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New Manchester City Home Jersey revealed


Manchester City have decided to use their tour of the United States to unveil their new home jersey (you can see it above).

What do you think? An upgrade over the old one? Plan on buying one? Hoping New York City FC wears a similar uniform or think Yankee pinstripes are inevitable?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. if I was a red bull supporter, I would design cosmos home & visitors jerseys with red bull as a sponsor on put them on twitter or some soccer blog, in order to start putting pressure on red bull energy company to buy the cosmos but a cosmos jersey with red bull sponsor would look sick and imagine the cosmos vs nyc derby with pele backing the cosmos and others. red bull is on the clock……. cosmos nasl stop being tough balls and write a letter to red bull.

  2. I actually hope NYCFC uses the civic colors of blue/orange/white like the Knicks, Mets, and Islanders use. Can’t think of many other soccer teams with this color scheme…

    • @Marcus: I highly doubt a team owned (partially) by the Yankees would allow the colors to be similar to the Mets.

      If Adidas can develop a decent design for it I would love to see NYCFC wear pinstripes. Perhaps they wear sky blue with navy pinstripes? I know KC might not like that.

      The (Adidas) Germany jerseys a few years back had a pinstripe pattern woven into the fabric, but it was all the same color. The stripes just shimmered in certain lighting.

  3. I guess my “impression” is: How are they different than last years?

    ** Also, no, I’m not crazy about NYCNYFGHUNKCNUBGFJNCKMNSKN FC using a Light Blue kit. Don’t jock SKC’s (and our Royals) baby sky/blue style.

    Tampa Bay Rays already did that and it’s annoying.

  4. Anyone know how many years are left in the MLS deal with Adidas?

    And this will look good for NYCFC after they dip one sleeve in a darker blue.

    • People are always asking about when the adidas deal ends, but it makes the most financial sense for the league to ink a big money, multi-year deal with one company. So even if they switched to exclusively Nike in a few years, you’d have the same complaints about boring jerseys. From a kit perspective, the best situation would be multiple companies trying to one-up each other, but I don’t think MLS will ever do that or at least not any time in the next couple decades.

      • I believe that Adidas has financially floated the league for a long time. As boring as their jerseys are; they are getting better and not going anywhere for a long time!

        The best situation where each club signs their own deal with different companies isnt likely to happen..

      • As long as adidas doesn’t do something like they did in college basketball or Nike doing something like their Oregon jerseys, I’m cool with adidas doing the jerseys. Plus, I have to say that Adidas jerseys are usually a little roomier than nike jerseys so we can get a little more wear out of them while we get older and fatter.

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