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CONCACAF unveils new Gold Cup trophy

2013GoldCupTrophy (CONCACAF)


Just 54 days before the start of the tournament, CONCACAF debuted the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup trophy at a press conference on Tuesday in Mexico City.

The new trophy uses the original design of the cup and is sculpted in metal with gold plating. It also features larger handles than the prior version, formed at a sharper angle.

“We are extremely proud of the manner in which these subtle design changes to the Gold Cup have helped us to highlight important characteristics of the competition as well as the region as a whole,” said Enrique Sanz, General Secretary of CONCACAF in a statement on the organization’s website. “On one hand, the history of the Gold Cup is referenced through the inscribing of the names of past champions on the base, while on the other hand we are reminded of the spirit of transformation and development of all the member associations of our Confederation, which every two years strive to raise this trophy.”

The 20-pound, 26-inch tall trophy will be presented to the winner of the Gold Cup on July 28 at Soldier Field in Chicago.

What do you think of the trophy design? Miss the old one?

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  1. This cup is stunning?!? Stunning? A taser is stunning, go to the grand canyon for stunning, watch the gold cup final for a big gold megaphone with handle bars…

  2. The previous cup had far sharper and more dangerous angles if thats the concern. This is a stunning look cup. Its actually rather unique and iconic with great details according to the press release. Well done CONCACAF. The overall look of CONCACAF has been excellent.

  3. I am reminded of the spirit of transformation and development of all the member associations of our Confederation, which every two years strive to raise this trophy.

  4. Someone kidnap it and scratch Mexico’s name off the trophy. Don’t want the trophy to vomit all inside itself.

    • I’m pretty sure it’s honored to have Mexico’s name on it, since Mexico is the most successful country of the tournament

      • Fox sometimes gets the best ratings on TV, but it doesn’t stop me from vomiting when I see some of their shows.

  5. Disagree with the negative comments. This is a tremendous upgrade for the trophy. It brings pairs history of the gold cup. The detailed elements sound fantastic.

  6. It looks like MLS Cup, kinda but Liga MX is copying MLS in mostly the small details, like their league name LigaMX and logo design, their champions trophy for Division 2 and league cup are very MLS alike. The gold cup trophy should be MLS supporters shield but I also like the new supporters shield but what if MLS makes a Super MLS Cup, where the past 2 MLS Cup and supporter shield winners play each other for Super MLS Cup.

  7. It’s still incredibly lame.

    However, at least it doesn’t look plastic and isn’t twice the size of the Mexican National team.

  8. I’m assuming the money that was previously available for a new trophy went into the pockets of Warner and Blazer.

    • Its nicer than the past gold cup, but you are wrong with the iconic, maybe you are new in soccer, what about ¨the orejona¨ UEFA Champions League, or Libertadores Cup, or the World Cup? what we need to have an iconic trophy is a better tournament, better selections, better soccer..

    • You clearly have never seen the World Cup. This looks like something Ragnar Lothbrook from the show “Vikings” would love to bring home after one of his voyages to the east.

  9. I love it. Who is most likely gonna be on the Gold Cup squad and why is it played every 2 years? why not every 4? also why is it always hosted in the USA. why not Canada or Mexico or Costa Rica or Jamaica?

      • To elaborate, this is how C’CAF raises money to fund all these lovely tournaments from the U-level to the Champions League. If they didn’t have it every 2 years, we wouldn’t be able to have a CL and many of the tournaments would wash up and disappear.

    • Money, and neutrality. Minus playing in Columbus, the US has a minimal home field advantage. I would even argue that Mexico has more of a home field advantage than the US for nearly every venue. I realize that some of the venues in this year’s tournament are in US strongholds, but they are usually held in large cities where there are large ex-pat contingents for each country in the tournament. Minus maybe Canada this can’t be said elsewhere.

      • Canada would be nice. or maybe Jamaica/T&T hosting or a joint effort of Central American countries. would be something. can’t be that hard to pull off

      • I think it would be nearly impossible for any island nation to host it from a logistic/infrastructure standpoint.

        Also, butts in seats, hotels, tourism, etc. Jamaica is lovely, but they don’t have the ability to generate the same revenue. Probably could be held in Mexico, which did have a joint host with the US a few years back I think.

      • It would be next to impossible. There aren’t enough passable venues. The money left on the table would be obscene for a confederation like concacaf.

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