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Honduras 2, USA 1: Match Highlights

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  1. I don’t understand how anyone can blame Gonzo only, Howard should have never been that far off his line and probably wouldn’t have if Chandler had marked his man better. Tough to judge a match just on highlights, but not as “the sky is falling” bad as some people make it out to be. It kills me that I’m missing the away matches of the Hex, hopefully my cable provider will pick in BeIN soon.

  2. Something doesn’t feel right with the squad, and it’s a pretty consistent vibe with these games under Klinsmann. I get the sense there’s some internal problems with some of the core guys and the coaches. I have Bein sport and actually watched the game in HD. This game wasn’t unlike the Antigua match, except I thought the effort yesterday was even worse and more casual. No rhythm, no flow, no cohesion. We sure are paying Klinsmann a lot for mediocre to poor results in games that matter..

  3. Not impressed. the center back is supposed to be proactive in the box, not reactive. Gonzales had every chance to prevent the second goal. Instead he was waiting to see what his mark would do, and then reacted to it. Ameturish play.

    • Its true the final goal was at least 50% on gonzo(other 50% belongs to the howard-cameron communication breakdown) but I wouldn’t say omar made an amateurish play by being reactive, instead his problem was simply that he had a two second lapse where he forgot he was playing. You can see the moment he realizes this, he begins to run into the box while looking for his man showing that he was TRYING to be proactive but was just a half step too slow in remembering he was on the field. I chalk his error up to inexperience more than anything. Overall he had a passable performance considering it was his first full game that mattered, and this defense had NEVER played together just sucks that his lapse came in a game like this.
      The further I get into this the more I am realizing how badly this was handled. A defense that had never played all together before combined with the fact that they all had very
      little familiarity with howard, who was essentially commanding them. None of them had ever played a hex game before and only two had EVER played in a usmnt game that mattered. In the midfield klinsmans continued fascination w 3 dms is beginning to kill us. Im not necessarily saying that zusi or klejstan are better than those who started but they were better suited to transfer the ball from defense to offense and make plays cuz thats they are more attack minded players. You cannot take a dm and move him to rw and expect to get the same quality of attacking play. Same with johnson on lw. He is a central player, put him in the middle if he must start, and let brad davis (the BEST LW) IN MLS play in his natural position. The same could be said of cameron to play in midfield as he does for stoke but seeing as there is a special need for cbs and not for dms I get his use as a cb.
      Honestly, this is what I feel should have happened.
      Chandler, boca, cameron,f.johnson
      Boca may be slow and im a huge fan of omar and think he is the future but bocas expefience and leadership would have helped anchor an inexperienced defense.
      As for the rest of the lineup, if you are feeling that only one dm is a bit iffy, ask yourself if thats because you truly think we need two dms or if you have just become used to seeing three on the field with the USMNT. Bradley would be more than servicable as the lone defensive mid and has the vision to link with players like kljestan zusi and davis, who would all be playing in positions the are comfortable in. as for the forwards altidore simply plays better with someone to play off of(i know he is the lone striker for az but their mids r so good at getting into the box its like having a second forward). I feel that demps is a better wing player pinching in than full blown forward but he still is better than johnson or gomez even playing forward. I would also be open to seeing clint in kljestans spot if we had boyd in the roster to play w jozy.
      DISCLAIMERS:i know davis was not great v canada but who was? I think given time to settle
      In he could be very good for us all the way till the end of brazil’14. Also I kno that zusi and klestan didnt exactly set the world on fire today once they came in but to be fair, klejstan was out of position and they were playing with teammates that looked uncharacteristically tired. However we certainly did not do any worse after they were introduced.

      • I would simply start by playing players who are in season and in good form. Leave out guys who are not in season/coming off suspension/not getting minutes with their clubs. I would actually use guys who play in a warm climate (i.e. Mexico), considering the conditions…
        (Left -> Right)
        Johnson, Boca, Cameron, Chandler
        Torres, Bradley, Kjlestan
        Dempsey, Altidore, Gomez

  4. Jeez that sucked.

    Cameron and Gonzo, SERIOUSLY!!!!! Cameron had a stupid simple bodying the attacker type play and Gonzo just needed to mark his runner. Ugh on such a stupid goal we lose


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