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Friday Kickoff: Wenger won’t resign, upsets galore in Libertadores, and more:

Currently in the midst of his worst season in charge since he joined in 1996, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has declared that he has no intention of resigning from his post, despite calls from fans and some in the media that it may be time for him to leave.

Speaking to reporters ahead of his side’s match on Saturday against Aston Villa, Wenger refused to comment on his contract, which currently runs through the end of 2014. The Frenchman emphatically denied earlier this week that he was in discussions with the board for an extension.

Arsenal currently sit in fifth-place in the Premier League, four points behind rivals Tottenham in fourth. Arsenal have lost two in a row, being knocked out of the FA Cup by Blackburn last Saturday, before losing to Bayern Munich in the Champions League on Tuesday 3-1.

Here are some more stories to get your Friday going:


Deportivo Lara of Venezuela and Real Garcilaso of Peru, both debutants, have pulled off a couple of stunning upsets in Copa Libertadores action on Thursday evening.

The Venezuelan side beat Argentine power Newell’s Old Boys 2-1, thanks to a sixth minute goal from Jesus Javier Gomez, and a 30-yard blast in the 50th minute from Marlon Fernandez. Newell’s Marcos Caceres drew one goal back in 90th minute injury time, but Lara held on at home to ensure a historic victory.

Garcilaso meanwhile took down Paraguayan side Cerro Porteño by a score of 1-0, putting them in a tie for first place in Group 6. The Argentine midfielder Alfredo Ramua scored the game’s only goal in the 8th minute, giving his Peruvian club the win on the road in the process.

Across the continent, Paraguayan side Libertad took down Argentine club Tigre 2-0 in Buenos Aires, while Colombian sides Santa Fe and Deportes Tolima played to a 1-1 draw in Bogota.


Just a few days after resigning from his post at Swindon Town, Paolo Di Canio reportedly broke into the clubs offices, ripping down pictures and other memorabilia from the walls. (REPORT)

Ligue 1 Lille goalkeeper Steeve Elana has stated he is racially abused often during matches. (REPORT)

Barcelona defender Eric Abidal has been given a green light to return to the pitch for matches, just under a year after having a liver transplant. (REPORT)

Paris Saint-Germain has released their new re-designed logo for next season. (REPORT)


What do you think of these reports? Were there any Europa League results that surprised you? Do you see Arsene Wenger seeing out his contract with Arsenal? What do you think of Elana’s comments about racism in French football?

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  1. If I’m Garber, I publicly and loudly express the following:

    If any non-white players in Europe don’t want to be racially abused, they should come to MLS.

    If any gay players who are in the closet want to come out in an environment where they will be accepted and supported, they should come to MLS.

    That’s an advantage MLS has over big European leagues, take advantage of it!

    • “If I’m Garber, I publicly and loudly express the following:

      If any non-white players in Europe don’t want to be racially abused, they should come to MLS”


      Disculpe. Estábamos bajo la impresión de que Chivas EE.UU. sería la única etnia club específico basado en la MLS.

      ¿Ha cambiado esto?

      -Chivas USA

  2. If Wenger couldn’t handle the softball questions at the Champions League press conference, I can’t wait to see how the Frenchman handles this batch of questions regarding resigning.

    • me too. He reminds me of Al Davis in the sense that he had it going on BIG TIME for a long time, but got set in his ways and beliefs (they both share huge egos) to the point that his team stopped evolving to the environment around itself, and instead of adjusting to the ebbs and flows of the evolving game, he dug in his heels stubbornly to the detriment of his team, believing he knows better when the evidence is that the game has passed them by and adjustments are needed.

      Both want to win, but just as importantly, want to win their way to prove to all they are right, and that gets in the way (ego)

    • I just hope the new fischy logo makes it clear that those damn German-accented phoney Americans like Jermaine Jones ain’t real Americans in the real “Americuns hate furiners with their Euro accents” kinda way.

      • Cute. I’m flattered you remember my comment.

        I’m happy to have him on the national team. Boyd too…etc. Those are the rules. I just wanted to make the point that if we’re taking national pride in the accomplishments of Americans in the Euro Champions League, I will take more pride in someone who actually grew up here and learned to play the game here (Rossi), over someone who thinks it would be cool to play in the World Cup and was happy to take an invite from the USA because his own country wouldn’t have taken him.

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