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Monday Kickoff: Liverpool fine Suarez but won’t sell him; Boateng targeted by racial abuse again; and more

SuarezIvanovic (Getty)


On Sunday, Liverpool forward Luis Suarez was able to celebrate his game-tying goal in the 96th minute, helping his side tie Chelsea 2-2 at Anfield. On Monday, the club brought him back down to earth.

The Merseyside club fined Suarez an undisclosed amount for his bizarre actions during the second half, where he decided to bite the right arm of Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic after losing possession in the box. The referee and his assistants missed the scene, allowing the Uruguayan forward to stay on the field.

Suarez was busy in Sunday’s draw, picking up an assist, a yellow card for a deliberate handball within the eighteen, and scoring the late goal. On Sunday evening, the 27-year-old tweeted that he had apologized to the club and Ivanovic for his actions, and asked to donate his fine to the families of the Hillsborough tragedy.

Along with fining Suarez, Liverpool made it clear the club does not intend to sell Suarez despite his latest transgression.

While the club took pre-emptive measures with the fine, it is expected that the FA will decide on a suspension and possible extra fine as well for Suarez, likely forcing him out of Liverpool’s final four matches of the season. Suarez won’t face any legal ramifications for his bite after Ivanovic declined to press charges when questioned by police.

Here are some more stories to get your Monday going:


It took several teammates, and reportedly, the PA announcer to help calm the tensions between some Juventus fans and AC Milan midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng before the start of Sunday’s match.

According to reports from Turin, the Ghanaian star was subject to racist abuse from a number of fans in the team’s hardcore section behind the goal while the player was warming up for the match. Fans also targeted Boateng’s teammate Mario Balotelli, holding up posters with caricatures of the Milan forward.

Juventus could be facing a fine from the Italian FA or be forced to play future matches behind closed doors. The Italian club have already been fined on three occasions for racist chanting this season. Boateng drew praise from around the globe for his actions last January, when he walked out of a friendly match against Pro Patria after suffering racist abuse from a set of fans.


FIFA President Sepp Blatter dropped major hints last week during the 2013 CONCACAF congress in Panama City, Panama that he could contest the next election in 2015.

Blatter previously made it clear that his 2011 election would be his last, seemingly paving the way for either Michel Platini of UEFA or another region’s head to take over at FIFA headquarters in Switzerland. However, during the CONCACAF congress, Blatter stated that if his reforms take more time than originally thought, he will make sure he can see them through.

“We are not over with our reform because we have a first part, we have all the dangers that are in football like match-fixing and so on but we also have to have a look at the political organization of FIFA,” Blatter told Reuters. “It will take more time, because it (means) going in depth, and then I will not just leave the boat by saying ‘good bye’.

“Some day we have to go home but I will not abandon this boat.”

The 77-year-old Blatter has been in charge of FIFA since 1998, and has been re-elected three times, in 2002, 2007, and 2011.


Central Coast Mariners of the A-League have won the Grand Final, defeating the Western Sydney Wanderers 2-0 for their first ever league title. (REPORT)

Celtic have clinched the Scottish Premier League title with a 4-1 win over Inverness Caledonian Thistle. (REPORT)

Greek side AEK Athens have been relegated from the nation’s first division after being hit with a points deduction due to pitch invasions by the club’s supporters. (REPORT)

Harry Redknapp admits that his one big regret since taking over Queens Park Rangers is not doing more to complete the signing of Peter Odemwingie. (REPORT)


What do you make of these reports? Do you see Suarez playing for Liverpool again? What kind of punishment should Juventus receive for their racist abuse? Do you see Blatter running for office in the next FIFA elections?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. of course they say they won’t sell Suarez, they don’t want his sale value to drop but they absolutley will sell him, and should…

  2. The Racism problem in Italy and other countries could be fixed in no time if they had a President who was worth anything. Blatter is a POS who is money hungry and only cares about his pockets getting fatter and his ego to match.

    If there were a real Head of FIFA you dock the team of these racist supporters 15 points each time there is an incident, and you ban the fans for 3 home games for each incident. The first time that happens, the good true, loyal fans would take care of these idiots in no time.

    But from Blatters point of view, you just play through it and act like its not happening. SMH.

  3. Suarez is such a low life. I mean, I knew he was a low life but this is a lower low life. He’s an animal. Although not as accomplished as Tyson, he should be banned way beyond 4 games, imho.

  4. If Blatter runs for FIFA pres again I may cry myself to sleep, the game is stuck where it is as long as he is president, he has no motivation to facilitate change. Although I really don’t think Platini is the answer, I dislike him almost as much as Blatter

  5. I know moving past the Torres era will be important but the CFC defense needs some stiffening too.

    If CFC get The Special One back it will be an interesting EPL championship the next few years. United, City, CFC, Spurs if they can overcome AVB.

  6. Wait. Isnt this the brother that won’t play for Ghana? The other one at Munichen plays for Germany, right? Anyway, I think this guy is a little too sensitive for the “bad boy” persona he’s either given himself or has been ill advised to take on.

    • So getting upset at racial abuse is now considered “being too sensitive?” That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

      As you obviously have never experienced it, racial abuse is a very serious thing that affects mostly everyone who is subject to it, regardless of what that person looks like.

      Take your ignorance elsewhere.

      • That may have come out wrong…i’m saying when your behavior is consistant with a “bad boy” then you should expect already established norms (the racist fans, etc) to give you flack as a by product of such behavior. Plus racism is a futile tool for people who feel empty inside to feel a sence of self-worth, regardless of it being a false sense. So, you have to let those people just be who they are. Thats why i’ve refered to them as “established norms” you know what you get with those people, expecially in a group. I’m willing to bet that when you get most of thses “ultras” or whatever Juve calles them 1 on 1, they will be more likely to put that racist garbage to bed. From personal experiance i’ve found that to be accurate.

  7. So where is Suarez going on vacation (errr, holiday), then? He won’t be playing again this season, maybe the first few of next year in August.

    The short answer re Italy would be fascism.

  8. Huh, what a surprise. Sepp Blatter might run again. I guess he decided he doesn’t have enough bribe money in his bank account to retire yet. What’s one more bought World Cup anyway? Gotta screw the U.S. out of another chance.

    • It’s a complicated thing just like the US-Germans. He has both passports, was born in West Berlin but has a Ghanaian dad, played for Germany youth but Ghana senior.

      And on the basic factual level I think you’re confusing him with Jerome. There is a de Guzman-esque situation where they have multiple options and in fact have made different choices.

      Speaking of the de Guzmans, it struck me as a I doublechecked their background that Canada calls their federation “soccer” also. The stereotype that I’d always heard was that we were the offender on “soccer” versus “football,” but it seems at least somewhat “soccer” there too. Anybody else?

      • USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa all predominantly call it soccer. I know Australia recently changed their FA from using “soccer” in the name to ‘FFA’ (Football Federation of Australia) but that was more political than reflective of the culture I think…

      • …hence the Aussies’ nickname of the Socceroos; and you’ll remember the main stadium at World Cup 2010 in South Africa was called Soccer City…

  9. “Some day we have to go home but I will not abandon this [24 karat gold-plated, jewel-encrusted, €100-bills-used-as-toilet-paper] boat.”

    I wouldn’t be in a rush either.

    • Holy ironic timing, Batman! Sepp Blatter just stepped down as FIFA president and tweeted this disgusting and haunting tweet:
      “So what if I took money from Qatari prince? I am the family’s bread earner”

  10. what the heck is up with Italy? are there wider racial problems that stem from football? is it due to unemployment or crime or cultural reasons?

    • What do you mean what’s up with Italy?? This isn’t something new. Sadly, Serie A matches have been littered with racist behavior over the years but it’s always been swept under the rug . Clubs just point their fingers at the “ultras” saying they don’t rep the club but yet they given them special priviledges —- i.e. their own section in the stadium. It’s an absolute disgrace Italian clubs don’t do more to combat the racist behavior. Attendance already suffers mightly in the Serie A so those knuckleheads probably justify the ultra’s behavior because they are the only ones who show up to matches on a consistent basis. That’s a crying shame. The Italian game is a mess and this latest incident does nothing but stain their already tarnished image.

      • One could argue that the club is actually giving the rest of their fans special privileges in quarantining the ultras from the general populace. 🙂

      • One could argue anything, doesn’t make one right.

        Until Fifa and the clubs crack down nothing will change. By crack down, I don’t mean fines. Nobody cares about measly fines. Dock the team points off the table. That is the only way other fans will apply peer pressure and force these idiots to stop. In addition to points deducted, whichever supporter’s groups embrace this behavior should have their privileges taken away.

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