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A day in the life of Herculez Gomez (Part 2)


  1. gay does not make you less of a person but unless
    he says his gay stop guessing , why are this a debate about it
    come down people his

  2. gay no way ,and i don;t feel is wrong just not happening
    get your facts together some body might not like your comments specially if is not true.

  3. I like watching Herc play because he makes me yell at the TV much less. If EJ or Jozy is on the field, I find myself shouting at them to pressure the ball every 30 seconds. It’s a lot of work.

    • I agree. Herc works his butt off.

      EJ and Jozy went to the same soccer school, where they taught them to try their hardest not to break a sweat during the game unless there is a perfectly weighted, slotted ball into space for which they can easily just tap it into the net. Then, and only then, is it ok to show some effort.

      Otherwise, just jog around and look pretty.

  4. I really like him. He’s just a positive energy, engaging guy. He works his butt off constantly on the field. One of my favorite players. That’s said, I don’t think he’s DP worthy.

    • Not DP at this point in his career, agreed.

      However, he is absolutely one of my favorite players, not just on the Nats but overall as a public person. Like you said, positive and engaging while not being all style, no substance.

    • Exactly was I was thinking. But then I thought, in this age, why bother mentioning it. But since you did…no wife, no girlfriend, no kids, a slave to fashion and penchant for the perfect hairstyle…c’mon bro, be proud!

      • I can imagine why he wouldn’t want to be proud. I’m a big social liberal and originally from Mexico, but my brethren in the South aren’t as comfortable with gay rights. I could easily see Herc getting killed if he came out while a player for Santos. If he is gay, he’ll have to come to MLS if he wants to be out and play.

      • Makes sense. It’s just sad that in this day and age people still feel the need to hide who they really are. The more you really look at Robbie Rogers the more impressed you have to be with his decision.

      • Wow. So in the span of this video and entertaining piece, we’ve:

        -Speculated on Gomez’s sexuality
        -Decided that he’s gay
        -Encourage him to come out
        -Question why he doesn’t have the bravery to come out

        Well, that escalated quickly.

      • Actually it was the span of two videos and interviews, thank you very much.

      • I have known Herc all my life he isnt gay, we have some in the family who have come out, but Herc naw. He is just comfortable in his skin and the couple of exs we have meet have always been blonds lol. He has a think for g├╝eras

    • Well, the other guy in his situation was his buddy Crossas, but he already got a Mexican hottie pregnant so Herc must feel a bit lonely now. LOL

    • In Howler they talked about him dating Miss Sonora (or some other Mexican state), I guess it could all be an elaborate head-fake but that seems unlikely.

  5. The facilities, fields, and environment is why I always say that the Mexican league is the best league in the Americas. MLS has a long way to go with the atmosphere perk

    Herc is definitely a standup guy. I like his attitude on life and the game… Thumbs up for my dawg!

  6. that locker room is amazing. also, i don’t like how he humanized oswaldo. i just want to hate him and think of him badly. can’t be showing me pictures of him, his wife, and four kids all dressed up the same and jumping in a family photo!


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