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Dynamo left back Ashe added to USMNT squad for Belgium friendly

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Houston Dynamo left back Corey Ashe will join the U.S. Men’s National Team camp ahead of the team’s friendly vs. Belgium on May 29th, U.S. Soccer announced on Thursday.

Ashe will be with the team for the Belgium friendly before returning to the Dynamo.

The U.S. team is missing several players from the early part of the team’s training camp, with left backs Edgar Castillo (Copa Libertadores with Club Tijuana) and Fabian Johnson (Bundesliga relegation playoff with Hoffenheim) still with their club teams. Ashe will help provide some depth at left back.

Ashe, 27, has never been capped by the U.S. Men’s National Team, but was a regular fixture in the youth national team set-up, even serving as captain of the U.S. Under-17 Men’s National Team.

What do you think of the call-up? Surprised to not see some other left backs called in? Think Ashe merits a look?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Good luck to Corey! Agree with some comments, he is not perfect, but hell get a lot better training with the USMNT.

  2. Imperative voice:
    I see that youve posted here thousands of empty words hating on Corey, i see you havent changed. Since your years as juvelchensea you have hated Dom Kinnear and Corey Ashe. Your hate for Ashe is just unhealthy and very concerning. If you were a true Dynamo fan, you would be wishing Corey good luck but instead you now cant find any reason why a world-class player and coach like Klinsman can make the horrendous mistake to call in Corey.

    The decision has been made. What do you think? The more you post the more people you will convince that corey was the wrong choice? Do you think you can convince anybody here or that klinnsman will listen to you? Or does it make you feel better to vent off and display your hate for Dom and Corey in public?
    ***imoerative voice: i order you NOT to respond to this message!!!!

  3. Sorry Ashe nice guy who runs fast and tries hard but does anyone really think his skills are good enough for international play. What is Klinsman thinking? This guy has trouble keeping the ball inbounds. Can not dribble or cross balls and his first touch is mediocre at best. Besides for that he is just like Pele!

    • Sarkodie is a RB. I’m not so sure about Yedlin on the left. It’s usually more difficult to find good left side players.

  4. Another smart move by Klinsmann. People need to calm down. Look: Klinsmann is looking at the big picture, toward the future. He can see things in his mind that most of us are not capable of seeing. Bringing in Corey Ashe for one game is a good move. Nobody on the team knows him, team chemistry will not be disrupted because he is going to be gone before anybody even knows he is there. On the other hand, bringing in someone like Erich Lichaj could trigger negative chemistry. Some players might feel threatened by true competition and that would not be good for the atmosphere in camp and could ruin chances of collecting at least six points in the WCQ games. And worse, if Lichaj performed well in the Belgium friendly after finally given a chance, then that could put Klinsmann in a big bind, not to mention yet again being very disruptive to the current team chemistry. Why chance it? Why rock the boat?

    • Rock the boat by bringing in the best options. Because players don’t play well when their jobs are at stake.

      This is is not how sports work. Fabian Johnson, Cameron, and Beasley are not going to be threatened by Lichaj- unless he’s better than one of them, and in that case, that’s good for the team. Corey Ashe as an ego stroke makes no sense, just give the guys a compliment instead. The only reason to bring players into camp is to get the best players on the field and driven. They are professionals, having competition will not hurt anyone’s feelings.

    • Wait, bring in Player A instead of Player B, because there’s less of a chance that Player A would do well, thereby messing up our juggernaut, er, chemistry? Really?

      • It could be that someone in camp who is a leader in the team asked for Ashe. The Germans do things different.

    • Yeah, and aren’t the Dynamo just running all over the competition in MLS this year? Is Ashe rooming with Holden right now during the latters training stint there?

    • Ashe seems a random selection… think there are any number of better options in MLS but… but… fine…. a one game stop gap and who knows what other complications exist due to travel, club etc etc…. I’ll right it off as a minor thing not likely to have much impact one way or the other and assume I don’t have enough information to judge too harshly.

      But…. not wanting there to be competition present on an international roster? That’s a curious take or expertly veiled sarcasm or????

      If a player can’t deal with, is threatened by true competition/affected in a negative way on the training grounds…. what is going to happen when they are certain to be threatened by true competition in a game? If this player exists on the USMNT roster, he needs to be sent home immediately. Thankfully, I think Fabian, Castillo and any other option at LB are more than up to a good bit of competition.

  5. If I have a choice between playing a minutes-starved Lichaj or Corey Ashe in form, I’m going Lichaj.

    MLS left backs aren’t good enough. The best are efficient in the league, and nothing more. Bornstein was an all star, and he was easily the least talented starter of the last cycle.

  6. I don’t understand the Lichaj thing at all. As in why people are so upset about this. I have never seen the man play or if I did during a US game I didn’t notice.(This can be a good thing btw)

    So I can’t really say if he should be on the squad or not.
    Can’t someone make an argument as to why he should be? Is he truly a tragic loss?

    • The man was beast in the Gold Cup that we lost. He kept Gio under wraps, and we got a two goal lead. Then Cherundolo got injured, we moved Lichaj to the right, and brought Bornstein in. Gio (and this is an apt descriptor) raped Bornstein for the rest of the game, and our defensive shape folded.

      He’s been very good when he’s played for the US, and, despite his benching for most of this season, has played in the EPL, and played well before. In short, he is unquestionably one of the most talented fullbacks this country has. His exclusion if a favor of the drones that pass for quality left backs in MLS due to playing time is a very poor, and indeed unfair decision. No EPL team would sniff at Corey Ashe, at least not as a left back. Justin Morrow as well.

      If Beasley and Johnson are the top options, so be it. They have played more minutes than Lichaj, and are talented options. But fans want to see Lichaj in camp because he is the only other option, both at right and left back, who could easily perform in qualifiers, if he shows his abilities in training. So let’s see where he is, because we know these other options aren’t good enough.

    • He played several games in the last Gold Cup and was quite effective. He’s a solid defender and gets forward smoothly like Chandler. In fairness, I have seen him have some bad EPL days but that Villa team was a mess.

      That he was quite effective last Gold Cup is why many people tend to view his Klinsi-era absence skeptically. It’s not like we’re talking Brooks or Wooten or one of the many prospects people like to mention who’ve never had a senior cap and it’s pure speculation. He got called, played well. Bornstein killed us on the other side against Mexico. He would help at a need position, even if it’s just a bench option.

    • Well, Mexico had to shift their entire offensive strategy in the Gold Cup final because he was owning the left side before Cherundolo got hurt, moving Dos Santos away from Lichaj. And that’s not even his natural position. Also, He played 90 minutes vs. the current holders of the Europa AND Champions League trophies a couple of weeks ago. Those are just two examples.

      I’m not saying that he should absolutely be on the squad, but if we are calling in the likes of Corey Ashe, then Eric Lichaj should be there.

      • Freegle,

        “ Mexico had to shift their entire offensive strategy in the Gold Cup final. “

        This is a bit exaggerated., Lichaj’s crap clearance direct to Guardado gifted him Mexico’s tying goal.

        “He played 90 minutes vs. the current holders of the Europa AND Champions League trophies a couple of weeks ago.”

        He played because the starter got hurt. And Villa who had previously been doing well, lost that game. Did he receive rave reviews for his excellent work in covering for Lownton? I don’t think so.

        Yes he had been out for a while but there are players who know they may only get one shot and work really hard to prepare for it so that when it comes they can excel. It seems Lichaj isn’t one of them.

        Holden is getting exceptional treatment because if he can get back he fills a real need and at one point he proved himself to be exceptional.

        You can’t say any of that about Eric

    • In short: No. He is not a tragic loss. He has had a couple of decent games with the USMNT in the past, as well as a couple of bad ones. He has finally gotten back on the field with Villa for a couple games at the end of their season, and some fans think that makes him an automatic call-up. Truth is we don’t have any fullbacks that can impact a game the way 2010 Cherundolo could. Fabian J. at his best may come close, if deployed at wingback.

      • Except if your position is no one had seized the positions out wide yet with “impact,” I don’t see how that would hurt Lichaj’s chances. The anti-Lichaj arguments would make more sense if someone had grabbed the positions by the scruff and own the spot. But about everyone out there has either had bad games, or gotten hurt, or had to ponder whether they want to be bothered, or otherwise failed to stake a definitive claim. Which is why Beasley and others have wandered back into the mix. Fine by me. But to me Lichaj with what he has done in the shirt should be before Ashe, who has never played for us above youth levels, and has debatable skills.

        I mean, Lichaj is out of contract where there is no team to withhold his release, he has every reason to show up and play hard to sell himself to both Klinsi and prospective employers, and he’s just a better player. He also has the skill set and actual ability to go forward that Klinsi seems to want.

        Big picture, I think we need to have this backline situation sorted out by next year or qualifying will be the highlight of the experience.

      • “. He also has the skill set and actual ability to go forward that Klinsi seems to want.”

        Does he? It seems to me that the Viila fans complained often about his ineptness going forward. He is fast but so were Hejduk,Findley and Bornstein. I remember him his best trait being solid defense.

        One thing about remembering back to 2011, Lichaj got a lot of praise because the guy he was being compared to was Jony Bornstein.

        I mean, you talk about no one “grabbed the positions by the scruff”, well Chandler, Fabian and Dolo when healthy are all superior to 2011 memory of Lichaj . By a long way.

    • I dont either hes a part time starter on the worst defensive team in the prem, and hes being let go so, clearly hes not important enough to even fight for a chance on the worst defensive team in the prem.

    • there are pictures floating around the internet of him sticking hamsters in a blender and passing out LSD to grade-school children. that’s the only explanation …

  7. This is a joke, Corey Ashe is not for one second an international player. Landy is a better left back then Ashe.

    Jurgi get out of my country

    • And we come to the root of it all–rampant, unequivocal xenophobia.

      Your country? This isn’t YOUR country. This is the United States of America where Klinsmann has lived with his American wife for nearly a decade. It is as much his country as your country.

      • The xenophobe is the one who applies lesser standards for calling up German players than for calling up American players. The xenophobe is the one who doesnt like the American attitude of sportsmanship but instead thinks players should stomp on an opposition player’s broken toe or gang up on the ref to intimidate him when you dont like a call.

      • You people can’t simulateneously accuse Klinsmann of calling up no name American MLS guys and then also claim he holds American players to a higher standard.

        Seriously. And I quote you,

        “Lets just keep calling in random players” in reference to American Corey Ashe and two posts later “lesser standards for calling up German players than for calling up American players.”

        You can join Turd Bradley as a xenophobe.

      • Mike E. you obviously like Ashe. I’m sure he is a good player, I havent watched him much. This is nothing against Ashe. Congrats to him on his call-up. It is just that Klinsmann has tried a ridiculous number of players. They will never get accustomed to playing together if they always have different players around him. Our US teams, A and B, will never form to the best of their collective ability if Klinmann continues to do nothing but tinker. At some point Klinsmann needs to settle on a more limited pool and number of line-ups. The German v American comment is in regards to top players who are vying for starting spots in WC Qualifiers and I am not alone in thinking he has displayed a double standard. It is hard to be entirely consistent in criticisms of Klinsmann because he is all over the map in what he says and does. I also dont think Turd Bradlley is a zenophobe just cause he wants Jurgi out, get real on that one

      • Rather than label JK a xenophobe, isn’t it possible he just prefers the Bundesliga to other leagues (rather than German-Americans to non-German-Americans)?

    • Turd,

      Landon could be a better left back than anyone in the player pool if that is what he

      Everthing else you wrote is of questionable veracity.

  8. Let’s just keep calling random players in for . . . that you know chemistry. . . that attacking proactive soccer we were promised . . .

    • That’s awesome that you were hired as a coach. Can you tell us more about the situation at camp and why Ashe was called up. Id be stressed if I had to watch as much game film as you do.

      Oh, you have no idea what you’re talking about?

      • well, under that reasoning you have no idea what you’re talking about either

        the difference is you are all in with faith in all the coach’s decisions, others are not and so have questions

        this is a blog where these questions are explored. Anyway, blind faith in a coach seems pretty naive to me, as off target as constant criticism

    • LOL. That was my thought exactly? Ashe? What? Was he on the short list somewhere that hadn’t been explored? I thought we were in the ‘chemistry’ phase now….JK is baffling. He’s way more of a cowboy shoot from the him kind of coach then he expresses to be.

    • Except Davis last set went from emergency callin to playing a few minutes. I like Davis much more, but the assumption he’s being called just to fill space or get cut is not necessarily supported by recent history.

    • I totally hear you. Seems out of place on a Corey Ashe/Houston Dynamo/USMNT piece. My thing is let’s not get overly sensitive on this type of issue. I don’t condone racism in any way, shape, or form but I don’t know if I can pull the trigger on this comment JUST YET. I step further though…

      As for the news itself, I know Corey Ashe is not the greatest defender but he works hard. He does. He may not be Leighton Baines in ANY form (tactical awareness, defensive skill, crossing, etc.) but the man DOES work very hard. And he has speed. I can only give the man credit for continuing to chugg along. So, I’ll congratulate the man and I hope he does well in camp. Congrats Corey!

  9. A good choice for depth for this “friendly”. Ashe plays with great speed and intensity, and despite what some are saying, is quite strong on defense. Ask Kamara, and Co.

    • Yup. Hope he shows well. He’s played hard for Houston and provides good speed on the flank.

      The people who have things to say think they know better than the scouts and coaching staff despite not watching players play. Its best to simply ignore them.

    • You must have missed the games where Sarkodie and he got turned in circles. They are both athletes first and mediocre soccer players. Sarkodie at least has the virtue of not hitting crosses into the stands routinely.

      • I’ve watched 90% of them and a lot of the Dynamo fans tend to ignore the occasional whoopings we get, like last week, which while they look like outliers, tend to foreshadow what happens in the final against LAG. We play well for extended periods and then the defense folds like a cheap suit.

      • “Lost?” One of those was Boswell headbutting their guy. Their guy then flipped Boz over, which is all people want to talk about. I know we don’t admit such things but he got an extra game suspension so the league saw it too.

        The reality is it was 0-0 when they left.
        Clark was the one who had the bad day last week, he got burned on the throughball for goal one then had the own goal on goal two, but some of the weeks that Houston implodes it’s Ashe or Sarkodie.

      • I Voice,

        “You must have missed the games where Sarkodie and he got turned in circles. ”

        Such negativity.
        You don’t call people in for what they did in their bad games.
        You call people in for what they did in their good games.

      • We had this discussion on Landon, to an extent. If your film is inherently a mixed bag, are you even worthy of the shirt? Cause you’re saying we should overlook bad in favor of upside, but I’ve seen a (charitable) mixed bag with not a lot of upside.

        Far as I’m concerned, if he has bad MLS days how can I expect he’ll play against elite level internationals?

      • I share some of your thoughts regarding Ashe BUT I really think he has improved, especially this year. Still a surprising move none the less.

      • When you’re brought in late after everyone else was picked it does make sense to be bottom of the roster….

        And Davis SUCKED in Azteca…..couldn’t hit a cross or a Corner/Set piece properly which is suppose to be his ONE strength…same thing vs Canada IN Houston. AND Davis gave up a DUMB Free Kick with about 2 minutes left in Stoppage time to Mexico in a spot on the wing RIGHT by the sideline close enough that it ended up being a dangerous set piece for Mexico…yeah I hope Davis does SOMETHING….because he hasn’t done a damn thing the last few times he’s played for the US…..and with the Dynamo even missed a PK..

      • Don’t reply to my comments.

        You will troll every decision and every player as I read you doing.

        You aren’t the coach.
        You have no experience analyzing players.
        You don’t watch these guys day in and day out on film and you haven’t the first clue why someone was called in and for what purpose.

        Instead a guy busts his butt to earn a one time stop gap call up and you trash him.

        Says a lot more about you than the coaching staff or players.

      • I’m not trolling anyone. And you don’t get to lob cheapshots while making up a rule I can’t respond.

        I watch the Dynamo every week so don’t act like I have no basis to criticize. I think he’s like the third best wingback on our roster, behind Sarkodie and Creavalle, not a national team callin.

        Busting one’s hump does not make them worthy of the NT. Just look at Wondo, who runs his tail off too.

      • So you can rip on me while prefacing your comments with “don’t respond?” Isn’t that a neat little trick.

        In terms of substantive defense of the player, all he could say is he busts his hump. I’m not even sure if that was a vague, pushbutton defense of any player anywhere getting this honor, or if he knows Ashe is a hustle player. But to me busting your hump is basic competency to any soccer player not named Valderrama.

      • If you don’t want someone to repond to you, you probabl shouldn’t post on the internet. Just saying, Mike.

      • Just tell Ashe not to grab the ball when there is a whistle for a free kick or when the ball goes out of play and he should be fine with Hazard.

  10. Hello? Eric Lichaj can play left back and we can showcase him to clubs now that he’s not returning to Villa. Makes too much sense which is why JK is not calling him up.

    • Not only that, but calling Lichaj period. The comment has been what is the point of adding someone new to the setup at this point in time…This call up makes me even more angry that Lichaj hasn’t gotten called at all….and what about the other full backs, Morrow and Beiteshour, are they injured? play on the right only?

    • Is there like some bad blood or something because by the time he’s letting Ashe into camp it appears he’s lost all sense of relative quality.

    • I think Lichaj should petition FIFA for a one-time switch to Poland or elsewhere, despite having been capped by USMNT, on the grounds that Corey Ashe just got a call up and he did not-thus proving that he’ll never play for USMNT again…. at least as long as Klinsmann is the coach

    • Are you serious? He’s a mediocre-to-bad defender and can’t hit a cross to save his life. This is yet more evidence Klinsi is out to lunch.

      • Ashe will be able to easily join his team in Columbus after the USMNT match. I’m sure that played a role when Klinsmann made the decision.

      • How about, this is supposed to be our best players? I don’t see what calling in Evans or Ashe does for our short or long term growth as a team. Neither player is good enough to make an immediate impact, nor do they look like the long term future of the team. Pass.

        I think he’s lost the plot, this is roster filler at best.

      • this is kind of my problem. both will be there for hardly any time, but why the hell would JK not call in Morales? Morales has played fullback plenty, is young, and according to JK himself, really missed out on not playing in the Olympics.

        i’m not saying Morales should start or even play any of these games, but i’d love to see him stay in shape for the Gold Cup. idk, maybe JK didn’t call him so he can get settled at his new club and still plans to bring him for the Gold Cup anyway.

      • This is for training, I’d imagine. They’re bodies that will be there so that the starters and ideal substitutes have people to play against.

        As Ives stated, we are missing a good chunk of players. Klinsi needs people to train with. And it sounds like Ashe is only there for the single game.

      • But wouldn’t you want to “blood” a new interesting prospect rather than merely trot out filler? They only get so many of these windows and if you waste them we get to the actual games and it’s like, “Lichaj hasn’t played with Villa or us so I don’t know what to expect…” Well, you would have known if you called him…..

      • I Voice,

        “How about, this is supposed to be our best players?”

        That is not true. Besides you are hardly in a position to judge that.

        You should study some of the better national teams.
        They call in the players that best fit the manager’s plan. Everyone hated Conor Casey with the typical ignorant, white hot intensity that USMNT haters display but he eventually wound up scoring two very important goals for the US.

        The same goes for Alan Gordon and EJ.

        I’m not familiar with Ashe but , at this point, there are also a whole series of considerations in calling in players late in the process.

        For example JK may have a list of 3-4 players to fit what ever purpose ( a purpose neither you nor I know) and the guys above Ashe couldn’t make it for whatever reason.

      • I’m no EJ fan but he’s earned his chance at the team by being more productive than Jozy is in the red/white/blue.

        Gordon was semi baffling, but Ashe is just crazed. I’ve watched him for years and he is a polarizing figure. Kinnear fans tend to love the lunchpail ethic and running he does. Critics point out his defensive weakenesses and inability to hit a cross. I fall in the latter because defense is the primary duty for a defender — which he doesn’t do well — and what’s the value of getting forward if your service is horrifying? I’ve felt for years that his pairing with Davis was detrimental to Davis because when Ashe gets forward Davis crosses the ball less, but between the two, it’s obvious you’d want Davis taking the crosses.

        I grant that it is not a pure All Star XI but even if it’s a matter of sprinkling in some strong role players for tactical balance and such, what role does he play well? There are quite a few LBs and LWs who either play better now or have more long term potential. I don’t see him in the top 3-4 at any spot. So on that basic level I disagree.

        FWIW, I always liked Casey for his Ching-esque ability to hold a ball but also move forward with some skill. He was limited by injuries but with some of the people we had the last two cycles, I was always surprised by his peripheral role in the pool.

      • I know you’re a fellow Dynamo fan, but I’m going to have to partly disagree.

        If Ashe consistently played at his best, he’d be USMNT backup caliber, only because he’d be undersized for the international game. Unfortunately, we see Ashe at his best maybe 2 times a year.

        The only reasons for this call-up I can think of are, 1) familiarity w/ Davis, and 2) extra LB in camp.

      • Ashe makes Ream-worthy giveaways, such as the backpass attempt against NY last season. He has gotten better at passing forward but still can’t hit a cross to save his life.

        He hustles in the back but rarely gets into the tackle, and lacks what I consider to be quality sense of how to play defense and position.

        I think Creavalle is better than him at his own position.

        I understand that people see him and Davis as a dynamic left side duo but I also feel like the signing of Boswell and his succession to Barrett’s position coincided with our reduction to mere playoff team from title winner. Some of that is offense, but some of that has to do with the flawed defenders we now field. Even Taylor, whom I like, has his issues, eg, is too slow.

      • I don’t disagree with you that Ashe has limitations, but in my mind him main impediment are his technical/tactical limitations rather than physical ones (size or speed). Santi Cazorla is roughly similar size as Ashe and has been able to succeed in a physical league like EPL and is doing fine with Spain’s national team.

      • It is mildly fascinating that people are so focused on size when condemning a player to the outer darkness.

        Ashe isn’t a keeper or center forward or center back where you maybe might be able to make a case that size matters.

        This is a sport that had and still has great players of all sizes in all positions. After all the game has been dominated for quite a while by a team full of Smurfs.

      • So all you’ve pointed out is that he can’t hit a cross. He’s a left back, if the only thing you can base your opinion on him is about his ability to hit a cross then you probably should watch a little closer at his work rates and speed and toughness. And as far as technical skill wise the only thing I see he really needs improvement on is he dependence on his left foot.

      • Imperative voice has always had an irrational major hard on for Ashe, even when he was posting on BigSoccer as JuveChelsea. Just ignore his comments regarding Ashe, he could have a great game, and imperative wouldn’t give him the time of day.

      • Where’s the case for Corey? His advocates tend to be a lot better at the internet game of tearing down critics than pointing out what he does well, and consistently well. I’ve witnessed a list of goals allowed and sloppy play. To me it’s irrational and subjective to harp on random good games and player work rate.

        FWIW, I don’t think the supporters group people and season ticket holders that dominate BS are even going to be wired to view the team critically, because it’s only had one bad season and they’re routinely paying to watch. But I don’t think my position on Ashe is any different than people in town who think that Schaub or Kareem Jackson are the reason the Texans haven’t won the Big One yet. But for some reason the Houston soccer discussion scene is not prepared for the level of coaching and player criticism that is standard for every other sport in town. Heck, for the Astros, it’s requisite.

      • All due respect but if you tend to slack on defense to cheat forward, but then can’t really do anything when you do get forward, and crowd the quite effective Davis out of a percentage of left side crosses, you’re wasting space. I tend to see the effort as a lot of running in service of very little.

        Technically, he trips over the ball a lot and used to routinely spray balls over the touchline. He still struggles to hit crosses worth a hoot.

        But, you don’t believe me, see what happens if he actually dresses.

        As far as it being a blindspot for me, we haven’t won a title since we switched from Barrett to Ashe. Barrett had similar wheels but was actually composed and got stuck in. The pro-Ashe bunch are just content with settling on roster choices and finishing second in the league. I think if the Dynamo bought a second forward and cashiered Boswell and Ashe we might beat LA.

      • Klinsmann said he didn’t want to bring in any LigaMx guys but I think Castillo deserves a chance to prove himself. I think he’s locked in as FJs back up and don’t expect him to pass him but he deserves some playing time.

      • 1. JK never said that. 2. what is the point you are making?

        he said if you play in Mexico and don’t make the May/June camp, THEN you won’t play in the Gold Cup (e.g. Torres, Orozco). He also said players who play a lot in WCQs won’t take part in the Gold Cup.

        Castillo is in the May/June camp and likely won’t play a ton in the qualifiers. Meaning, JK is likely to have him start in the Gold Cup.

      • No way, not only does Beasley deserve it but it will be good to get him some minutes against a really good opponent and us not have it as a match we must got a result from(WCQ).

      • I hope Beasley plays, and it’s cynical, so that we see Beasley is not an answer at LB. Beasley had two stellar games there, both under extreme circumstances that would have led to people believing he is an option. Everyone looked wonky in the snow and in Mexico, he played out of his skin, but was caught out of position multiple times.

        I hope this allows us to see Fabian and Castillo on the left side against Germany. Those two are our best options for an attacking left side that can create. Both can cover each other in both positions.

      • Josh,
        I agree.
        Beasley is a great option to have on the roster to provide a sub at the LW as necessary and as emergency fill in at LB, but I am curious at his suddenly being considered a long term solution at LB. The thought of Castillo and Johnson interchanging along the left side seems one of the few combos that really pose an offensive threat and could really serve to open things up for JA up top. If we can eventually add Donovan and Cherundolo on the RW and…. think we may begin to see something.

      • “I am curious at his suddenly being considered a long term solution at LB”
        Who said anything about long term? Where did you get that?
        Right now Fabian is the starting left back and I’m pretty sure Castillo is his back up.
        After that you get DMB and a cast of characters.

        Read JK’s comments. DMB has a role on the roster. He’s there to fill in where needed and because he has a lot of experience, a great attitude and lots of personality.

        That is it. I wouldn’t even be sure DMB makes the WC squad if they get in.

        A year is a long time and DMB ain’t getting any younger.

      • I’m not necessarily speaking to JK’s plans as…. I can’t say I know what they are. But… since the last few qualifiers which saw DMB perform admirably in a stop-gap role, I’ve seen a fair amount of posts and discussions in the media which mention putting Beasley in at LB as an option right after Fabian. That is all.

    • OK, so can we conclude that Beltran & Morrow, who were called in for the last 2 WCQ and did not see minutes, are no longer on the short list at the FB positions? is that what we can conclude?
      Since ‘chemistry’ is so important go Coach K and familiarity breeds chemistry….then can JK has to be satisfied with his look at Beltran and Morrow and has concluded that they are not part of his plan, right? Otherwise, why not call them in here?
      Or are we still playing Merry Go Round call ups?

      • I think it is safe to assume any MLS player not called up in this camp who has been featured in the last 20 months or so will have a shot to be called up for the Gold Cup. JK doesn’t want to pull Morrow and Beltran away from club teams where they are fixtures in the starting XI to ride the bench behind players who are clearly miles ahead of them.

        Ashe is getting one game which could mean he is in JK’s Gold Cup plans, he just wants to see him. Smart money he replaces Beasley later in the Belgium game to see if he can keep up at this level.

        I like Ashe and I’m glad he didn’t end up like Dunivant, one of the better MLS LB’s who never really caught on with the USMNT who seemed to prefer (shudder) Bornstein

      • what? you can conclude that they play in MLS and are projected for the Gold Cup. so they have no business on this roster.

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