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Friday Kickoff: Ferdinand hits out at England fans; Ancelotti wants Beckham extension; and more

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Rio Ferdinand has heard racist chants in the past, but never before from his own supporters.

The Manchester United defender has said he was shocked to hear about England fans at last Friday’s 8-0 win in San Marino chanting about him and his brother Anton, using lyrics with racist overtones.

Ferdinand, who caused an uproar over his pulling out of the England squad, and then taking a trip to Qatar during the international break, tweeted his displeasure at the news of the racist chanting. The anti-racism organization FARE filed a complaint about the chanting with FIFA, which will likely lead to an investigation.

England manager Roy Hodgson clued the press in after that match that he had heard it, but was quoted saying “I have absolutely no comment to make.”

Here are some more stories to get your Friday started:


It looks like “Le Spice Boy” could be extending his stay in Paris after all.

Speaking on the record for the first time about David Beckham’s contract, Paris Saint-Germain manager Carlo Ancelotti claimed that he would love to give the former England midfielder a contract extension. Beckham signed a deal at the end of January through the end of June, but there has been wide speculation that it could be extended based on performances.

Ancelotti also defended Beckham’s trip to China, saying that the 37-year-old had the commitment to travel there even before he signed for the Parisian club.

“There’s no problem. Not for me, not for the club, not for the players,” Ancelotti told ESPN Soccernet. “I also agreed. I didn’t understand the debate provoked by his trip. Some had a holiday, he went to China.”

Since arriving in France, Beckham has played five matches for PSG, going the full 90 minutes in his most recent outing at Saint-Etienne.


Awarding the 2022 World Cup to Qatar has brought along with it massive controversy, including the idea of possibly moving the World Cup to the Northern Hemisphere’s winter months.

The Secretary General of the Qatar World Cup committee Hassan Al-Thawadi has rejected those claims, and has stated that he and his group are moving forward with their plans to host the World Cup in June and July of 2022. The Qatari pointed out that when applying to host the World Cup, they had applied with a summer competition in mind.

Numerous people have come out in favor of moving the 2022 World Cup to the winter, including UEFA President Michel Platini, though FIFA President Sepp Blatter has made clear that the final decision will have to come from Al-Thawadi and his committee, which won’t happen until some time in 2015.


Former Holland midfielder Clarence Seedorf could be facing anywhere from a six-to-12-match ban for his actions during a match last Sunday for Botafogo in Brazil, which saw him get a red card for leaving the field the wrong way. (REPORT)

Fulham defender Brede Hangeland has signed a two-year contract extension to stay at Craven Cottage. (REPORT)

Liverpool is reportedly planning a €20 million move to sign Ajax midfielder Christian Eriksen. (REPORT)

The Western Sydney Wanderers won the A-League Premiers’ Plate, the first time an expansion team has won the trophy. (REPORT)

League One side Coventry City have been deducted 10 points after entering administration. (REPORT)


What do you think of these reports? Do you see England being fined for the racist chanting? How long do you see Beckham staying in Paris? Do you believe the World Cup will end up being played in the Qatari summer?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I am beyond sick and tired of hearing about Rio Ferdinand and his go*D*D*FD brother and their belief that everyone is racist at them.

    • No, they just had a better understanding of how FIFA works. Next time, I am sure we’ll remember to bribe them, and then we’ll get another World Cup. Simple cause and effect.

    • I’m not surprised that fans were voicing their displeasure at Ferdinand. He seems to deserve it right now, but the racist part of it is both disappointing and surprising. I’m also surprised that Hodgson had no comment. Shouldn’t the national sides coach be willing to say that racism has no place in the game? He could easily have done that–and without offering any support for Ferdinand. Or is there more to the story?

    • Lol. Ancelotti is shock, shocked I tell you, that Becks still brings tha skillz. How could that be? I mean, he went to MLS cause it was an “easy” league and he was finished, right?

  2. Seedorf clearly knew what he was doing. In that video you could clearaly tell that the ref was trying to get him to go off on the near sideline. There was nothing to “interpret”. Is it worthy of two yellow cards — absolutely. Is it worth of a heafty 6-12 match ban — that seems kinds of harsh. Really harsh. Three games max. Before the I played the video I was thinking he threw a fit, caused a ruckus and went batsh** crazy. Nope. He just did what he wanted to do and got punished. Oh yeah, and I believe Seedorf’s wife is Brazilian and he does speak the language so maybe in that exchange he did absue the ref. in that case, maybe the long suspension is warranted.

  3. Rock on, Brazilian referee!

    Referee Allen Chapman let Frederico Higuain stall as he kept trying to go off by crossing the field while the referee was pointing for him to go out on the end line and walk behind the goal. Although Chapman. In the end, Chapman was successful in waving the sub on, so Higuain no longer had a choice about staying on the pitch. Still, Chapman didn’t show Higuain a card, even when he tried sneaking back on after being escorted off the first time….and he never added time….which is really what must happen: A card for the time-wasting, and being absolutely clear that he is adding time for every second wasted.

    • Agree with you completely. Referees should have players take the shortest route off the field as possible, and card a player who doesn’t comply. Too bad this will be nothing more than an aberration.

      • Never understood why they don’t stop the clock. Also would prevent all the ridiculous floppin and rolling around if they knew no time was being wasted.

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