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MLS Week Eight: SBI Live Commentary



MLS powers Sporting Kansas City and the Los Angeles Galaxy square off tonight in an inter-conference clash that could be a preview of the 2013 MLS Cup Final.

Sporting KC have made the cross-country trek to Los Angeles after their mid-week win vs. the New York Red Bulls, and they bring with them a five-match unbeaten streak and shutout streak that has them looking like the toughest team in the league.

The Los Angeles Galaxy haven’t quite hit their full stride yet, but with the CONCACAF Champions League behind them and some injury issues clearing up, we could be ready to see the Galaxy play their best soccer of the season tonight.

The New York-Boston sports rivalry has taken a backseat amid the recent tragedy in Boston, but the display of brotherhood we are expected to see before kickoff between the New York Red Bulls and New England Revolution will make way for what should be a physical battle between two teams in dire need of a win.

No team in the league needs a win more than the Seattle Sounders. The lone remaining winless team in the league, the Sounders are as healthier than they have been all season and should pose a real challenge for a Colorado Rapids team hitting a good run of results.

SBI will be providing live commentary on today’s matches so please feel free to follow along with all the day’s MLS action here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Live commentary is after the jump):


  1. Arlo White is on to something, I’d be frustrated if I was Joseph too. The things you keep getting called for fouls on are happening to you and the same calls aren’t being made.

  2. Vermes not pulling punches and just rips the officials. Probably toed the line enough to avoid a fine, but he basically said they’re either blind or have an agenda.

  3. How was that handball missed? Galaxy player hits the ball forward into his path to start a fast break.

    SKC get robbed hardcore. That was awful, awful officiating. My god.

  4. These MLS announcers need to learn how to pronounce names (such as Villafana and Sherjil) correctly – they are not even close.

  5. Thomas plays like a no talent thug for Colorado, all sorts of late and tacky challenges and acting like a child when Neagle moves the ball back cause the ref said to. Mwanga looked lively for Colorado today, wonder if he will emerge a bit this year

  6. Well Houston got a point but that was a terrible game, very windy, bad refereeing, too much embellishment, but to Toronto’s defense I can honestly say that Houston played bad as they usually do on the road.

    But Toronto should feel bad as they were up a goal, at home, with a referee who was definitely helping them, and allowed a team who was playing bad, not use to the freezing cold, only had 10 men, no Brad Davis, no Boniek Garcia, no Giles Barnes, to score a goal in stoppage time and tie the game.


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