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Must-See Goal: Samuel Umtiti


  1. Christ Ives, how many ads do I have to endure to see a video?

    The 12 second ad at we have to wait through at the beginning of the video is bad enough, but the automatic playing ad with audio on the sidebar reminds me why I stopped visiting this website. I’ll just stick to twitter.

  2. that was really nice goal by Samuel Umtiti. But i didn’t feel any computer graphics in that video. It is completely original and Samuel is not an ordinary player. He is good in his shots and better know how to play and how to win a match.

  3. Actually, it reminds me of Danny Rose’s blast from a similar spot in his debut fro Tottenham…except Rose’s shot was more impressive because he didn’t have a wide-open path to the goal. Maybe Rose’s shot didn’t have the same power behind it, but it was a tougher shot.

    If you want to see a missile — unfortunately, there’s inst’ good video of it, but Rafael hit a screamer wide of the goal last night, for DC United. Yeah, I know – he didn’t even score, but the announcers noted that he did break the white picket fence behind the goal at the Disney complex. MLS goalies beware,


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