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Suarez delivers a bite and equalizer as Liverpool tie Chelsea

Luis Suarez of Liverpool and Branislav Ivanovic of Chelsea


Luis Suarez was already a reviled figure by many soccer fans outside Uruguay and Liverpool, but the controversial striker took his villainous reputation to new heights on Sunday after he appeared to bite Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic during Sunday’s English Premier League showdown.

Suarez’s inexplicable act marred an otherwise excellent match. he set up Liverpool’s first goal with a beautiful pass to Daniel Sturridge, then delivered a stoppage-time equalizer  in the match’s dying moments.

Those moments were overshadowed by his acts in the 69th minute, when he reached down and appeared to bite Ivanovic on the arm.

It isn’t the first time Suarez has bitten an opponent. While with Ajax, Suarez was hit with a seven-match suspension for this incident when he bit PSV’s Otman Bakkal.

Here is Suarez’s bite on Ivanovic:


What do you of the incident? See Luis Suarez being suspended for the rest of the year? Think Liverpool should get rid of him, or think they should keep him? Would you want Suarez on your team?

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  1. I’d tell you what I think about this guy, his lack of self control and impulsivity but I’m concerned he may own a gun.

  2. One thing I don’t understand is why criminal charges are never talked about in a case like this. If a player somehow brought a gun into a game and shot someone, the fact that it was during a game wouldn’t prevent charges being applied. So why is a blatant assault ignored because it’s on a soccer field. Not only does he deserve a ban, but criminal charges should be applied.

    • Ivanovic isn’t filing charges, and most players wouldn’t. There’s a bit of a code among players in that regard. Now, if someone SHOT someone that would clearly be something altogether different, as we all saw in The Last Boy Scout.

  3. Ill be interested to see what (if any) effect this has on his transfer this summer, I thought he was destined for Bayern but I am not sure they will want a piece of him after this.

      • It was too easy, but seriously on a footballing level the guy is top 5-10 in the world but he is a nut job. Will be interested to see where he moves this summer

      • Brazil? They seem to have slightly different standards in South America when it comes to on and off pitch antics.

  4. “Luis Suarez said: “I am deeply sorry for my inexcusable behaviour earlier today during our match against Chelsea.

    “I have issued an apology and have tried to contact Branislav Ivanović to speak to him personally. I apologise also to my manager, playing colleagues and everyone at Liverpool Football Club for letting them down.”

  5. Wtf is wrong with this guy?!? Enough is enough. Even if those who defend him say he is provoked, at best he has little mental fortitude and at worst he’s nothing more than a rabid animal with the lowest kind of cunning. He ruins the sport.

  6. Somewhere mike Tyson is rolling his eyes after seeing that nibble.

    Suarez is a scum bag. He’s the king of sneaky punches, bites and other cheating antics.

  7. His ban should be at least double his previous biting related suspension. Unfortunately his goal can’t be disallowed since he should haven’t even been in the game when he scored.

    • Watching the game I just knew knew knew knew knew he was going to eventually score when he didn’t get sent off for the bite. It was inevitable. When the ref didn’t blow at 96 and let LFC have one last attack, I was like, well here it is – and sure enough, there it was.

  8. its hard not to be torn here. he has no class but yet such a classy footballer, hes a dirty racist but still how much does that matter? a historical club like liverpool cant have this clown in their side yet they are so short on world class players that they virtually have to keep it seem. for me, hes out of the team and if he joins my club hes got some serious counseling sessions ahead of him. and for the record he is the worst/most frequent diver in the world today

  9. Think it would be interesting if the FA decide not to ban him from the league forever, because that would leave Liverpool with a major identity question. Do you lose your world class striker and lucky charm, or do you keep a known biter, cheater, and outright nut job on the books. That would be a tough decision for them, even if morally the choice is obvious.

  10. Umm, what? Apparently he hasn’t learned biting is bad. Give him a suspension of decent length. 10 games. He already had one warning in the Dutch league. No excuse.

  11. I’ve never seen a bite in the game. I guess I wasn’t following closely enough when he was at Ajax. I can’t believe this. He should be banned for a full season. He could transmit a disease if he broke skin. A bite is worthy of a full fledged fight on the soccer field. If I were Ivanovic, I probably would’ve lost it and gotten suspended. He went much too far. Suarez is a stain.

  12. All joking aside, it’s just unfathomable to me what makes such an otherwise disciplined, supremely talented athlete commit an act you wouldn’t t see past a 3rd grade PE class. What sort of short circuit takes place to make him do that? There are 26 TV cameras, 50,000 fans…it has to be some kind of complete synaptic lock up… Really bizarre.

    • Otherwise disciplined? When has Suarez demonstrated that he is disciplined?

      When he slapped the ball away earlier in the match, giving up a penalty?
      Every time he dives without being touched?
      When he intentionally saved a shot with his hands earning a red for Uruguay in the WC?
      When he bit an opponent during a match a few years ago?
      When he again bit an opponent today?
      When he used unacceptable racist language toward Evra?

      Suarez is a cheat, and completely lacks discipline. End of story

  13. Some schools and nurseries used to tag kids who bite with a special sticker. Maybe the EPL could make a special patch for Suarez — they could put it in the vacant spot where a Champions League patch would go.

  14. Wow, this guy is crazy- like a fox (though with those teeth some other animal is probably a more apt description). How much you want to bet he’s sold to Italy at this point? Plenty of teams there don’t seem to have any scruples.


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