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BREAKING- Sounders acquire Joseph from Chivas USA


The Seattle Sounders took a look at Shalrie Joseph up close recently and Sigi Schmid suggested that it seemed unlikely the Sounders would go after the long-time standout midfielder.

Apparently things have changed.

Chivas USA have traded Joseph to the Sounders for a second-round pick in the 2014 MLS Draft, sources confirmed to SBI on Tuesday.

(UPDATE– The deal is now official. The full trade has Chivas USA sending second-round picks in the 2014 and 2015 MLS drafts to Seattle along with Joseph and the No. 3 spot in the MLS Allocation order. Yes, the Goats gave the Sounders two picks, their high allocation order spot AND are paying a portion of Joseph’s salary.)

Joseph was destined to leave Chivas USA after new manager Jose Luis Sanchez Sola stated publicly that the former New England standout was not part of the team’s future plans. Chivas USA let Joseph join Seattle for a one-day trial so the Sounders could see him up close. Despite Schmid commenting about Joseph not being fit, the clubs ultimately wound up completing a deal.

The most surprising aspect of the deal is the fact that Seattle will keep Joseph as a Designated Player in 2013, with general manager Adrian Hanauer saying it was the only way to make the deal work.

What do you think of this development?

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    • This is a laughably one-sided deal. What precisely does Chivas get? They lose a player, drop down the allocation order, and give up two picks. Rumor is they also pay part of the salary to boot. It’s so one-sided that Chivas’ announcement implies the allocation spot is the positive exchange — “Rojiblancos acquire the No. 15 allocation ranking in exchange for the MLS veteran” — when in fact it is a concession. They were #3. Again, you just did a trade, what did you get??????????

      At which point it’s worth pointing out the obvious, is there anyone in management with much MLS experience to understand the implications? If they get a cap hit for paying Joseph’s salary, they don’t even get the gold-plated cap room that people often use to justify goofy trades like this. Surely anyone with MLS experience would tell Chivas, ummm, you just gave up two picks and gave them prime allocation real estate, that should more than suffice for an over the hill player who saw the field 12 games last season.

      That being said, I don’t think Shalrie’ll be that big a boon to Seattle, he’s lost quality, but you could argue that the allocation spot alone might be more valuable. And they got that thrown in. Shalrie could be a bust but they gave up nothing for him, and got other stuff, so it’s highway robbery.

      Last, it’s worth pointing out that if Chivas wants hispanics and perhaps internationals, an allocation might not be all that useful. At least while they try this rebranding out, their posture would be that they don’t care to sign Spector or Lichaj or any of the other Anglos who might come back from Europe.

      • Weird logic. Chivas could have accomplished a similar net result simply buying out Joseph’s contract by March 2nd. Essentially they said the off cap money they saved by having the Sounders pay some of Joseph’s salary was worth two draft picks and Allocation order to them. It’s the only thing they gained in the trade they would not have garnered simply buying out the contract.

      • But this is a team owned by big Mexican outfit Chivas, right? If the contract buyout is offcap and they are as rich as they seem, what should they care? Let me write you a big check and you can go where you want, I’ll use the picks, allocation, and cap room to rebuild or send out in other trades. They shouldn’t need Seattle’s help.

        All this does is reward Seattle heavily for taking a player whose contract can’t last too much longer.

        FWIW someone pointed to the Nkufo deal as an example of how Seattle has bought out DP deals before. Could this be even more kung fu treachery from Seattle, who could take the picks, order spot, and a nominal obligation to pay some salary, and then buy out the player? That might then clear some Chivas cap, but this would still be a boon to Seattle.

    • The only paid part of his salary. Evidently the picks they gave up are worth less to them than the money they would have paid to buyout his salary.

  1. Chivas USA was supposedly checking out Gerardo Torrado in Mexico to bring in as a DP. Maybe this move greases the wheels a bit and lets them bring in additional players. They were hamstrung by having a lot of players and expensive salaries that they didn’t want.

  2. Tons of good players, but how will they play together?

    Bottomless midfield.

    Thin but good at forward.

    Good at RB (especially if counting Evans)

    Very thin at CB.

    LB – Anyone? Burch/Scott?

    Maybe Sigi will roll out a 2-6-2.

  3. Based on the comments from GM Adrian Hanauer after the trade the Sounders are still in the market for a DP forward. Speculation is Tiffert is on his way out and then they will add the DP. Seems that would mean Evans or Rosales plays offensive center mid and allows a little more room in the very crowded midfield. Still a bit of an odd move to me.

  4. I think if sounders don’t make it to the semi final (conference championship) olr even MLS cup, sigi will be out. I’m gonna be honest, I think galaxy, dynamo as the west champions and sounders and timbers as the dark horses all season but I see galaxy and houston coming up top again. So sigi start planning ur vacation for 2014 and I think sigi is running out of tactics and skills if he has some, because american soccer is changing with all the new young blood coaches and players. On the other hand I would have traded Montero in MLS siince he would fit in any MLS team. Another thing, I can not believe sounders can’t get their fans drogba or lampard or even top south american. I guess till sounders get a new stadium or grass or even timbers artificial turf. MlS cup 2013 galaxy vs red bull or dynamo

  5. This is a curious move. It has many in Seattle wondering whether (1) Tiffert is on his way out, or (2) the Sounders will pay down one of these contracts and make that guy a non-DP. I’m not sure how that works with the cap, or if it’s even possible.

    All I know is that right now, I’m not very happy with this trade as a SSFC fan.

  6. I’m wondering if Sigi can come with me when I go to buy my new car. I have Kia money but I want a Mercedes. I think he can swing it for me…

    • Forget Sigi, go straight to the source. I’m sure Chivas is selling a Mercedes amongst their fire sale – it’s not Mexican after all…

  7. As a Rev fan, obviously I have a ton of respect for what Shalrie has done over his career – he was a beast for years. That said… he was clearly done with the Revs last year. It was starting to get painful to watch – he just lost a step, and that made him start to make poor distribution decisions as he tried to compensate (and his defending very clearly suffered). Heaps, if anything, waited a little longer than he should have to move him, because Heaps was new and Shalrie was a big established name. Hopefully playing with a talented team around him turns the clock back a few years- I’d be a happy man to watch Sharlie do his thing again with a smile, but… I’m not optimistic.

  8. Chivas is having a fire sale. Chelis thinks MLS vets like Joseph can be easily replaced. We shall when the games begin.

    Interview with Chivas goalkeeper Kennedy was interesting. He talked about his few years in the Chilean league. His experience there and spanish language skills have kept him on Chivas USA. But if Chivas de G. have a young GK they want to give some experience too I’ll bet Kennedy will be shopped so they can make space for the youngster.

  9. How is this a trade? There is nothing being exchanged.

    Unless the text of the article is mixed up, Chivas is giving Seattle a ridiculous amount of stuff simply to get Joseph off the books.

    How is this allowed by MLS? I feel bad for any Chivas fans (should they exist), but its simply a ridiculous farce of a trade that unilaterally benefits Seattle and by extension hurts the rest of the league.

  10. Chivas gave up a lot to make this happen, Seattle did fairly well for themselves. Although having to take him as a DP for Seattle stings

  11. What is Chivas going to do with their horde of second round draft picks? They keep trading their players for second round picks.

    There aren’t going to be that many Mexicans in the second round of the draft next year.

  12. ————–Johnson——————–





    subs: Zakuani, Joseph, Hehneman, Zavaleta, Caskey, Burch, Neagle, Ochoa… and then work Saviola in there somehow! This is a very strong team this year!

  13. How’s he fit in with Seattle? Would they sit him deep next to Alonso, or would they try to move him to CB? Just seems like a strange/slightly unnecessary move if they picked him up solely to provide cover for Ozzie Alonso (unless Chivas is picking up the bulk of his salary, in which case, why not?).

  14. Sigi is one sneaky SOB. He scares everyone off with his comments about Sharlie last week and now he reels him in I like it, Sigi, I like your sneaky ways. I just hope Sharlie works out for you. Otherwise you’ll have egg on your face.

  15. Sigi disparaging his fitness was just part of a negotiating ploy it seems. Now to find out the details as there is no way Seattle is paying much of that salary.

      • I’ll gladly wait to see the trade play out over the season.. My money is on Joseph.. Make sure you tune in to the two games SSFC / Chivas play in Seattle.

      • Considering Seattle won’t be paying part of his salary and they gave up nothing of consequence to get him, there is zero chance Seattle comes out second on this deal. Worst case scenario it’s a wash for them.

      • yeah Chepe wecan buy out the contract and open the slot back up got two Draft Choices and are number 3 on the Allocation slot ! Chivas really took it to us !

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