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Must-See Comedy: Fabio Coentrao

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So imagine you are a soccer player who takes his place on the bench for a game, in full uniform, only to find out you weren’t selected to even be in uniform for that match.

That awkward situation happened to Real Madrid’s Fabio Coentrao before their recent match against Espanyol. He turned up on the Real Madrid bench only to be told by Iker Casillas that he didn’t belong there. Needless to say it led to come comedy, and some laughs from his teammates and even Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho.

Here is video of that awkward sequence (with a hilarious rundown that our Spanish-speaking readers are sure to enjoy):


  1. that’s funny, but got me thinking in most leagues and clubs they have loads of international players. what language do they use? Benzema is French and Coentrao is Portuguese. I assume they both know Spanish. But what about Modric or Essien? have they learned?

    in PL clubs, do they have translators everyday at training/matches or do they just expect players to learn the language? are there incentives for them to learn?

    • Probably English. I know during my time in Europe, that was the case. I still remember I was in line at the Coliseum and a German tourist was talking with the Italian ticket taker in broken English. In my experience that happened more often than not. English probably isn’t the preferred language for most European teams, but it might just be easiest.

      Look at Montreal Impact. A French province, with an influx of Italian and a handful of Spanish speaking players. Marco Schallibaum probably uses English, although being Swiss, he’s probably decent in several languages (Switzerland does have 4 official languages).

      • I heard an interview with Jeb Brovsky who said the instructions at Montreal can be in any of 4 languages, depending on the day, and players just translate to each other if they can.

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