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Inside the mind of Chelis: Part 1


  1. These reponses always crack me up. Not sure if its total ignorance.

    Here’s some facts:

    Moving to San Diego is not happening especially after the success of Xolos. White San Diego soccer fans travel accross the border to see them play. It’s their market.

    Loaning players to Chivas USA. It’s already happening. De Luna, Casillas, Mejia, and now Ponce. They’re young and learning how to adjust to a violent, physcial league. That takes time. This roster was overhauled AGAIN. Chemistry takes time.

    Moving the team to downthown LA or further east has been discussed. Not sure when it’ll happen. Staying at the HDC is not a good idea.

    Speaking of good ideas, not branding Los Angeles to the team is hurting this team. Badly. Mexicans already cheer for their teams and “Chivas USA” does not garner attention or support. This will explain the poor attendance.

    In essence, our ownership is poor. There is a void in direction and indentity. Simply, calling it Chivas doesnt help. We need invest dollars and a vision that includes a SSS.

  2. why don’t they just move Chivas USA out of L.A. move it to San Diego or some other city or at least another part of L.A. where fans will attend games

    and if Chivas USA is an offshoot of the club Chivas, why don’t they loan players to the club? Throw in some money. Do something to improve it

    • As it is, Chivas is not even in L.A., its in Carson. Not sure if moving the city will help. Its time MLS got rid of fail clubs like Chivas and NE.

    • Come on Orions belt – the view from the stars should tell you that the LA basin can support another team….a second team in a city is not the issue…the issue is the identity of said team.
      Which city in the US is going to support a Triple A club (double A?) of a Mexican Club? MLS fans want to be on par or superior to the Mexican league! That is why this is doomed to failure. If they were to bring in their A team from Guadalajara then MAYBE Chivas USA would work…but an inferior team of a brand housed in a rival league/nation…not going to work.

    • Chivas Guadalajara did loan some players to Chivas USA this year. They just aren’t particularly good ones.

      And Chivas won’t leave LA – the market several times the size of San Diego. Importantly, it also is the area with the best young talent, so Chivas’s academy could help them become one of the best MLS teams in the future.

      What Chivas needs is a new stadium in a different part of greater LA (since LA is huge, they could serve a whole different community if they moved to say, Anaheim or the Inland Empire), a new identity and new ownership.


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