with his contract negotiations. He is under no obligation to take any pay cut at all. But he has offered to take one – and for that he is being criticized? To suggest that he is acting greedily for not offering to take as substantial a pay cut as the billionaire owners of Milan want him to take is baffling.

  4. Liverpool need to get Butland have Jones take the reigns for this season and have a competition for the spot next season.

    Newcastle sems to be following the arsenal model, go mostly French with Dutch smatterings thrown in, sell your best players. Lets see if Pardew can keep his job.

  5. mike ashley finally spending some of that carroll transfer money… he should have done it in the summer. poor newcastle even when things seem to be turning up it suddenly turns to disaster.


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