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UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Your Running Commentary

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FC Barcelona face the daunting task of trying to erase a 2-0 deficit today when they take on AC Milan in the second leg of their CONCACAF Champions League Round of 16 series (3:45pm, Fox Soccer Channel).

Milan pulled off a shocker in the first leg, not only scoring twice on Barcelona but holding them scoreless at the San Siro. Now Milan head to the Camp Nou knowing that a road goal would suddenly force Barcelona to score four goals to win the series.

Xavi is back in the starting lineup for Barcelona as they field a full-strength lineup in today’s decisive clash.

In Germany, Schalke 04 will look to build on a first-leg 1-1 draw by winning at home against Didier Drogba and Galatasaray (3:45pm, Fox Soccer Plus). Schalke is facing multiple injury concerns heading into the match, along with the suspension of Jermaine Jones due to yellow-card accumulation, but will still like their chances of posting a victory at home.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. At the end, we are at the end my friend, you mean at the end of this season?, ok, we´ll see, only for this current season, stress that word, cause historically Barca is ages away from the greatest team ever, HALA MADRID

  2. Cause when you have other priorities and 14 more leagues more than your biggest rival, the league is not important, that´s why, and it´s not over, we continue beating Barca at Barca and at the Bernabeu, a 3 – 1 result in camp nou tells you something about that team.

  3. OK 5 more CL and 14 more leagues, who cares?, I can´t stand Barca fans that don´t know history and think they have the greatest team and player ever, no way, what about Real´s Di Stefano team?, thet won 5 UCL in a row, what about Maradona?, he single handendly won the WC, yeah I get it, you guys had 3 great years, but everything ends and continues, sadly thats has happened for the USMNT against Mexico, and that´s a reality in sports.

    History and recent results have Real as the better team right now, look at the last 8 clasicos, and tell me the results.

  4. Chill out Barca fan, this game was given by the inexpirence Milan players, beat Real and start talking or any other great club in the world, HALA MADRID

    • we have beat madrid- remember the 2-6 and the 5-0? and the 3-1? remember those? do you remember that we are 13 points ahead of “your” facha shithead of a team? go seig heil to hitler you facha. ( let me guess you are not from spain, so you have no idea what i’m talking about do you? which is why i say “you”) last time i checked Milan is one of the great clubs in the world…. em cago en la teva puta mare.=)

      • No idea?, hahaha, you must be high dude, we have 14 more leagues, 7 more CL, 4 more clasicos, me cago en tu madre dos veces haha… Beat us and then come and talk to me again, watch football history and then you can talk, Barca is at the most a moda, if you knw what I mean, nothing more, no real history outside of Spain, Real is the greatest ever, owned dude, Milan is greater than Barca, Real is 5 times better than Barca and it will stay that way, remember the 3 – 1 and 2 – 1, now not 3 years ago.

      • You need to learn how to add and subtract at a very basic elementary school level….

        Real has 9 CLs……Barca has 4 CLs…… go do your self a favor and learn simple arithmetic ….Real has 7 more CLs than teams who have won 2……Milan has 7 so 2 less than Real Madrid….Liverpool 5, and if I’m not mistaken Bayern and Barca 4….what tha hell are you talking about??

        And I love how all you Real fans always claim that Barca has no real long time fans….as if Real Madrid is the only club capable of having a World wide fan base…ask people in their mid 40s and 50s if they don’t know about Cruyff and when he got to Barca and later when he coached them and established the foundation for what the club is today….

        How long it’s been since you guys won a CL? 10 or 11 years? you have 3 CLs in the last 47 years….Barca has 4 in the last 20…so hasn’t won recently?? lol

    • Guess AC Milan will be that much better next year when Balotelli will be available……

      Oh well they are pretty much in CL position now, but with them out of the CL, maybe they can pass Napoli for the 2nd spot and now playoff needed for CL….too far to catch Juve, unless they start losing games due to being in CL and Serie….are they still in the Copa Italia???

  5. Shalke is missing Jermaine Jones very much today and now needs two goals in the second half. Really irks me the yellow card Jones got in Istanbul two weeks ago from the Scottish ref. Very unfair. And Schalke should have played the B-team against Dortmund last Saturday and saved their energy for this game, not to mention avoiding injury to Klaus Jan Huntelaar.

      • …and there it is. Milan would have needed two shots off the post to win this year’s hypothetical world championship.

    • i dont care if they were one post from winning the series, the point is the game is back to a tie. best team will win this.

      • Two different Chris’s posting her Edwin….

        And I didn’t tell you to care Mike? I was just saying. And, Milan had enough close chances to have really made this game interesting. Unfortunately they didn’t capitalize.

  6. Look, I know I’m an ignorant fan boy, but dear Lord… is Messi of this earth? Stunning. How is it that somehow, it feels like MILAN is the one who has no chance of winning? Or is that just me? Did I unwittingly get the Catalan flavored Kool-Aid this week?

    • Ill let you know before you start. No one f*cking cares. So keep your bullsh*t complaining about every little thing that goes against barca off this thread so I can enjoy reading about the game. We understand all tackles are career ending so there’s no need to repeat over and over again

      • Wouldn’t have watched it even if Milan was winning 4-0. Now if balotelli was playing I might put it on

      • “So keep your bullsh*t complaining about every little thing that goes against barca off this thread so I can enjoy reading about the game”

        So, you want to enjoy reading about the game..

        -“Doesn’t bother me. I’m watchin the schalke game/ the wbc.”
        -“Wouldn’t have watched it even if Milan was winning 4-0.”

        Reading about a game you have no interest in and wouldn’t have watched anyway.

        Wait. What?

      • Hahaha I didn’t want to come on here and see a’s 20 comments all complaining about some bullsh*t like I have the past 6 uefa commentarys and it worked! Hahahahaha you people crack me up. So much passion for a team you will never see live or visit camp nou. Band wagoning girls at your best.

      • I lived in el barri gotic in cuitat vella. I’m pretty sure I can root for a team in a city I’ve lived.

      • jaja soc mig catala i 100% cule. been to Barcelona and to the camp nou more times than you have been laid. Some of us have followed the team before they became awesome. Actually i miss those days when people didnt know what jersey i was wearing.

    • What will AC Milan do or any other team? When playing Barca if you play too defensively you might get carved up by their quick passing in tight spaces, and if you open up to attack you will get carved up by their quick passing in more open space. They are not invincible, but when they find their rythm and movement they are very hard to beat.


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