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Kick TV: The Hex (Episode 6- USA vs. Mexico at Azteca)

Herculez Gomez



  1. What I find striking is that no major amount of security was needed when the Mexican national team came to the US. But Americans fans needed a police escort into Azteca because Mexican fans cannot behave. I have been at Gold Cup games at Soldier Field. There was the usual banter, but no criminal actions. Come on amigos, learn some manners.

    Notice all the fencing at Azteca, it that makes that stadium resemble a zoo.

    • I personally think they need the security, when some goes to a hostile environment and you taunt the opposition in their home…. you need the security. Wish our fans showed more class and not resort to obscene gestures and bigotry when visting other nations though.

  2. Great video and kudos to those brave Americans!! Also, you have to give props to Mexico for the security!

  3. Great Video! I would love to go to a game like this some day. The USA fans were fantastic to make that trip. Way to represent!

    • So happy to see we have at least one commenter on this site from El Paso who capitalizes words and uses punctuation! And makes sense!


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