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Mid-Day Ticker: USWNT win Algarve Cup; Tevez charged; and more

Verena Faibt, Alex Morgan, Saskia Bartusiak


The US Women’s National Team defeated Germany 2-0 Wednesday to win the Algarve Cup in Portugal.

Alex Morgan got on the end of a Sydney Leroux cross in the 13th minute to open the scoring, then Morgan capitalized on a defensive miscommunication to net her second of the afternoon and clinch a US victory.

Morgan also scored the equalizing goal against Sweden to propel the US into the final, giving her the last three goals the United States scored in this tournament.

Here are some more soccer stories to get you through your Wednesday:


Manchester City forward Carlos Tevez has been charged with driving while disqualified and driving without insurance, Cheshire Police announced Wednesday.

Tevez was arrested at 5:13 pm March 7 on suspicion of driving while disqualified.  The 29-year-old had been banned from driving in January after pleading guilty to two counts of failing to supply information over incidents in which his car was clocked speeding.

Tevez was banned from driving for six months, as well as ordered to pay 1,540 pounds in fines and court costs.


The Chelsea vs. Manchester United FA Cup replay has been set for April 1 following the international break between March 18-27.

Chelsea have put back a Premier League matchup with Southampton March 30 to make room for the match, while Manchester United will have to do the same with a game against Sunderland.

The teams drew 2-2 at Old Trafford on Sunday to force the replay, and the winner will take on Manchester City in the semifinals of the FA Cup.


According to the Guardian, Manchester City are planning on clearing out 11 players in this summer’s transfer window to make room for new signings the club believes will push City over the top in the Champions League.

Among those rumored to be on the list are forwards Carlos Tevez, Edin Dzeko, midfielders Samir Nasri and Gareth Barry.

Roberto Mancini is reportedly of the belief that Manchester City were not able to meet expectations in the Champions League after the club was unable to bring in the targeted players during last summer’s window, such as Robin van Persie, and clearing out certain players will ensure City don’t make the same mistakes this time around.


  1. Looking forward to the transition to younger players under Sermanni. Also, who he settles on for ACM, DM and the CBs. The depth is already very solid with more players on the way…imagine adding Ohai on the flank to the current roster.

  2. Alex is a beast man. She can run Asa fast as Braxton Miller the Ohip sate QB. And shoot a harder ball than Tevez. (Haha) USWNT and Alexjeep up the good work. USA!!!

  3. Thanks for ruining algarve final game that I was planning on watching in TV. Why do you guys always put the results in the headlines? Why not put “algarve result” or something like that. Your site is awesome except when you ruin games I haven’t watched yet.

    • …or you could be like normal people that work 9-5 and avoid browsing sports websites to ensure you or someone else doesn’t spoil it.

      Just a thought.

  4. Morgan’s first goal was awesome.

    No, she is not Messi, but the British commentator I was listening to said he thought she had a similar quickness in front of goal. (no one can dribble like him, though!)

    sidenote: wtf is Germany doing with that new keeper? She’s supposedly good for her club, but she’s been horrible for the NT so far. She made several shocking mistakes against France not long ago and can’t seem to communicate with her teammates.

    • Someone should be ashamed that it was a PPV event. Really? Do we want women’s international soccer to go the way of boxing as a sport?

    • hah! yes.
      And we have not only Wambach (whom I think will make a good sub for years to come with her heading ability), but also Press, Leroux, and other new faces who could step in when needed.

      I’m stoked to see where this team goes with the new coach. [and hopefully we are on our way to fixing that midfield]

  5. Morgan is a beast. Driving while disqualified? What does that mean? Is that how they refer to a DUI in England? Or did he just not have a license?

    • Drinks driving is the British term for DUI or DWI. He was charged for driving while license suspend, in American terms. His explanation is that he didn’t realize his license was suspended for not appearing on his summons date, as his English is so poor he neither understood the officer’s for the original offense, nor the wording on the summons. The attorney he has retained to defend him on his current charges goes by the nickname Merlin(according to the British press I’ve read).


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