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Howard speaks out against notion the USMNT is divided

Tim Howard, Javier (Chicharito) Hernandez


Though he is half  a world away in England recovering from broken bones in his back that have kept him out of the upcoming U.S. Men’s National Team World Cup qualifiers, Tim Howard still felt compelled to address the state of the team after scathing allegations emerged from a Sporting News article released on Tuesday.

Howard took particular issue with the pictured painted by the article of a divided team, a team separated along cultural and ethnic lines (the story suggested that there is a split between German-American players and the rest of the team).

“Our team has always been made up of players who come from different backgrounds, which has been a source of strength for the group,” Howard told SBI on Wednesday. “No matter where players are from, the pride in wearing the U.S. shirt is the only thing that matter to us.

“We have a great group of guys who are all committed to the cause, and the morale and the camaraderie remains high,” Howard said. “We are completely unified in our ultimate goal, which is to qualify for the World Cup.”

The U.S. takes on Costa Rica on Friday before traveling to Estadio Azteca to take on Mexico on Tuesday. Brad Guzan is set to start in goal for the U.S. in place of Howard, who suffered broken bones in his back after a hard fall while playing for Everton in the FA Cup earlier this month.


  1. I am sure there might some German kids in the USNT, but I bet minor details, and I bet theres more of a problem with Klinsmann’s system.

  2. I know there has been a million opinions already, but I’m starting to seriously doubt the validity of this guy’s “journalism”….

    1. To find 11 guys making these comments seems a stretch…. 11? Think about it, thats a lot of people out of this crowd..

    2. IMHO The German-American angle is being blown WAY up & out of proportion, no matter what it is.. lets not forget, 2 of the 4 main players, Jones & Chandler came in under Bradley- Chandler ‘s attendence in camp has been spotty at best, and Fabian & Danny are teamates back in Germany?..Do you really call that a “Divide” in a locker room? or maybe some ruffled feathers blown out of proportion??.. I dunno

    3. The comments about the tactics and formations etc re: The Beautiful Game… it is true that the USMNT isnt Brazil or Spain or Germany… but did we want to keep down the path weve been going or is it time to take it to a new place..and that doesnt happen overnight.

    While I may agree that some of his callups & formations have been puzzling, you can say the same about every coach around the world at some point..I mean lets face it, we are not a country that can afford 6 or 7 starters lost to injury.. we just dont have that level of talent/depth..

    I just hope this serves as a unifying kick in the collective butt for everyone, because with all the injuries, negative press, and obsession ove the LD absense, its time for some solidarity as Mr. Pink would say

  3. This is what crack me up of that stupid article…”The lack of direction from coaches and the “mulligans” some believe have been granted to the German players has damaged the all-for-one camaraderie so evident at the 2010 World Cup.”…OK GUY GENIUS who wrote this crap, as far as i recall the 2010 WC left a feeling of a WC that we did what we had to and could had done more, so unlike the 2002 dont know what the heck you are talking about… and THEN BEFORE THAT he writes this…”It’s not all doom and gloom. Klinsmann has enjoyed some good results. The U.S. was a program-best 9-2-3 last year, finally beat Mexico at the Estadio Azteca and finished atop its semifinal round World Cup qualifying group”…LOL…I should had stop reading after this…enough said…venomous, LONG and stupid article…wasted five minutes of my time…


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