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SBI MLS Rookie of the Week: DeAndre Yedlin

Jane Gershovich/JaneG.Photography


DeAndre Yedlin came into the 2013 season with plenty of hype as the Seattle Sounders’ first Homegrown Player signing, and it didn’t take him long at all to show why he was so highly regarded coming out of Akron.

The 19-year-old fullback started in Seattle’s season opener, and while the Sounders dropped a 1-0 decision to the Montreal Impact, Yedlin was one of Seattle’s bright spots. Along with a crucial goal-line clearance, Yedlin was steady and composed throughout 90 minutes.

Yedlin’s performance gave him the edge over fellow rookies Kekuta Manneh, Kyle Bekker and Deshorn Brown, who all showed well in their pro debuts.

What did you think of Yedlin’s performance? Which rookie impressed you the most?

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  1. This year the Dynamo are loaded. It will be diffcult for a rookie to make the starting 11 like Johnson or Arenas. It is a talented team with players that are just starting to come on like Barnes, Sarkodie, Warren Creavelle and Boniek Garcia. Remember, Cummings and Carr are still out with injuries but when healthy, the Orange are a team to be feared. We are still waiting to see what Andrew Driver can do. As far as Ashe is concerned, his one saving grace is his speed. He has no passing skills or crosses to speak of. I am waiting for someone to step in for him possibly Driver or Creavelle. Don’t know who is availabl but I still feel Ashe is a liability on this team.

  2. Yedlin was arguably the most impressive player on the team that night. How many other rookies could make that claim in week 1?

    Good call Ives.

    • Yedlin was the best player on the field. He wasn’t perfect….there probably should have been a veteran that was better, but there wasn’t and he was very good.

      He better keep starting over AJ.

      • Yedlin had a good game and is a good choice for Rookie of the Week but best player on the field? Come on, not even close. His service was really poor for one thing. We need to stop over-hyping youth players.

      • I don’t think one can fault a fullback for poor service. Perhaps if he were a midfielder I would find that to be a more compelling argument.

    • Anyone who still thinks Caleb Porter is a bad coach because his keepers were horrendous in one game needs to wake up. Look at all the Akron players featuring on USMNT/YNT or making real strides in MLS play.

      • Yes he’s a good coach, that doesn’t change the fact that he completely botched roster selection and more importantly roster management at U23 qualifying. It wasn’t all about a goalkeeper error.

        1. He called in Akron guys like Zarek Valentin who is just not very good, Teal Bunbury who is overrated, and Kofi Sarkodie who isn’t a great defensive fullback and had not been getting playing time in MLS.

        2. He played the same 3 man midfield on 2 days rest and they got overrun by Canada’s 5 man midfield and we lost 2-0.

        Can’t blame Hamid or Johnson for any of that…

      • You’ve got to be kidding. In the result that really mattered, the loss to Canada, Hamid and Opara were at fault for Canada’s wining goal. Okugo’s foul on the edge of the 18 is what led to Canada’s second goal. Valentin was playing out of position due to injury but still was still one of the few defenders not at fault in any of the goals. Sarkodie didnt even play in that game. Both Dom Kinnear and Porter rate Sarkodie and, Bobb, I’ll just trust their opinion more than yours. IN terms of Bunbury, what forward with senior caps and numerous professional first team appearances didnt get called in because of Bunbury? Just because he might be overrated doesnt mean he should have been called in. Should Porter have left Adu out of the picture too?

      • If I’m going to trust opinions it’s the elite coaches like Arena or Bradley. Kinnear has some wierd obsessions, eg, Corey Ashe. IMO he mixes the two steps forward his fans love with a routine backward step or two that his fans overlook. Koke? Landin? Trading away Wondo, DeRo, Kamara?

        Sarkodie was burned by Zakuani for a goal as a rookie and then disappeared to the reserves. Last year he allowed some key goals. While he is lauded for going forward — and is better than the awful Ashe at hitting a cross — he is still iffy at the prime directive of simply playing defense. IMO, that Kinnear keeps bringing players like this back, and re-signs Ching year after year as he deteriorates, is why we remain #2 and haven’t won since 2007. I think he’s a good installer of a system — if you want a 442, he’ll get you in the playoffs — but a mediocre, hit and miss talent judge, and not much of a game manager (his teams generally front run).

        FWIW, at the time Sarkodie was being called in he was still not a routine player here. He did not move into a starting role until October, roughly when I think we decided Hainault was not coming back and benched the Canadian.

        I do think Porter was handed a fairly weak defense in comparison to the U23 attacking talent but I also take it as a sign of his weak adaptability that he did nothing about it. I think Porter is better as a recruiter than a coach and therefore I think he rises and falls with the quality of the people he attracts, like Salcedo at UCLA. I mean, with all that athletic talent why wasn’t a surplus attacker moved backwards? How do you not close out a 3-2 margin at home?

    • Not really. They qualified for the WC. Now that Yedlin is clearly a rising star obviously he will be on the WC roster this summer.

  3. While I did not see the entire game. I did watch the game in large sections. Yedlin was impressive. If he continues, big things could be in his future. He had a veteran’s touch!

    • oooooooo I love those veteran’s touches. Makes you feel safe in and secure, not like those measly youngun’s who don’t know what to do once they start going

    • Kills me the Timbers botched Hurtado’s Homegrown Player tag. He was great to watch all last year, he’s a beast with wicked pace. Now we have to face him three times a year. Yikes!

  4. Sometimes you forget what it’s like to have young legs on a squad. The kid has work rate through the roof. Something Seattle full backs have been lacking for some time.

    • That Scandinavian dude you guys have at fullback is a joke, he was awful in the playoffs (flailing his arms around like a windmill on the PK). I hope when he’s healthy they stick with Yedlin.


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