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LA Galaxy 1, Rapids 0: Match Highlights

Mike Magee

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  1. Wow, I just saw this. Moor is a moron. Not all that often when a team can trace a loss to a single stupid, needless, blatant penalty & card. Yeesh.

    • Don’t troll, Moor made a mistake, but I challenge you to find many other players in the league that leave the pitch on their own like that. Moor is pure class, played in the league for 9 years and just got his second red all time. BTW we should have lost that game 10 times over without the red, worst performance I have ever seen out of the Rapids. Even if you factor in all of the excuses, snakebite and the fact that the entire spine of the team is missing, we should have played better, and LA should have absolutely mopped the floor with us. LA not looking very dangerous yet this year. Thomas on the other hand is reveling himself to be an ineffectual thug, not happy with him playing, makes dangerous tackles and gives up the ball because he is coming in to challenges too late,

    • Could have easily been 5-0 yesterday, if not for Irwin. McBean and Villareal were great, but Irwin was man of the match.

      • Depth in MLS……. rare! The playing time in Champions League and mentorship from Keane sure seem to be paying off. Defense looked solid without Gonzalez as well.

      • Beckham’s gone. No Keane,No Donovan, No Gonzales= No Problem. At least for some MLS teams

        Keane’s coming back from Europe before the Austria game because of a calf injury he got against Sweden. I hope he’s OK for the Monterrey Game. Either way LA will play a lot of reserves and subs against Toronto, which is just before the first CCL game.

        Either way the Galaxy will have to hope their depth can hold up. They are down to one injured DP. And, yeah, Donovan will be back, his effectiveness and game readiness will not be there for a few weeks. In time. maybe, for the CCL final, if they can get by Monterrey. And if they do, by chance, get to the CCL finals and beat Santos Laguna or Seattle, they will need that third DP (whomever he be) by this summer, as they will have a big mountain to climb at should they make the World Club Championship in the latter part of the year.

        Who knew that such lofy goals depend upon a couple of teenage strikers.

    • Yeah, I always love it when FC Dallas sign another HGP and they’re all proud and yet I don’t know a single one of their HGPs by name because it’s just ten dudes that are okay at soccer but nothing special. LAG going with quality over quantity.


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