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USMNT Daily Update: Projecting the May/June camp roster

USA Starting 11


Jurgen Klinsmann has some tough decisions to make.

The U.S. Men’s National Team has some good depth at some positions, and with so many new faces stepping up to offset the rash of injuries in March, there are much more options heading into this summer’s action than there was a year ago.

With players like Matt Besler and DaMarcus Beasley boosting their stock in the last pair of qualifiers, and several players returning from injury, the U.S. pool is suddenly stacked with options even when you consider that several of those injured players are now healthy.

So who gets the call for the upcoming stretch of five matches, including three World Cup qualifiers? Here is a projection of the 27 players we can see Klinsmann calling on:


GOALKEEPER– Tim Howard, Brad Guzan, Bill Hamid

DEFENDER– Steve Cherundolo, Tim Chandler, Geoff Cameron, Omar Gonzalez, Clarence Goodson, Matt Besler, Fabian Johnson, DaMarcus Beasley, Edgar Castillo

MIDFIELDER– Michael Bradley, Jermaine Jones, Graham Zusi, Maurice Edu, Jose Torres, Brek Shea, Sacha Kljestan, Joe Corona, Stuart Holden, Alfredo Morales

FORWARD– Clint Dempsey, Jozy Altidore, Herculez Gomez, Terrence Boyd, Eddie Johnson


MISSED THE CUT: Alejandro Bedoya, Landon Donovan, Eric Lichaj, Carlos Bocanegra, Michael Parkhurst, Mix Diskerud, Jack McInerney, Brad Davis, Josh Gatt, Kyle Beckerman, Nick Rimando, Sean Johnson.



The latest from U.S. Soccer is that up to 27 players could be called up. We were expecting between 25-26, but with some injury issues, that number could rise to 27.

Eddie Johnson was omitted from our original list, but has been added.


Where is Landon Donovan? We’ll stand by the SI story from Tuesday that reported he won’t be called in. It’s a pretty safe bet he will not be.

Matt Besler has missed Sporting KC’s past three matches with a knee injury. If he is deemed unable to go, Klinsmann could turn to Carlos Bocanegra in his place.

Tim Chandler is another player facing an injury comeback. If he winds up being deemed unfit, Eric Lichaj makes too much sense. Yes, Michael Parkhurst is someone Klinsmann is more familiar with and someone Klinsmann has called before, but with Lichaj starting and playing well in important matches late in the year for Aston Villa, at his natural right back position to boot, he makes more sense than Parkhurst, who hasn’t seen the field for months.

Who came closest to make the cut in this projection? Bedoya and Lichaj. Bedoya seems destined for the Gold Cup, but is playing so well you couldn’t really blame Klinsmann for calling him up earlier.

Why Morales? He is not cap-tied yet and he saw good minutes for Hertha Berlin at the tail end of their Bundesliga 2 season. He was a part of the May camp a year ago, and this could be a perfect opportunity to get him cap-tied.

Speaking of cap-tying players, we probably shouldn’t completely rule out a call-up for John Anthony Brooks. Reports suggest he is leaning toward playing for the U.S. Under-20s at the World Cup, but Klinsmann could make a power move and invite him to the full senior team camp this month. Would Brooks accept? That would certainly make some waves if that happened.

Why Brek Shea? Even though he hasn’t been playing for Stoke City, Klinsmann needs wing options and with Landon Donovan out of the picture, he can’t pass on Shea.

Why Bill Hamid? He got off to an outstanding start to the season but has had his shaky moments since then. The same can be said for Sean Johnson. Nick Rimando is probably having the best season of the group, but with the third goalkeeper unlikely to see the field, Klinsmann can call up a player who could probably use the confidence boost.

Only 23 players are dressing for qualifiers, so Klinsmann can take a flier with his final 2-3 picks. Stuart Holden is clearly such a player, and Morales makes sense as another. With Besler and Chandler facing injury challenges, Klinsmann could bring one of them and let them complete their recovery in camp. The U.S. team will be together for three weeks so that isn’t a big reach.

With the exception of Bocanegra, Lichaj and Parkhurst, every player on the above ‘Missed the Cut’ list could feature in the Gold Cup squad based on the parameters Klinsmann laid out (MLS players, Scandinavian-based players, and some holdovers from the May-June squad).

What do you think of this projected squad? What player do you love seeing on the roster? Who do you consider the most glaring omission?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I hope to see Beasley start on the left wing. I would love to see his work rate, experience, and skill working higher up on the pitch, plus he has the positional awareness to be able to work effectively with and cover FJ.
    I think he’s earned the chance with his club form and his play in the last two qualifiers.

    • To me soccer is a running sport and a burner element never hurts. I think he’s a better player than many of the other options, and I think the US is better as a scary athletic team with a bunch of Landon/Beasley/Gatt/Dempsey speed than as a cutesy bunch of touch players a la Torres/Kljestan/Zusi.

  2. Donovan > Brek Shea (now and in 2014) Klinsmann is merely giving Landycakes more rest. Look at the goals he scored in the 2010 World Cup, there’s no way he’s left off the roster for the rest of this cycle.

  3. I don’t think Shea should necessarily be called in, but there is a difference between Shea being called in after a season versus calling Donovan in in the middle of his season.

    I have no issue with JK letting Donovan continue to get matches and continue getting back to where he can get back to his form and getting him in camp later.

    If they were both in season or out of season, this particular situation would make a lot less sense.

  4. I am not saying i want to see him, but there is really no logic that should lead one to believe beckerman will not be on this roster.

    holden started a couple of games for sheffield wednesday? morales’ 6 starts in german 2nd division? dream on. holden and morales may be called in but thinking beckerman will not be part of group is pretty seriously deluded wishful thinking.

    JK has demonstrated his devotion to KB time and again and with williams out there is basically NO CHANCE he is not called

    • you are missing the key pieces of information that make it unlikely Beckerman will be on the roster.

      Holden and Morales. two guys who play in Europe (not Scandinavia) that JK appears to want to use in the Gold Cup. given what he said, they will have to be called into this camp so they can maintain their fitness since their seasons will be over.

      Beckerman, however, is a key piece to the Gold Cup team. JK made it very clear players would not be pulling double duty. Since he plays in MLS, he also does not have to worry about being in this camp to make the Gold Cup squad. Bradley, Jones, and Edu are all ahead of Beckerman. JK will let RSL hold onto him until the Gold Cup.

      • no, actually i accounted for holden and morales in the original post.

        this is the camp where you call your best options. beckerman has been a favorite option of JK since day 1. with williams out he will be relying on KB to back up bradley, jones, and edu. he is not just going to be HOPING he does not need to go deeper than that.

        people who are thinking holden (4 starts in 12/13) or morales (6 starts in 12/13) are going to be counted on to provide significant contributions in an emergency situation over beckerman are completely out of their minds (no offense to you or ives)

        but, hey, dont let me disrupt your fantasy. was saying the same thing about shea in march and it didnt seem to intrude on those dreams too much,,,

      • I know you did! I was showing you the difference between the three players. This is not apples to apples dude. This is the camp for WCQs and a few players looking to stay fit for the Gold Cup. Beckerman has been a Klinsmann favorite, but he has fallen back in the depth chart. Morales and Holden aren’t providing cover for anyone and have nothing to do with Beckerman being called up or not.

        Torres and Kljestan will be behind Jones, Bradley, and Edu. There are 3 players there who can play the #6 and who are higher on JK’s list than Beckerman. The other two are more than capable of playing a deeper role alongside a #6.

        Beckerman will be on the Gold Cup squad, and because of that, he will miss the WCQs.

      • That last sentence should read:

        “Since he will play a major part on the Gold Cup squad…”

        I don’t see USSoccer making RSL be without Beckerman for the entire summer.

      • first – no one is missing WCQ because they will be on GC squad. if you are in JK top 23 you are on WCQ squad. if you are not on WCQ squad you are then eligible for GC.

        i wish what you were saying about kljestan were true, but it is not. he has ZERO starts and, I believe, zero MINUTES as a CM. he did not touch the field in march. beckerman has 8 starts in the positions bradley, jones and edu play and he got minutes against costa rica.

        torres is not an option as a DM – he can only function with 2 stronger players around him at this level. i think kljestan would be better than edu or beckerman, but clearly JK does not agree

        trust me, ill be happy if i am wrong, but KB is clearly ahead of SK in line for CM minutes

      • ** and ahead of torres – who i dont think we will see in CM unless there are 2 other (more physical) CMs in the game

      • Yes, Morales and especially Holden are basically guaranteed to not be a part of the WCQs. how are you not understanding that? this camp will be 27 players, meaning 4 will play no part!

        Once again, you are failing to grasp the point. This is NOT a normal circumstance. There are two competitions and Klinsmann wants a strong squad for both. That is the reason why Beckerman will not get a chance in WCQs despite starting a decent amount under Klinsmann. The fact is, right now, Edu, Jones, and Bradley are ahead of him. Plus, Klinsmann wants Beckerman for the Gold Cup. That is the reason why Kljestan and Torres have a chance to get a few minutes int he WCQs. They also have a chance to be on the Gold Cup squad because they likely won’t play much. Same can be said of Corona.

        I did not say Torres was a CDM. In fact, I specifically stated he was deep lying and could play NEXT to a #6.

        Again, your point that Beckerman is ahead of Kljestan is likely true. BUT the key you seem to be failing to grasp is that Klinsmann wants Beckerman for the Gold Cup because he plays in MLS and will be in shape. If Kljestan or Torres are left out of this camp, they aren’t in the same boat as Beckerman. Instead, they end up missing both competitions. This is a simple way to get around that. Chances are, Beckerman, Torres, Corona, Morales, Holden, and Kljestan will play a big role in the Gold Cup and not in WCQs. But all of those guys, except Beckerman, need to be in camp in order to play at the Gold Cup. So Beckerman is sacrificed for these WCQs.

        We’ll see though. Should know soon.

  5. My 2014 World Cup dream starters ~ This all hinges on Gonzales & Cherundolo playing their healthy best in Brazil……..If they settle the back, just cast your eyes upon this forward firepower.

    GK Tim Howard
    RB Steve Cherundolo
    CB Omar Gonzales
    CB Clarence Goodson
    LB Timothy Chandler (?)
    CM Michael Bradley
    CM Stuart Holden (?)
    RW Freddy Adu
    LW Clint Dempsey
    SS Landon Donovan
    CF Josy Altidore

  6. if MB won’t be ready for the first game, there is a 50-50 chance that Morales may get his chance with the first team.

    • easy there. morales has started all of 6 games in german 2nd division this season. he is not going to fly past edu or likely even beckerman (i fully expect to see beckerman on this roster. expecting otherwise is only a recipe for disappointment)

      significant GC minutes is a reasonable aspiration, though

      and if there are extra minutes to around in CM, kljestan and torres are waiting

      • there is no way beckerman is on this roster. he’ll be there for the Gold Cup only. and he’ll play major minutes.

  7. I feel for Donovan, but I think that there’s a possibility that JK doesn’t think that Landon is mentally fit for the task right now.

  8. love the morales inclusion. it’s totally going to happen. once he got that stretch of games, he became a great option for the Gold Cup. looking forward to this roster. it’ll certainly cement a decent chunk of the Gold Cup roster too.

    • and to clarify, yes, i do know this if for WCQs. but Morales will stay fit by playing in the friendlies and then training while the WCQs are going on. that’s why i mention the Gold Cup.

  9. Ok, time for a rant. Why, why why would JK ever call in Brek Shea and snub Donovan for anything besides a personal vendetta? JK has said he is about what a player is doing right now, Shea hasn’t played in FOR EV ER and LD has been playing. Yes, I know LD has not played up to the standard he has set for himself but he has definitely been making more of an impact for his club than Shea has. IF Shea gets called (I’m sure he will) and LD can’t even get an invite, to me, that would be Jurgen contradicting himself.

    • Riggity,

      Nothing official has actually happened with this roster

      JK probably won’t announce anything for a while

      So your rant is prophylactic.

      What if he brings on Shea and says he is doing that to help get him fit and assess his injury, just like he is doing with Holden since both may have a long term future with the USMNT and JK may need one or both in this summer?

      What if he says Donovan clearly needs to get his form back and can do that better with LA which has quite a few games in the very near future? And if LD does well he can always be called in later since as a veteran he needs very little acclimation time.

      Is JK contradicting himself then?

  10. Will Donovan accept a call for the Gold Cup? The USMNT could field a very strong midfield for that tournament with Donovan, Holden, Bedoya and maybe Diskerud or Gatt.

    Does anyone know what Bocanegra’s contract situation is now? Is he still under contract with Rangers? Any chance he might make a move to MLS and anchor the backline for the Gold Cup?

    JK could have one heck of a Gold Cup starting XI relative to the competition.

  11. I don’t think we see Shea or Kljestan on the roster. Other posters are right that if Klinsmann calls Shea and not Donovan he is going to really look like a hypocrite.

    And no way is Chandler going to give up vacation time at the beach to join the USMNT. He told today no regrets that he will miss the game against Germany and said that he could be out longer (wink, wink) than the original prognosis of three weeks, saying it depends on that the FC Nurnberg doctor says and we all know what the doc is going to say.

    And Joe Corona and Castillo, wasn’t there an earlier SBI story saying he would not be available because of Copa Libertadores? Or did I misread that?

  12. Doubt Besler and Chandler will be on the roster. Last time I checked, they were injured and didn’t seemed that they were coming back anytime soon.

    • +1 i don’t either.. Bocanegra is looking like he might make a come back into the USNT fold. one from this group; Lichaj, Parkhurst and Morales, is also looking at a real shot at working their way into the WC radar. my money is on Alfredo Morales..

  13. I’d take:

    Spector over Morales (both can play DM and RB, if Spector is healthy)

    Whitbread over Besler

    Ream over Boca (as back-up option)

    Feilhaber over Torres or Kljestan (just think Benny brings more offensive punch)

    McInerney/Wooten over EJ (not a GAM fan, and he hasn’t been playing great)

    • Spector is not healthy, neither is Whitbread and what do you have against Morales and Besler? Did watch either of them play vs. Mexico? Two of our best up and coming defenders in the US pool.

      Ream.. ya okay.

      Feilhaber and McInerney should be Gold Cup options but I wouldn’t remove Torres or Kljestan as both played big roles in league leading clubs this year.

    • I noticed you are having issues with reality. There is no way Spector is better than Morales, even our own players during the January camp expressed their opinion that Morales was the most impressive player at camp.

      • look, Spector has been to world cups, confederation cups, and played several years in the premier league. Morales? He’s done squat so far. Let’s see how he does next year in the Bundesliga before anointing him the next Roberto Carlos.

        Also forgot to mention I wouldn’t mind seeing Juan Agudelo and Freddy Adu on the 27 man list. (Adu is still one of our best wing options – probably in better shape than Shea right now.)

      • You are correct, go back in your time machine and bring back Spector of old, because that is what you are going to need to make your case. That player is gone and is not coming back. Morales is younger, stronger and has a game that Spector never had. I just don’t get why people bring up the past of long years ago to make a case in the present.

      • i do understand the point you all are trying to make, but Spector is only 27. he’s not THAT old. he’s still a solid player and if it wasn’t for his injury, someone who could have been great to have on the Gold Cup team. he’s versatile.

      • Spector offers some offense in exchange for being a slow, dribbling cone as a wingback. People run by him like a stalled car on the freeway. The + do not outweigh the -.

      • bro, the spector thing was the LAST thing i was laughing at. it was everything else:

        “Whitbread over Besler”

        “Ream over Boca (as back-up option)”

        “McInerney/Wooten over EJ (not a GAM fan, and he hasn’t been playing great)”

  14. For the love of God stop putting Beasley with the defense. He is an attacker, and will be with the attackers not defenders.

    Overall good roster. Bedoya over Shea though.

  15. 1. Lets not crucify JK till we see the roster… this is just Ives’ predictions..
    2. I’d say Beasley should be considered a middie/winger on that list…-an emergency sub was great,.. a left back full time..not so great
    3. If Boca is match fit, he’s gotta bring him in, especially if Besler not 100% & carrying a yellow
    4. If no Landy.. no Brek… but in reality… are we losing anything without Brek Shea? He’s made 2 cameo’s in the last 6 months & ran around lost for 15 minutes.. I dont see him getting a call

    wait till we actually see the roster released… then we can start crucifying him..

  16. I know this is just your prediction of what Klinsmann will do, but Ives, do you seriously see Klinsmann calling in Brek Shea? I get the whole lack of wing options thing, but he’s taking a huge risk if he makes that call, no?

    If Klinsmann calls Brek Shea into this camp, would he not risk losing all credibility with the media, and potentially losing credibility with the team? I know a manager has to handle different players in different ways, but after everything he’s said about “earning” your call-ups and how important club form is, to call Brek Shea in after he hasn’t even made a match-day roster in months would be about the most hypocritical thing Klinsmann could do.

    Could he seriously look the team in the face and say “Brek has earned the right to be here”? No way. At this point, there are no other extenuating circumstances. All he’s got is “I like Brek and I want him here”, which would be all well and good if he hadn’t spent the last 18 months spouting off about how important club form is, or using club form to justify why he didn’t include LD (assuming he doesn’t include LD).

    • I’d bet on Shea being there. Klinsmann sees him as an important part of the long-term plan so it won’t be a surprise.

      • Can’t wait to see how he justifies that if it happens. Like the above commenter noted, Klinsmann has continuously harped on the importance of club for and earning your spot. Donovan’s form has not been good enough to get on the team…fine but Shea’s form has? Hypocritical to the millionth degree

        I wish he would just come out and say, “I’m punishing Landon Donovan.” Enough with all the double standard nonsense.

      • Or at least re-state his position as “You have to earn the call up UNLESS I deem you a promising young player”

      • It would be a “potential” pick. He reminds me of a young Dempsey with his ability to toy with people on the ball and make dangerous passes/crosses, but he has to get fitter and a little sharper, to make the jump from being an interesting flashy player to a productive cog in the lineup. You can’t play on a wing and be only kind of in shape and not top speed.

    • To chime in on the whole Donovan/Shea argument, I think it has to be both or neither. There really is no way for Klinsmann to call in Shea and not LD without looking like a hypocrite. If I was a player in that locker room, and I heard we are not calling in Landon Donovan because he is not in good form. However, we are calling in Brek Shea. I start to question the manager. Managers need to be consistent in their words and actions.
      I’m trying to find an excuse for Klinsmann, and the only thing I can come up with is that he wants to help him get fit ahead of the Gold Cup a la Stu Holden.

      • If I was player I wouldn’t mind if he calls in Shea but would be piss if he called in Landon. Reason, Shea was there with a bum foot and was ready to help us try to get 6 point and Landon no where to be found. Shea’s commitment warrants a call in even if he is there just to practice. As a coach I wouldn’t call either of them, I’ll call in someone else who is in good form and let them have a crack at making the team.

      • Landon Donovan has more to prove than Brek Shea for the US national team? Did I read that correctly?

    • I am beginning to think Klinsmann is either a) not capable of mildly complex thought, like some of the commenters here who cannot comprehend that Donovan may not be as good was he was before, YET still one of the best options on the wing b) making it up as he goes along, or c) is extremely conflicted internally between old way of managing of a Coach as a dictator whose judgment shall never be quesitoned, and all the new age stuff he picked in the U.S.- he’s like Jekyll and hyde between throwing his players under bus publicly and trying to create a cheery, fun atmosphere in camps…

  17. bocanegra is the only CB in the mix besides gonzalez who has been starting consistently over last several weeks. would make a ton of sense not to include him.

    curiously, however, segunda goes through june 8. obviously he will miss the friendlies, and will be released after game on june 1.

    for me not only should boca be on roster, he should probably (still) be starting LCB,,,

  18. Did anyone see Holden play with Sheffield Wednesday? I haven’t seen him on a pitch for more than a year and am curious to see if he looks like his old self at all.

    • Didn’t see him myself. Reports varied pretty widely, but the consensus was that he was tidy on the ball but looked a bit off the pace and didn’t do much to impose himself on the game. (Some Wednesday fans thought he was what the team needed; others thought he didn’t make enough of an impact.) It looked from the match reports like he was playing mostly right midfield, not centrally as he did for Bolton before his injury.

  19. So Donovan playing every week lately and generally doing well but for a couple hickup games shouldn’t get called up, but Brek Shea who doesn’t even make the bench for a horrible team is a call up? And how many more disappointing games will Kljestan have before Klinsy either drops him or plays him in his natural position? He is a waste of a callup with the current setup.

  20. Ives, curious to get a bit more detailed thoughts on Bocanegra given that he has played 90 minutes for Racing Santander each of the last 7 games, so it seems pretty obvious that he is back to full match fitness. I also realize that the Spanish Segunda goes all the way up until June 8, which obviously puts a damper on camp leading up to the June qualifiers. But do you really think Klinsmann’s comments regarding Scandanavian/MLS players being eligible should be interpreted so strictly as to exclude him from Gold Cup?

    • This is possible. Mix needs another look, he is a good player. I have always been impressed with his vision, I think that part of his game is top class.

    • Sure. If he never wants to play in a World Cup! Same thing for Aron Johannsson. If he picks Iceland he can kiss ever playing in a World Cup goodbye.

      • i could see both going if they are not called into the Gold Cup rosters. I really hope to see Mix cap tied and i could go either way on Johannsson..

        i wouldn’t count Iceland or Norway out of qualifying yet as they as second and fourth in their group right now. The fact that neither has featured for either side yet means they are unlikely to participate in the WC (should their nations make it) unless they pick their sides this summer.

        lastly, While the WC is the primary objective for international footballers there is more to play for.. continental cups, national pride, etc…

      • Aron is tied to Iceland right now, so it would take something for him to file his one time switch. If Iceland ignores him or gets bumped out of WCQ, then he is fair game. Otherwise, he won’t switch without some guarantees.

      • The problem is he is not that big of a name to ask for guarantees, specially when Jozy is our #1. I bet the most JK can offer him is a shot at a friendly or a GC. That is too bad, he doesn’t get a freebie, he needs to commit.

      • Since the Flo brothers, Norway hasn’t been much and Iceland is competitive, but never qualifies for anything meaningful. If I were them, I would try for the US, but who knows how they are thinking.

      • GROUP E

        Team MP W D L GF GA Pts
        Switz’rlnd 5 3 2 0 7 1 11
        Iceland 5 3 0 2 6 5 9
        Albania 5 3 0 2 6 5 9
        Norway 5 2 1 2 6 6 7
        Cyprus 5 1 1 3 4 8 4
        Slovenia 5 1 0 4 4 8 3

        Could Iceland prevail to go through from Group E

      • For a tiny nation, they’ve got a lot of players in high level leagues in Europe.

        There are 5 games left, so they could realistically win their group. Even if they come in 2nd, though, they just have to face a playoff series home and away to make it.

    • Norway has been trying to talk to him about switching over, and while he had been ignoring them, I saw a rumor that he was starting to take interest since he hasn’t seen the field for the USMNT.

      • I certainly hope he’d on the Gold Cup team. I really was impressed when I saw him play. I think Ives said he’d had something like 13 minutes of playing time with 1 goal (and I think 1 assist).

      • yup, he’s played very well for us when he has had the chance. since he plays in Norway, it’s basically guaranteed he’ll be at the Gold Cup.

      • Holden, Mix and Morales need to be the center 3 at the Gold Cup, with Joe Corona out wide (since he’s the best suited of those 4, and that’s the best way to get them all on the field).

      • yeah, that would be great. with Boyd and Gatt. Bedoya could go over Gatt, but he’s not a natural RW.

        but with players like Beckerman, Torres, Kljestan, and Feilhaber also likely candidates to be there, it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

    • Maybe over a period of months. But as recently as Russia he played and had the equalizer. I don’t know what happened in the interim where he can’t even make a dress roster but I doubt he pulls the plug until very late this cycle because the likely upside of a World Cup if he gets back into favor should outweigh a knee jerk switch to a country whose Finals prospects are going to be weaker every cycle.

  21. What about Osvaldo Alonso? I know he played for the Cuban U-23s, but he should file for the switch. He is a U.S. citizen now…

    • Last time I saw this discussed, it was stated he needed the assistance of Cuban federation to file the needed paperwork to make the switch. Anyone want to give odds on that happening?

    • Awaiting Cuban Federation to clear him – They are not responding, so the US Federation is awaiting FIFA protocol: Bizarre situation and Cuba will likely not help Alonso join the US..

      • if it is up to the Cuba FA don’t count on it. If FIFA can make some kind of exemption maybe.. personally i don’t like the odds of either happening although I would love to see him get a chance with the USNT.

    • I like Alonso, but DM is the last place we need more players.

      He’s not as good as Jones (though he’s slightly younger), and he’s not a significant upgrade over Edu, Danny Williams on a good day, or Beckerman (yeah, even him).

      Plus, Morales is a better prospect at the position and has 5 years’ more shelf life.

      • This is a virtual all-star team where I don’t think you turn down anyone wanting to join your pool.

        And I think he would be better than everyone but Bradley and Jones in the center. Or at least would have the potential to be so in which case he gets the call just to see. I mean, Williams? Beckerman?

        We should always be looking for upgrades.

  22. Record the Germany – USA game. Germany will put on a clinic showing players in the right position’s, and how to approach the game on defense and offense. Germany will expose the USA and show where are weaknesses are and where we stand as a team. Many of us already know what these are. Then come back and take two looks at the players available to be called up.

    • It will be a Germany Second String. Poldolski is injured sorta…. I think Ozil and Sami will be there…. Per will be there… then… Then I would imagine some Schalke players. I would really like to see Draxler

      To be honest that USA Germany game is winnable for the US. They will still be better than USA but It will be good after all Germany/USA na jetzt sind Wir fast Familie oder?

      • German experimental squad for USA trip:
        GK- Adler (Hamburg), ter Stegen (Mönchengladbach), Zieler (Hannover)
        D- Aogo (Hamburg), Beck (Hoffenheim), Höwedes (Schalke), Jansen (Hamburg), Mertesacker (Arsenal), Westermann (Hamburg), Wollscheid (Bayer Leverkusen)
        M- L. Bender (Bayer Leverkusen), S. Bender (Borussia Dortmund), Draxler (Schalke), Großkreutz (Borussia Dortmund), Hunt (Werder Bremen), Nicolai Müller (Mainz), Neustädter (Schalke), Podolski (Arsenal), Reinartz (Bayer Leverkusen), Kruse (Freiburg)
        F- Klose (Lazio Rom), Sam (Bayer Leverkusen), Schürrle (Bayer Leverkusen).
        It’s the 1st time this squad will play together and with 4 players getting their 1st call-ups.

    • Pretty sure people were saying the same thing about Germany in Euro 2012, then Balotelli and Italy’s 9-0-1 formation made them look foolish.

      We obviously don’t have a Balotelli, but our defense has pulled out the occasional nice performance lately… I’m thinking of 2 against Mexico in particular.

      Plus, Germany won’t have they players from Bayern or Dortmund (since the CL final is only days before), which will help.

    • That seems likely, but then the US had no business beating Spain in the Confed Cup, but we did. In fact, the US was the first team to beat Spain in something like 45 games and the first team to score 2 on them in about the same amount. Also I remember when a German team came over here about 15 years ago and they seemed jet lagged and the US was quicker to every ball and beat them (don’t remember the score). It’s why they play the game.

  23. Klinsmann is really going to hear it if Shea is on the roster and not Donovan. It would go against all reasoning he has given for keeping Donovan out. Hypocritical at best.

    No complaints about the rest of the roster really though. Wouldn’t mind seeing Bocanegra and/or Lichaj. The Scandinavian players will get their shot during the Gold Cup presumably

  24. One player I am hoping to see called in that has not been mentioned so far…Aron Johannsson. It would be convenient for both AZ strikers, he could take the same flight back as Jozy.

      • Agreed. He is not a world beater, by any stretch of the imagination. I think he would make the squad more competitive.

        Fischy- I totally disagree. I don’t get the impression that I am dreaming, this is a possibility. Also, there aren’t that many people talking about him being called up anymore.

      • Joey did an interview a few weeks ago on a podcast (don’t remember which) where he was asked about Johansson. As I remember, Jozy said they’d talked about it and Johansson was “definitely probably” (I remember that ambiguous/unambiguous phrase in particular) leaning towards Iceland, but could be swayed either way as well.

      • isn’t that double talk? Aron is one of the few forwards that can actually make his own shot. of course he does better with service too but if you put him in a 1-1 situation the guy is crafty enough to get through. We need that type of a forward in our team.

      • Aron is a decent 1v1 player, but he hasn’t shown that even in Holland. Against better competition, I doubt it will be easy. I see him as a good player, but definitely not in the same category as a Brooks in terms of someone we really need to grab away from their other nationality.

      • It would be like Jozy to say “definitely probably.” It means very little when dissected, but we get the idea. Aron Johannson appears to have moved on.

  25. Don’t see Holden as a ‘flier’ player. If he does even reasonably well in camp, he makes the 23, and maybe dresses for qualifiers.

    Corona / Castillo will also be late because of Copa Libertadores. And Bradley won’t be back from Copa Italia long enough to start Belgian friendly most likely. Gives a good opp for some other midfield guys to make an impression.

    • ‘flier’ player in regards to the actual WCQs. even if Jozy ends up coming to camp, AZ may very well say he can’t play in one or both friendlies. so players who will likely have a small part in the actual WCQs could have a big role in these friendlies. Holden, Boyd, and Morales being three examples.

  26. How has Bedoya been playing “so well” recently? I haven’t been following him closely, but haven’t really heard much about him. Given my clinical diagnosis of soccer addiction, I should have heard something if he was setting up or scoring goals. Anyone care to elaborate on his recent performances?

    • Been arguably playing the best soccer of his career with Helsingborg since resigning for 6 months. Don’t have the exact tally handy, but he’s scoring and assisting in just about every game. And dangerous in between them. He SHOULD get called up, but should doesn’t always matter.

  27. The most boring midfield ever! Who can and will unlock defenses? Where’s the pace? The vision? No wonder Jozy doesn’t score, there aren’t enough creative players to feed him the ball. Ugh

  28. Surely you joke! Brek Shea in preference to Donovan? If that is the case, then someone needs to lose his job. A one legged LD is better than Shea at his best, not that such has ever occurred.

    • Doubt it’s about talent, JK can say what he wants but here you have 2 guy, 1 guys (Shea) is committed to the team showed up to the previous qualifier with a bum foot just in case he was needed and the other (Donovan) no where to be found. Now we have a situation where neither guy is in form and we are lacking on the wings. If he has to call in someone wouldn’t you call in the guy who is more committed, who showed up to the last qualifier with a bum foot over the guy who was less committed not only to the NT team but to soccer as a profession itself. If JK did called Donovan in wouldn’t he be sending a message that Donovan can do whatever he wants and it’s OK with JK cause they are buddy buddy. We always talk about the Sporting news article and how there was a rift between the players I’m pretty sure if that story was true, the rift was probably cause by JK calling in a less committed player (Chandler) over someone is who was more committed to the team.

  29. Seriously? Hamid? After snubbing Donovan, you think Klinsi is going to bring in the goalie with the worst GAA among MLS starters? Not that Hamid couldn’t use a break away from United’s swiss cheese defense, but….. If he picks Hamid over Rimando, then Klinsi is operating in an alternate reality.

    • GAA is a hockey stat and has no correlation to a keeper’s actual performance. I’d still pick Rimando though because I think he’s better than Hamid, both on current form and in general.

    • By your logic Guzan shouldn’t be called in either. GAA really doesn’t tell much of the story.

      • While that’s true. Hamid’s psyche seems….frayed around the edges. besides, on his best day, Hamid’s no Rimando.

        United’s made some bad moves in the last decade, but tossing Rimando overboard is not just the worst one, but the one that led to so many of the others. They picked Perkins instead. Then, when Perkins left, they dealt Boswell for Wells (to replace Perkins, based on Wells’ having stopped a PK in Costa Rica) and have been looking for a solid CB ever since. Also, when Perkins’ various replacements failed, they got fleeced by Philly to get Perkins back — trading away the pick that gave Philly McInerney…who would have solved the team’s problems at striker. All this would have left the team with more cap room, too — to fix the problems in midfield.

      • Guzan may be behind a bad defense but on some of the goals he allows for Villa, he doesn’t look all that great.

        I think keepers have a range of performance on GAA reflecting form and quality of defense in front of them, but the idea that the amount of goals you allow is not helpful to GK evaluation is out to lunch. Like saying I’m not going to judge forwards by goals or assists.

    • You’re missing the plot. Third GK will not see a half-second on the pitch. Hamid and Johnson are most likely to follow Guzan unless another name emerges over the next couple of years (completely reasonable that this could happen). The spot well used on a player of quality and considerable potential needing a confidence boost. On form and a need to play immediately, my opinion is that Rimando and Kennedy both should be ahead of Hamid and Johnson on the depth chart. But that’s not the point or need….

      • Maybe. Or MacMath. Or Hall. Hamid and Johnson both have a long way to go before they can lay claim to the heir to the throne position. Hamid’s a great shot-stopper, but he loses the plot sometimes, himself…and he has hands of stone. From what we saw of Johnson in the qualifying, his hands aren’t the best, either.

        There’s plenty of time to sort out who comes after Guzan…and there’s more than just one or two contenders.

      • “The spot well used on a player of quality and considerable potential needing a confidence boost.”

        Not with three World Cup qualifiers so close together.

        If you think you can’t lose two keepers in three games over an 11 day period you haven’t seen much football.

        You don’t take that kind of chance with WC qualifers.

        Right now neither Hamid nor Johnson should be near any kind of WC game.

      • Clint Irwin!! He’s young, has shown an immense amount of composure and confidence, and he can stop PKs.

      • The reality is that neither Johnson nor Hamid has played all that well. I still can’t buy that we should be grooming only the two GKs that helped cost us Olympic qualififcation.

      • Well, since Goff is tweeting that Hamid is getting the call-up, that might go a long way to giving him that much needed time away from the sinking ship that is DCU.

        Hamid’s got a world of talent. As good an athlete as you’ll ever see at the position. Might need better coaching than he’s received at United (before and after Onstad). He’s got to learn to stay up longer and foul less, and I think he’s got to work on his catching.

      • Meanwhile, Dan Kennedy continues to put on an acrobatic show and continues to get ignored. Tough room.

      • For the record, I love Hamid. I think his distribution sets him apart from the other young American keepers. But man is he ever frustrating.

      • Exactly, MAYBE. Plus it’s a complete double standard (by both Ives and Klinsmann) to suggest Donovan’s form isn’t good enough, then turn right around and say Shea needs to be included.

      • The truth right there. Big time double standard. Shea would be a ridiculous inclusion at Donovan’s expense

      • this i can agree with. the comparison to Holden was weak. but bringing in Shea over LD would be silly.

      • Yea, I’m all for LD. It’s a tough message to make as a coach, do you punish a player who’s not playing at his best? Or do you call him up since a fraction of his best still makes him one of the best in the pool?

        It’s a tough call for Klinsmann. I think his experience should overshadow his form, much like Boca/Onyewu callups did under Bradley. LD himself said he doesn’t have to play to contribute to the locker room.

      • Quit on the team? A reasonable and intelligent coach would’ve given him some time off to heal up. If it was Bruce they’d of worked out a break, not Lando NEEDING to take a break. It’s responsible to give him some time off after all the soccer he played. He played basically non stop for how many years? Even at 75% he’s better than most of the roster and he sure as heck deserves to be there ahead of Shea. If this was club soccer, I’d be all for it but it’s not. It’s international competition which means you put your BEST out there. Donovan is the ABSOLUTE best American player possibly ever. Put your pride on the back burner and get the playmakers out there. I know that there is NO CHANCE that we’ll win the World Cup anytime soon but I at least want to watch us in the round of 16 and maybe even the quarters.

      • The last part was a bit much, my bad. But you understand the sentiment. This team needs to gel NOW, not later.

      • I take that back. I wouldn’t take Brek Shea, but I would take Josh Gatt over LD in that roster.

      • And that’s why you’re not the manager of USMNT. Gatt has a long ways to go before he can do anything besides run fast on the field.

      • While we’re throwing around condescension, there’s a reason you’re in no position to hire a manager for a professional organization.

        So, perhaps he’s right. Perhaps he’s not…you certainly aren’t at any advantage to judge accurately.

      • Yes, let there be no judging of opinion or discussion on this forum. You’re right, I could have left the snarky comment out. But if you’re looking for a judge-free zone then this might not be the place. Unless I’m mistaken, that’s sort of the point of these things.

      • I’m perfectly ok with civility or condescension in debates.

        Expect what you give in return or you may need to find another place for debates.

      • Runs away from debates?

        You recognize my name (sorry I can’t return the favor), obviously I do not.

      • I made a comment on here a while ago. You responded with a ridiculous statement. I later called you out on it and all you could come up with several times was something like “why are you mad?” So here I am again calling you out which I have done on here several times.

        Just like in our previous “conversation”, you continue making stupid comments (see above with OPMG) instead of debating the sport.

      • I’d definitely take Gatt over Shea. Gatt’s a perfect guy to bring off the bench. Classic speed guy to run past tired legs. And those of you who think he can’t do anything but run fast haven’t actually watched any of his games with Molde, have you?

      • of course but most of us don’t have to maintain a certain playing form like a pro soccer player.

      • Today vs. the Union he is starting to look like his old self. I think it would be premature and foolish to leave him out of the camp. Maybe he doesn’t make the final roster, but he certainly needs to be invited to the camp to see how he is progressing.

    • The reason we have so much depth right now is because our starters don’t stand out. We have too many meh players with potential.

      • I don’t know what your criteria are, but Cherundolo has been his team captain for many years and set a team record for appearances in the Bundesliga, Dempsey has the most EPL goals in history for Fulham and has been their player of the year, Holden was the POTY for Bolton before he got hurt, J. Jones is a regular starter for a CL team, Beasley started for his team in the semi-finals of the CL, Corona and Castillo are regulars for the reigning champions of Mexico, Altidore has scored the most goals in a season of any American in Europe in history, Donovan has scored more international goals than any American in history, and Tim Howard is considered one of the best keepers in the EPL. This is by far the most distinguished group of players in US history and no other team in CONCACAF has as many players doing as well in top European leagues as the US.

    • The number isn’t 10. LD is certainly not a central midfielder. Call it four, considering Holden is primarily in camp to regain fitness and will not likely make an 18, with Zusi playing his natural position. Though I do believe it reasonable that LD could be called up, I don’t believe he is currently in better form than Zusi. To the potential argument of versatility, that he could play forward too, he is no where near the form of the four on Ives’ list and wouldn’t sniff a minute up top. So ridiculous? Hardly. Unexpected? Possibly…

      • Has anyone seen how Shea has been playing lately? I don’t know, haven’t caught any Stoke games lately. Must be tearing it up to earn a callup

      • The flaw is that Holden is coming to the camp to regain form while Landon Donovan is out form and will not be called in. I suspect the difference is that Holden was injured and it comes down to the perceived commitment of Donovan. There was also mention that the group has achieved a semblance of a cohesion so to put Donovan in the mix would disturb that. However, to add in a person to cap tie them, another to regain form and another based on the lack of wing options has the same effect of affecting the cohesion/team.

        So what it comes down to is discipline or Klinsy using his power to discipline Donovan by excluding him from the team. This is really not that surprising given his heavy handed use of the same tactic with Jozy. It’s an interesting tactic but at some point it can back fire if Klinsman’s perception of a situation is wrong and his decision actually causes more apathy in the player.

        The other interesting thing to me is that if he (Klinsman) was going to stick so strongly to this tactic he would then do the same thing to dual nationals (aka Timmy Chandler pre-cap tying). He seemed to do lip service by talking about Chandler’s unwillingness but called him in as soon as Chandler said he was ready to be cap tied.

        The flip side being that dual nationals could be insulted by the snub and flip allegiance to another team.

      • sefone,

        “The flaw is that Holden is coming to the camp to regain form while Landon Donovan is out form and will not be called in”

        Actually, if you read the articles on it carefully, it said Holden is being called in to continue his rehab which is different from what you said.

        Both Bolton and the USMNT felt the three week camp would be better for Stu to be around the guys rather than training by himself somewhere, what with their season over.

        Actually regaining his “form” will come after he gets more “fit”. Right now he can go 90 but he needs more time than usual between games to recover. Unless he shows miraculously in camp there is no reason to think Holden will be in any games before the Gold Cup and that is not guaranteed either.

        They will not rush him.

        He probably won’t be truly match fit until after Bolton’s season starts, assuming there is no setback in USMNT training.

        The Galaxy and Landon have 5 games between today and June 8th.

        Three of those games (Union, NYRB and Sounders) come before the Belgium game (5/29) and all of them are over before the Panama (6/11) and the Honduras (6/18) qualifiers.

        This gives LD five shots at impressing everyone before Panama and Honduras.

        These camps have plenty of late call ups. The Euro guys are tired and are probably at risk for injury, and I don’t know what the card situation for the qualifiers.

        If LD does well and there is any problem with Jamaica do you really think JK won’t call LD in?

        If anyone does not need a camp it is surely him.

        As far as I’m concerned it is all up to Landon..

      • The difference between Donovan and Chandler: It was Donovan’s own decision to take the break whereas Chandler was under former Nuremberg’s coach’s influence, who frowned on Chandler’s travelling overseas and wanted him to be fully focused on club affairs. This emerged after coach Hecking left Nuremberg. At that time Chandler understandably wasn’t in a position to talk against his coach and his employer to whom he owes a lot.

    • It was pretty much spelled out in the MLS April article that Landon would not just walk back on the team like nothing happened. There are consequences for Landons’ mid life crisis, one of which is he is going to have earn the right to get back into the mix. Props to Jurgen for not inviting him.

    • LD doesn’t get the call but Two Timing Timmy does? Sure they play differnt spots but if LD is being punished for not making himself available for earlier camps or for recent form, how do you justify Two Timing Timmy? Nobody deserves a complete free pass but if you can forgive and forget a guy who wanted to play for another country, you MUST do the same for one of the all-time greats who took a little too much time to come back to the game.

      • I didn’t even think of the Timmy comparison, now I’m even more angry! I could understand making this point if Donovan were a young player, but hes been a part of the last 3 world cups, and fully committed to club and country (and loan clubs!) for over a decade. I think hes earned a right to be at least be in this camp at the very least. If he’s left out and we lose these games…….

      • As mentioned above.
        The difference between Donovan and Chandler: It was Donovan’s own decision to take the break whereas Chandler was under former Nuremberg’s coach’s influence, who frowned on Chandler’s travelling overseas and wanted him to be fully focused on club affairs. This emerged after coach Hecking left Nuremberg. At that time Chandler understandably wasn’t in a position to talk against his coach and his employer to whom he owes a lot.

      • I’d go with Bedoya over those two. He’s more in form and more versatile. He’s much more comfortable out wide than Sacha or Paco.

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