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Report: Morales mulling multiple offers in Germany

Alfredo Morales Hertha Berlin 2 (Hertha Berlin)



Alfredo Morales may have partaken in Hertha Berlin’s promotion to the Bundesliga this year, but he might not be there to help the club next season.

According to a German report, Morales is set to be a free agent this summer and is weighing his options with a number of clubs in his native land. Hertha Berlin are reportedly keen on re-signing the 23-year-old midfielder but interest has come from first division side Nurnberg as well as 2. Bundesliga teams FC Cologne and FC Ingolstadt.

The decision for Morales is a big one as he looks to continue his development and tries to stay in the mix for a spot on the U.S. Men’s National Team roster ahead of next summer’s World Cup.

The versatile Morales made nine league appearances for Hertha Berlin this season and 10 across all competitions. He also recently scored his first career goal with a flicked-on header.

Which club do you see Morales signing with? Hoping he stays with Hertha?

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  1. I don’t know the needs for these clubs but one would assume that all could be viable options. I imagine Koln and Ingolstadt could (or should) complete for promotion while Nurnberg is and will continue to be a mid-table Bundesliga side. I prefer Morales stay with Hertha but, at the end of the day, playing time and development are most important. Whoever can provide that platform should win his signature. it’s nice that Morales has options. Six months ago, with little to no minutes, I was beginning to think he hit a dead end. Kudos to him for finishing the season strong and in good form.

  2. “The decision for Morales is a big one as he looks to continue his development and tries to stay in the mix for a spot on the U.S. Men’s National Team roster ahead of next summer’s World Cup.”

    I agree with the writer of the story above that there are people, such as Jurgen Klinsmann, who actually see Morales as a potential member of the World Cup 2014 USMNT roster. I gotta say, I find this totally ridiculous. Morales in most of hiw, WOW, nine games this season, has played defensive midfielder. Who’s spot is Morales going to swipe? Michael Bradley? Jermaine Jones? Maurice Edu? Or if Klinsmann wants to tinker and move him to his previous position of right back. Is Klinsmann going to put Morales on the roster instead of Geoff Cameron or Erich Lichaj or his fave Timothy Chandler.

    I am so tired of the incessant exaggeration of the skills and talent of any soccer player born overseas who happens to hold a US passport, along the lines of: “Well, gee whiz, Alfredo Morales was born in Germany so he must be better than any of the guys born in the USA even if did play in only nine games all season and wasn’t even included on more than half the rosters.

    Pleeeeze. Maybe we can talk about Morales in WC 2018. But even though he was born in Germany, let’s quit talking about him for next summer.

    • All that said, I do hope he leaves Hertha Berlin, which IMO is (will be) one of the most two or three unlikable teams in the Bundesliga.

    • Has nothing to do with the fact that he’s German. Every camp he’s been in, multiple players and staff have remarked on his talent. He’s very highly regarded by many, though he clearly hasn’t put it all together with his club yet.

  3. If he wants the most minutes, he should remain in 2. Bundesliga but I think he can eventually succeed at Hertha.

  4. How does Germany feel about us taking their native born sons? I guess similar to how they feel about Turkey? Or do they not care seeing that the guys who sign with us, would never had made much different to them?

    • To my knowledge, no player Germany actually wanted has chosen another country (with the possible exception of Sahin). DFB might care about someone like Shawn Parker, though.

      Add Poland to your list. Germany has gotten Klose, Podolski, and Trochowski. Poland, Turkey, and the US have won the allegiances of, essentially, a long list of scrubs.

      • Lets see how some of the younger germericans turn out. Just cause one of these young guys is not up to snuff at 20 to 22 does not mean in 4-5 years they are not starting for a top club.

  5. Best case scenario would be to play in the Bundesliga in August so if he has an offer from Nurnberg, he should take it, only if he has a better chance of first team minutes other wise resigning with Hertha Berlin is the best option. I feel for his World Cup chances though it may seem slim now, would be greatly enhanced with a solid season in the Bundesliga. I believe he could challenge Maurice Edu and Danny Williams for one of those CDM spots with a solid season.

  6. Hmm I would prefer to see him in the Bundesliga, but if Cologne or Inglostadt can provide him more first team opportunities then hey go where the best opportunity lies ahead.

    Nurnberg does need a good DM though.


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