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Bolton’s Davies staying put as move to TFC falls apart

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Toronto FC came very close to adding a quality striker to partner with Robert Earnshaw, but their quest to build a potent strike tandem has fallen short after word that Kevin Davies move from Bolton to TFC has fallen apart.

Bolton announced on Wednesday that Davies will be staying with the Trotters, with the Bolton News reporting that a “contractual glitch” prevented Davies from completing the transfer.

While losing out on the 36-year-old striker appears to be a setback, what is clear is that Toronto FC is being aggressive about improving a roster that has already shown considerable improvement from 2012 to now. It is clear the team is still looking to bolster the attack, with Earnshaw being the clear leading threat, but one who could use some support up top.

What do you think of this development? Think TFC might be better off not adding Davies, or do you think he would have been a good fit? See Toronto threatening for a playoff spot this year?

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  1. Wouldn’t have been a DP and likely deal was short term through end of MLS season. This attempted signing was a back up plan to the collapse of the Newell’s Old Boys striker Maxi Urruti deal.

    This now makes four deals that either the press or the club itself announced as nearly done have collapsed. Unclear if this is due to something TFC is doing or not doing, might just be a string of bad luck. The Arnold Peralta deal collapsed when the player balked at transferring, and has done that once before. The unnamed other Honduran may not have been a real deal. Urruti seems to have been caught between the club and manager feuding over control. Now the Davies deal, which may have been over terms. There is one other pending “almost done” deal with Argentinos Junior MF Matias Laba. Let’s see what happens with that.

    • he said as much today in a quote I read, regarding it being a short term deal. He also mentioned something about legal issues impacting this as well

    • I don’t think signing a 36 y/o is all that wise. Even if he has a Djorkaeff Year someone that age has to break down eventually. And then you’re without the expensive player for that season, and back to square one next window. We’re better off signing people in their teens or 20s whose upside is upon them or ahead of them, than over-spending on foreign talent whose price likely reflects their past.

      As for Davies specifically, the whole thing is confusing, was Davies being required to buy out his Bolton deal, or was Bolton going to pay for his TFC salary, was this a loan or a free transfer, why couldn’t some of this be resolved by just waiting until the playoffs — assuming they make it — are over and his deal is up??` Maybe it’s something to do with Koevermans maybe coming back this summer. But the way it sounded they were OK on salary and then something else went south, length of the term, options, who was responsible for what, etc.

  2. Davis is a proven pro and an outstanding forward, but not sure he was worth DP money at age 36 with his recent scoring record.


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