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Gyau loan not extended by St Pauli, will return to Hoffenheim

Joe Gyau St Pauli (Getty Images)

If Joe Gyau is to build on the first-team minutes he received this past season and continue his development, he will not be doing so with St Pauli.

Gyau’s time with St Pauli has come to an end after the 2. Bundesliga club decided not to extend his loan for another season. The 20-year-old Gyau will now return to Hoffenheim, who loaned him out last August and are currently fighting to remain in Germany’s top tier.

Gyau made 16 appearances across all competitions for St Pauli during the recently-concluded campaign and 15 of those came in 2. Bundesliga play. The former U.S. Under-23 Men’s National Team winger started five of those 16 matches.

Surprised St Pauli did not extend Gyau’s loan? Should he try and break into Hoffenheim’s lineup or look for a move elsewhere this offseason?

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  1. Just want to point out that St. Pauli’s new sport director has made a strategic decision to stop bringing in player on loan. St. Pauli had five or six loaned players this year and about the same in recent years. So that is the main reason St. Pauli’s did not trigger Gyau’s loan option. I am not saying St. Pauli was totally satisfied with Gyau’s performances, but I think Coach Michael Frontzek does see potential there. Gyau basically disappeared in the last few weeks of the season, no explanation, and then was brought back to the roster for the last game of the season and went in at the 72nd minute. He was fired up and and attacking and going one-on-one.

    Not sure why he missed four or five rosters and then brought back for the last game. Obviously it could be one more look before making a final decision on a loan. But I am wondering whether St. Pauli might be considering buying Gyau from Hoffenheim if the price is right. Gyau apparently liked it at St. Pauli.

    So I would not be surprised if Gyau would move to St. Pauli permanently. I think if Hoffenheim stays in the 1. Bundesliga, which seems likely now, then Gyau probably will move to a new team. If Hoffenheim would choke on Monday and falls to the 2. Bundesliga, that might be a great opportunity for Gyau, because a lot of the players will be wanting to jump. And the current Hoffenheim coach, Markus Gisdol, was Gyau’s first youth coach at Hoffenheim so knows him sell. No idea how they got along.

    • Possible, but as others note he is still young. The kid needs work non-stop and make sure he ends up in a situation next year with a coach who likes him and where he can play regularly.

  2. He’s fine in Europe. He’ll be loaned out again to another team and draw on his experience with st. Pauli. With three different coaches this year in hamburg it was hard for him to solidify himself, but that being said, seeing him play throughout the year it was clear he isn’t,tmyet a complete player and hopefully ths offseason he,’ll learn to be more of a,two way player.

  3. Gyau should see if he can come across the pond again, but not in MLS, the Mexican league may be a good destination for him, he was highly regarded by the tv commentators when he played vs. the Mexican U23.

  4. Will Wooten move back to Kaiserlautern next season or go back out on loan? He was a main stay in that starting lineup for Sandhausen by the end of the season as either a winger or a forward.

    • He is coming back and will be one of the first choices off the bench. He had a very successful loan and the club noticed. He did what he was supposed to do.

  5. May be time to look at a move, Netherlands would seem to be a decent fit. He is at a crucial time in his development and needs to be getting minutes, bouncing between loans isn’t ideal

      • The minimum pay for a non-EU player in the Eredivisie is $600k for a player over 21. Makes it harder to get there as less than a top player.

      • Well he’s 20 so for sure not over 21….and how does he not have a EU passport already playing over there for so long if in fact he doesn’t have one?

      • Plus he if isnt making in the Bundesliga 2 he wont be playing in the Eredivisie. Maybe Scandiniavia

  6. I hope like hell that he bounces back….needs to earn his way to the gameday 18….. he is still only 20 for crying aloud….but I hope he can get a good 25+ appearances and start putting in some great crosses to showcase his dribbling and 1v1 skills from his youth days…. help him out Fabian lol

  7. Hopefully someone from Hoffenheim puts an arm around him, gives him a program for the summer and he works on his game like crazy. Failing at St Pauli is not a good sign, but he responds to failure is extremely important. He probably needs to learn how to train and how to win his spot in the lineup. Let’s hope he figures that out this offseason.

  8. As a St. Pauli fan, I’m disappointed things didn’t work out, but perhaps going back to Hoffenheim will give Gyau an opportunity to contribute at a higher level.

  9. tough spot for him but he can get a move. given the struggles of Hoffenheim this season, maybe he’ll get a chance next season. but a move to Holland would be great. a loan to another 2. Bundesliga team would be fine too.


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