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Yedlin, Salgado headline U.S. Under-20 camp squad

DeAndreYedlin (JaneGPhotography)


Seattle Sounders defender DeAndre Yedlin has been one of the most impressive rookies in Major League Soccer through the early part of the season and his form was destined to earn the 19-year old a call from U.S. Under-20 National Team head coach Tab Ramos.

That call has come, and Yedlin is one of 23 players called into a Under-20 camp in Carson, California. Yedlin is one of eight MLS players called into the camp, a group that includes Omar Salgado and Mikey Lopez.

European-based players Cody Cropper and Sean Cunningham also received the call, as did relative newcomer Jeffrey Payera, a defender for Guatemalan side CSD Municipal.

Here is the full squad:

GOALKEEPERS-Cody Cropper (Southampton), Kendall McIntosh (Santa Clara).

DEFENDERS– A.J. Cochran (Wisconsin), Sean Cunningham (Molde FK), Eric Miller (Creighton), Juan Pablo Ocegueda (Chivas Guadalajara), Jeffrey Payeras (C.S.D. Municipal, Guatemala),  Oscar Sorto (Los Angeles Galaxy), Javan Torre (UCLA), DeAndre Yedlin (Seattle Sounders)

MIDFIELDERS– Kellyn Acosta (FC Dallas), Daniel Cuevas (Santos Laguna), Daniel Garcia (North Carolina), Marlon Hairston (Louisville), Benji Joya (Santos Laguna), Mikey Lopez (Sporting Kansas City), Collin Martin (Wake Forest), Dillon Serna (Colorado Rapids), Wil Trapp (Columbus Crew).

FORWARDS– Alfred Koroma (Akron), Jordan Morris (Seattle Sounders Academy), Victor Pineda (Chicago Fire), Omar Salgado (Vancouver Whitecaps).


In case you are wondering where certain players are, like Luis Gil,  Jose Villarreal and Shane O’Neill, the camp roster is made up of players who don’t play regularly for their club teams. Yedlin is the exception to that, but his Sounders have a bye week this week.

What do you think of the squad? Who are you hoping gets a longer look from Ramos? Who are you happy to see get called in?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. On a related note, on another site I read that Kasey Keller has joined Ramos’ staff as an assistant coach. I think it’s a promising development that we can now call on ex-players with international careers for development as coaches. This can only help. Keller has played in England, of course, Germany, and Spain as well as on sever WC teams. That kind of experience should be invaluable.

  2. What is going on with Walker Zimmerman?

    Defense was a problem earlier and I think our best chance at the World Cup is with a back four of
    Ocegueda Zimmerman Brooks Yedlin

    • Zimmerman has been doing mission work, no? Even if he has the best potential of the group, it’s unlikely he is (or will be) fit and in form enough to participate in the U-20 WC.

      • No, he has been injured and is just now getting into training with FCD. I think last report was he should be fully fit by mid May. I could see him being a candidate to load to a lower league just to get him some matches and build up his fitness levels.

      • You are thinking of someone else, next time a quick Google search of “MLS Superdraft mission work” is recommended.

  3. Oh Wow, Koroma! Another African athlete with no balls skills. Good to see the US Soccer federation learn from their mistakes

  4. Bubble dudes with some available potential starters for continuity…maybe the last chance to impress. Man, you could probably sell tickets to see Cuevas vs. Yedlin in the practice scrimmage.

  5. Assuming no JAB, I was looking forward to an O’Neill/Zimmerman central defense. I’m guessing this means Zimmerman is still a ways off? Bad news indeed.

    • I watched him play in the qualifying matches and I could see him needing some more time to get acclimated with this level. Although he has good feet, he holds the ball for too long, makes some poor decisions. That is a bad recipe when the game is faster (i.e. MLS v. U-20s)

      • I take his minutes in Qualifying with a grain of salt and consider it not a true representation of Serna. He was played as an outside back whereas his natural position is winger. His decision making on the wing is quicker, and crisper and his movement is more fluid and natural. He wasn’t bad as an outside back but that position, for whatever reason, gave off the vibe of holding the ball too long and not smart decision making.

    • I’m not suprised at all. I have, for a lack of better words, watched Serna’s game evolve and grow since he was a youngster and I’ll be the first to say he’s still not ready to compete at the MLS level. Playing reserve team matches, dressing out for 1st team matches, and playing internationally will hopefully speed up that process but as it stands, right now, he’s not ready. With the rash of injuries for the Rapids, he may be thrown into action sooner than later and if he is — so be it. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It may not be optimal, though. Dillon has always come across as that kid willing to put in the hard work and wait his turn. I think when he does get a turn, maybe the 2nd half of the season, after a return from Turkey, he won’t disappoint.

  6. Anyone know more about Joaquin Alonso Hernandez? Is he in the pool of candidate for the US or Mexico?

    From this weekend’s americans abroad on SBI:
    Joaquin Alonso Hernandez, a 19-year-old midfielder who is originally from El Paso, Texas. Hernandez came off the bench for Monterrey in the 63rd minute and came close to finding an equalizer two minutes later with a potent shot that Santos goalkeeper Oswaldo Sanchez did well to save.

    • Unless I’m mistaking him with another Hernandez….I believe he was/is with the Mexican U-20 side. Can’t recall where I saw it, but there was an article about the Mexican youth players who were being considered rising stars….and Hernandez was one of them. Again not sure if it’s the same Hernandez or not….

  7. Can people not read an entire article. Regualr firs team players at their respective clubs i.e. Villarreal, Gil, O’Neill etc… will not be apart of this camp.

    It is a bye week for Seattle hence why Yedlin has been called in.

  8. With Marvell Wynne’s quad pull on Saturday, the Rapids are going to need O’Neill, maybe even in June depending on how nagging Wynne’s injury is.

  9. Bryan Salazar Houston dynamo academy ???

    Cmon man. This kid is sick

    Unless is high school interfered tab Ramos made a huge mistake

  10. Yedlin is very impressive. He has every chance of leap frogging guys on the depth chart quicker than many people assume. And by that, I mean the senior nats. Not in time for 2014, but almost immeidately after

  11. Salgado? Now, there’s a name we don’t hear too often anymore. I wish he was getting the game experience that players like Yedlin, Villarreal, McBean, Gil, etc are getting.

      • Overrated? Maybe a little raw, but certainly not underrated. He doesn’t do anything flashy but he fights hard for every ball and has fantastic hold up play. On top of that he has a knack and nose for scoring goals. And he’s only 18.

      • Like I said overrated don’t understand how he starts over Villarreal. Nothing to see here.

      • McBean overrated? No way!

        The kid turned 18 only 4 months ago and already has shown an ability to match the physicality of the defenders and hold the ball. Yes, he has shown a nose for goal so far, but that aspect of his game is still developing not too many 18 year olds are great finishers.

      • I would actually say that Villareal is very overrated. Lots of hype, does well in youth competitions, but I haven’t seen it yet for the Galaxy. Mediocre at best. Playing with the support he gets there he should be doing very well. Now that Donovan is back I wouldn’t be surprised to see him relegated to a late-game sub.

      • You are nuts. Villareal has looked great with L.A. He’s had several game-changing moments of brilliance already this young season. Yes, he happens to play for the most loaded offensive team in MLS, so it will be hard to get minutes, especially as a starter, but the experience of training and playing with Keane and Donovan will more than make up for that.

      • I know of only one game changing moment this season…the goal against TFC. I wouldn’t go as far as to call him overrated but I agree that right now he is probably better suited for the role of late game sub where he can sit up high wait for the ball. The Galaxy brand of counterattacking football too often requries their forwards to physically win the ball 1v1 in the center of the pitch and then release to others. He gets out muscled too easily right now for that.

      • Very different players. The decision to play one rather than the other should be based on tactical considerations more than anything else.

  12. Surely this isn’t the only camp before the U-20 WC?

    While it would be nice to see J.A. Brooks (who may be a bit of a long shot at this point), guys from qualification like Jose Villareal and Shane O’Neill are glaring omissions.

    • I think but don’t quote me on this but I believe Seattle’s schedule allows for Yedlin to participate in the camp. As for Villarreal and O’Neil, both are playing roles with their clubs and CO and LA are not obligated to release them. O’Neil, in particular, is being thrust into action due the lengthy injury list for the Rapids. They can’t afford to lose him for any time and quite frankly, the Rapids probably aren’t ahappy he will go to Turkey as they need him in the rotation. But they won’t stand in his way or put pressure on O’Neil to turn down a spot.

    • Maybe this means Brooks turned us down, or maybe this means Brooks is well-esteemed enough to advance him straight to the serious camp(s) if he opens that door. I know people wanted to pull the whole loyalty test thing with Chandler and exclude him for the length of his hiatus, but with players of their quality I don’t think we need to push until absolutely necessary. You want the right decision not to force his hand early — and perhaps the other way — with an ultimatum.

      I did notice Villareal’s absence but maybe it reflects his perceived quality and advancement straight to the U20 final camps and roster. He’s actually playing for LAG and Bruce is a good coach. This kind of feels like the camp-before-the-camp where if you cut the mustard your reward is you get the real camp. Getting called in might actually suggest you have something to prove, and I don’t think that applies to Villareal.

      • I agree on all points. Villareal has done enough and doesn’t need to be in this camp before camp and same goes for JAB. I would rather his first call up be closer to the U20 WC….if we are going to tread lightly. Plenty of time for him to make the decision.

  13. Yedlin and Ocegueda as a RB LB pairing is sweet, now if we could only get Brooks to commit we could have the basis for nice defense.

    • I think they have to see how Salgado can play first. I mean, if you think about it, a non-playing pro forward (zip minutes) like him should have been a candidate for Mexico, but wasn’t. Villareal is getting some LAG time and produced both in Mexico and for the LAG. I understand Salgado is the pedigree guy but I take this as, here’s your shot show me something, because the offense was the highlight of that team, like the U23s before them. Wide forward, striker, it’s going to be up to him to show he fits a spot and stands out there otherwise they’ll leave him here watching games for the Caps.

      It’s kind of a Boss situation — which Boss seems to have finally fixed by landing with TFC where he actually plays (jury still out and he had some Dynamo game gaffes, but at least he’s getting his chance finally). Hint hint Omar.

      • Salgado broke his foot last June and hurt it again in October. He’s only just now beginning to train agian – This is probably Ramos wanting to check his progress . It’s a testament to Salgado’s importance. I don’t see Ramos passing him over if he’s fit and in decent form, but that’s a big “if”.

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