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Neymar chooses FC Barcelona, announcement set for Monday



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Brazilian superstar Neymar had suspense building over his decision on which European powerhouse he would leave Santos for, and as of Friday evening, he had settled on two final options.

He revealed his decision on Saturday, informing fans (and the world) via Instagram that he will be signing with Barcelona (which confirmed the news on Saturday night as well):

“It’s not going to hold out until Monday … My family and friends already know my decision. Monday sign a contract with Barcelona.

“I want to thank the fans of Santos by these incredible nine years. My feeling for the club and the fans will never change. It is eternal! Only a club like Santos FC could give me everything I have lived on and off the field. I thank the wonderful fans who supported me fish even in the most difficult moments. Titles, goals, dribbling, celebrations and songs that fans created for me will be forever in my heart … I made sure to play the match tomorrow in Brasilia. I want to have the opportunity to once again take the field with the “mantle” and hear the crowd scream my name … as the hymn says, “it is an honor that not everyone can have …” It is a different time for me, sad (farewell) and cheerful (new challenge). May God bless me in my choices … And I’m always in Santos!

Neymar chose Barcelona over Real Madrid after taking the two offers and considering them both overnight on Friday. He ultimately chose to play for Barcelona, where he will now partner with Lionel Messi, Xavi and Iniesta in a team that is revamping the squad this off-season, with a goalkeeper and central defense help still on the shopping list.

What do you think of this development? Excited to see Neymar play alongside Neymar? Disappointed he didn’t choose Real Madrid or Chelsea or some other club? How do you think he will do in Europe?

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  1. This is a really a great news for bar-ca. I believe he will perfectly fit in bar-ca. alongside the Argentine star Messi ,he can take bar ca to a different level. Because he don’t run behind money you know after reject Real Madrid offer.

  2. I actually think Neymar will fit good in Barcelona. He is a good dribbler, a good technical player. I’m not a Barcelona fan, but picturing a Neymar + Messi combination.. oh my goodness. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them next season, especially if the two play together!

  3. I’d say Villa will be heading to England. It’s really too bad though that Aston Villa can’t afford him. Barca needs centerbacks, so that Mascherano can go back where he belongs. Then they’ll be fine. It’s not like easily winning la liga means they’re in crisis.

  4. Well, he is a great talent so if he’s out wide, he should flourish there. BUT, I guess it is also a perfect fit for him since he does dive a lot, so Barcelona is the right team to go to for that…..haha

  5. Some of these comments are crazy!

    Overrated? He’s one of only — 4 people in history I believe — to score more than 100 senior team goals by age 20.

    20. The other 3 people include Maradona and Pele.

    • He hasn’t looked all that great in the series of Friendlies Brazil has been playing. That is really all people mean by overrated. He is priced like he is already successful rather than very very likely to be successful.

  6. I’m kind of mad at the Galaxy for bringing in Robbie Rogers instead of Neymar. Total pandering to the hollywood crowd.

    • Why get neymar when you have a speedy guy like rogers? and plus hes coming back from retirement. It worked with paul scholes and United right?

  7. If the transfer fee is as high as has been reported this turns into a terrible move. Their weakness has been getting outmuscled and outsized, I don’t see Ronaldinhi Jr. fixing that any. I would imagine a transfer fee that high makes their other positions of need higher to buy too, unless they plan to spend over $150 million this offseason.

    I also have always thought Neymar is overrated and think he might come down to earth against Barcelona. He is as flashy and fun to watch as they come, but has trouble doing much beyond beating defenders 1v1.

    He’ll be a lot of fun to watch though. His style is very easy on the eyes and I imagine that having Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, and Fabregas around him will give him a lot of free space on the flank.

    • “ Their weakness has been getting outmuscled and outsized”

      Tiki-taka, Barca’s style was developed largely as an antidote to getting outmuscled and outsized. So no, they aren’t going out and buying Stoke’s midfield and backline.

      Neymar bolsters Messi’s supporting cast who were not as sharp as they had been.

      • Bayern 7, Barca 0.
        They could use some size in the backline and at least one strongman in midfield.

      • Bayern had one of those once in a lifetime runs.

        Barca did not suddenly become DC United.

        What they have to fix goes beyond gettting bigger and stronger They haven’t done too badly these last five years for a bunch of smurfs.

      • Bayern has been in 3 CL finals in 4 years. To call this year’s run “once in a lifetime” for a team with 5 CL/European Cup wins, is simply false.

      • Steevens

        For Bayern getting to 3 out of the last 4 finals meant 3 LOSSES.

        They haven’t actually won it for 12 years. For Bayern finishing second is worthless and cost Heynckes his job .

        The very big difference is this team actually won.

        So, Bayern have been their dominant selves for a while but beating any of the top teams these days , even the weakened Barca , 7-0 over two legs in the semis of the CL is pretty special and just does not happen that often. Bayern and Heynckes were on a mission.

        • They were humiliated in the final last year against Chelsea.
        • Heynckes was being kicked to the curb to make way for Guardiola.
        • Many of the core players, Lahm, Schweine, Robben, Ribery, etc. were at, if not past, their peaks and were not getting any younger.

        This group had huge chip on their shoulders, were the most focused I’ve ever seen them and were playing at a much higher level than they have been the last few years.

        Whether this carries over to next year, we shall see.

  8. This move doesn’t make sense, Barca has much more immediate needs at GK and CB. They already have too many creative attackers, granted some didn’t play great this year but they were fine last year it was a blip. I would argue they need a pure striker as well. Spending that kind of money when you have other needs and aren’t even sure how this kid will do in Europe is a bit odd to me

  9. It’s a fallacy that going to Barca automatically gives players freedom to play however they want. Barca plays a distinct style and individual talent is not guaranteed to flourish.

    • individual talent on the wing is the key to the barcelona system. they probe defenses to either break a team down with combination play or to find a 1v1 situation to exploit. they seem to have specific plans for neymar

  10. I would have loved to see him sign with Chelsea, but wasn’t banking on it. Barcelona is going to be even more tough to beat with Neymar and Messi linking up.

  11. Neymar has oodles of talent, but is used to being the man. It’ll be interesting to see how he fits into an environment where Messi already occupies that role, and how Messi reacts to sharing the spotlight.

    Other players–Zlatan, Villa, etc.–have tried and failed to shine (at least to their full potential) when forced to take a back seat to the golden boy. Granted, none of them are the same kind of player as Neymar or even each other. But still, the only players who have fit into Barca’s attack with Messi and thrived are players like Pedro who grew up in the Barca system and bought into the message that they were not the main man. Fitting a big name attacker in from the outside with Messi hasn’t worked yet, so we’ll see.

  12. Yes, I’m excited to see Neymar play alongside Neymar. 2 Neymars are better than one, no way he can fail in Europe now eh?

    • Here, here lol but as a Barca fan I really wish we were getting 2 Neymars lol Hummels and a bigger stronger guy to hold it down in the goal box in aerial attacks seems like it would be better…

      • (I know this was a mistake; one of the ‘Neymars’ was supposed to be ‘Messi.’ But still…)

        The numberically same individual instantiated twice on the same pitch? Metaphysical magic! My eyes are on this one!

      • David, that happens when the excitement is too much to contain. 🙂

        But, what I thought you might need is help with your translation services. Ping me if you want some help in the future with Brasilian portuguese (your verb tenses and slang-words in the above quote could have used a subtle touch). But, all readible of course.

        To actualy quote on the news: I hope he can handle it – a lot of skill a bit soft. We will finaly see it for ourselves.

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