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Barcelona face Bayern, Real Madrid meet Dortmund again in UCL semifinal draw

BarcelonaTito (Getty)


FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich will square off in the UEFA Champions League semifinals, setting up a tasty match-up between Pep Guardiola’s former club and his future club.

The current league leaders in Spain and Germany will meet in the semis after Friday morning’s draw, which also set up a group stage rematch between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund in what should be another quality match-up.

Bayern Munich head into the semifinals in the best form, though Barcelona can hardly be considered an underdog given the strength of their squad. Lionel Messi’s ability to recover from his hamstring injury will go a long way in determining just what sort of chances Bayern has of knocking off the pre-tournament favorites.

Real Madrid will be favored against Dortmund, but the group stage meetings between these sides have already shown us that Dortmund is more than capable of competing with the Spanish champions. The two-leg chess match between Jose Mourinho and Juergen Klopp should be one more the more entertaining aspects of the semifinals.

What do you think of the match-ups? Who do you see reaching the final?

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  1. I’m just happy no EPL teams are involved.. that amount of hype becomes unbearable to me. Just like at the amount of comments this post has received.

  2. I would have rather seen a final between teams representing two different countries. A “classico” final would be overbearing…

  3. I am sick of El Classico games so I hope it’s not an all Español final. When Real and Barca play they are like two brothers who are fighting in front of their parents and trying to get the other one in bigger trouble.

    The Bayern – Barca game should be the most interesting game of the tourney, including the final (imho).

    And I think Bayern will muderlize Barca. Barca’s defense is going to look stupid trying to stop Ribery.

  4. I really hope it isnt an El Classico final, I don’t think I can take the amount of hype that would get. It would simply become unbearable to me.

  5. any matchup between these teams would be must-see, though i do appreciate that we’re at least avoiding the possibility of another clasico.

    Final: Real – Bayern
    Bayern wins 3-2

  6. I can’t wait to see Madrid’s defensive acumen tested by Dortmund’s attack. As much as I despise the big-spending clubs, having an El Clasico Champions League Final would be amazing.


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