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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

SergioAguero1 (Getty)


Tottenham kicks off today’s titanic soccer action when the North London club hosts the defending English Premier League champions Manchester City.

Andre Villas-Boas’ squad enjoyed a 10-day break which has seen Gareth Bale, Aaron Lennon and Jermaine Defoe all recover from injury. The three playmakers have combined for over 40 goals for the club this season – production the Spurs have missed in recent weeks. Manchester City, on the other hand, will likely be without the services of David Silva, who has missed the club’s last two matches, and Sergio Aguero, who was subbed off at halftime of last weekend’s match against Wigan Athletic with a hamstring problem.

Chelsea follow the early match when they go on the road to Anfield to face Liverpool later in the morning.

Rafa Benitez and Fernando Torres will clog the headlines ahead of the match, with both individuals returning to their former grounds in the opposition’s colors. It will likely be a bittersweet homecoming for both, since they have failed to repeat the success they happened to find in Red. Regardless, Chelsea sit in a must-win situation, with Champions League qualification the utmost priority.

In the afternoon, Juventus will welcome AC Milan to Turin, where the league leaders will look to come ever closer to hoisting the Scudetto. Milan will be looking for a win of their own, due to Champions League aspirations, but will be missing the energy of Mario Balotelli, who is out of the match due to a suspension. Stephan El Sharaawy is fit, however, but the crafty Italian has managed to only find the net once since his partner-in-crime, Balotelli, arrived in Milan over the winter transfer period.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):


8:30am – Fox Soccer Channel – Tottenham Hotspur vs. Manchester City

9am – beIN Sport – Napoli vs. Cagliari

9:30am – GolTV – Stuttgart vs. Freiburg

11am – Fox Soccer Channel – Liverpool vs. Chelsea

11am – beIN Sport en Español – Deportivo La Coruña vs. Athletic Club

1pm – beIN Sport en Español – Osasuna vs. Real Sociedad

1pm – Univision – Toluca vs. Cruz Azul

2:45pm – beIN Sport – Juventus vs. AC Milan

3pm – beIN Sport en Español – Sevilla vs. Atlético Madrid

5pm – ESPN2 – DC United vs. Philadelphia Union

7pm – Univision Deportes – Atlante vs. Puebla

11pm – UniMás – San Jose Earthquakes vs. Portland Timbers


  1. Anyone check out the 20 minte shift MB put in? Just when I think he’s solidified his spot under the new coach, he sits. And while I do understand he put in a grueling shift on Tuesday and is one of the middies that covers the most ground in the Serie A, I still would have expected him to go.

    Unless, of course, they knew they were playing the worst team in the league and wanted to sit their best player? ; )

    I also think it’s interesting that, for as much flack as Clint has taken this year, that he is the 3rd leading scorer on Spurs (1 behind Deofe).

    • just watched the replay

      MB played well. Roma played thru him as the holding mid/organizer against Pescara’s mostly parked bus, and he sprayed accurate balls all over the field leading to open shots on goal, along with his typical defensive leg work. I’d say he’s playing as well as I’ve seen him play at Roma, perhaps ever, never more confident than right now. To me, he’s playing like he really believes in himself and his teammates are looking for him too, always a good sign

      we’ll see, but your worries seem unwarranted. watch the games and I believe you won’t feel the way you do

    • I, too, am a bit surprised that he sat, given that everyone played on Tuesday, but he was pretty good for the last 20. A couple long lobbed passes with pinpoint accuracy, generally smart decision making, and good defensive pressure.

      We’ll know how valued he is for sure if he starts the cup final. That’s the most important match of the season for them, no doubt.

      Also, how cool is it that MB and Jozy are playing in cup finals? Great life experience for both, AND it’ll probably be hugely helpful in future big games…

      • Was at the game in Rome today. Roma was listless for much if the match. Mikey brought a needed change of pace to the side. He completed 100% of his passes, played a few beautiful cross field balls, and set up a what should have been a goal with his chip into the box that was headed across an open goal. He was far superior to pjanic and eve de Rossi. He is pure class and is becoming the best American player.

  2. Looks good for Spurs overall – Chelsea have a tougher schedule and Arsenal have one less match. So unless they F up, they have a great chance of being in the CL. Everton will need some extra luck if they want the Europa spot, I think.

  3. Just wow… As a Liverpool fan, so thrilled for the tie. However, this outcome is clearly tainted. Suarez, for all his footie brilliance, is a coward and toolbag. Clearly needs counseling (plus as Old School noted, a lengthy ban). I’m all for being scrappy and challenging your opponent physically but Suarez should not have been on the pitch. Credit to Chelsea for not blowing their lid.

  4. I didn’t have a chance to see the entire match. Doing some housework and made a run to the store. The portion of the match that I have seen has been exciting and gritty.

    Aside from THE scumbag of all soccer, a really entertaining match.

    Sidenote: Jordan Henderson is annoyingly overrated. Every time I see him. Ugh.

  5. Let’s ignore his intentional handball, Suarez literally grabs Ivanovic’s arm and clamps down for a full bite.

    No exaggeration, this scumbag needs a lengthy ban.

    Not a shove, not a fist fight, not even a kick….a f–cking bite. wrong with him?

    • Yeah. I really like the attacking spark Coutinho provides since coming from Inter but decision-making today is not good (e.g., his long range shot that he telegraphed and kicked right into Ramires or Mikel), and Downing’s corner kick was horrid.

      • just a little more from them and Suarez will score but they can’t link to him, all 3 turnover machines in the first half

  6. Chelsea”s midfield starting to boss Liverpool now. Hoping Red Dragons can get more decisive with their attacking third play in the second half as they have the weapons to come back.

  7. Clint’s 6th league goal of the season, 11th overall. Considering he only had 23 last season. Not so bad considering he’s not been at his greatest for SPURS

  8. Best news today is that AVB made three subs with Tottenham down a goal in a must win game and left Clint in. I think AVB finally saw the light after Dempsey’s great performance against Basel. Good news for Clint.

    • “finally saw the light”?

      Not really. AVB is playing Deuce just about as much as his Fulham managers did.

      Dempsey’s last five years at Fulham, across all competitions, he averaged 42.6 appearances and 11.8 goals per season.

      With 5 games left to play, Clint is on 37 appearances and 11 goals, across all competitions, for this season. Deuce will probably hit his average this season.

      • Difference has been the type of appearances, many of them coming as a sub with Spurs. Also unfair to take a five year sample IMO, when he has elevated his game to a new level over the last two seasons. I would take a two year sample size.

      • The five year sample is more realistic. His last year at Fulham was exceptional but it would unrealistic to expect him to repeat it.

        All things considered he has had a good year for Spurs.

        Next season, if he and AVB are still with Spurs, it will be quite challenging. There is the possibility of Champions League play and then the climax of WC qualifying.

  9. Those three Tottenham goals are all works art. Historic. All of ‘em beautiful. Wow. What a comeback. Chances now looking much better for a Champions League slot.

    • +1. Double digit goals for a midfielder playing for a Champions League side? That’s a tremendous season. Just shows you how spoiled Deuce has made us with his brilliance.

      • ha-ha. The usual trolls who usually visit with silly comments are now no doubt writhing on the floor in pain in fetal positions crying like wittle babies

  10. Bale looks incredibly rusty. He’s so wasteful today. He’s running around like a madman with little purpose or subtlety.

  11. With whom are Fox Soccer sharing a broadcast booth? Holy crap. Watching this Tottenham-City game and there is an over-excited, mouth-breather from another network reading a long lost Mussolini speech from 1939. Take it down a peg, buddy.


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