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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

BayernDortmund (Getty Images)


The top two teams in Germany will collide on Saturday, exactly three weeks before their battle for the Champions League trophy at Wembley Stadium.

Bayern Munich have won a record 14 straight Bundesliga matches, but this year’s champions of Germany have not beaten Borussia Dortmund in league play in their last five tries. Both teams are coming off of UCL semifinal trips to Spain and the result will not have much of an impact on the league table, but members of both squads have indicated their desire to give themselves an edge before the big match on the 25th.

In England, rivals Tottenham and Arsenal look to put pressure on each other and Chelsea  in their matches against bottom-half clubs. Tottenham will host Southampton first on Saturday, a side that saw their hot streak come to an abrupt end last weekend. Arsenal face relegation locks Queens Park Rangers later in the day. Both sides will be looking for all three points to help them in the race for spots in next season’s Champions League.

Another intriguing Premier League matchup on Sunday features 16th-place Aston Villa and 14th-place Norwich City. Villa have made a dramatic late-season charge to get out of the relegation zone, and they look to increase the distance between themselves and Wigan Athletic with a win. Norwich have just one more point than Villa, so a loss at home to the Villans would put them in some peril heading into the final matches of the campaign.

The day’s action will wrap up with a pair of monumental matches from the final weekend of regular season action in Mexico. First-place Club America face second-place Tigres for the top spot in the league. America, who lead Tigres in goal differential, can clinch the Clausura with a draw or win. And just a few days after a comeback victory that secured their third straight CONCACAF Champions League title, Monterrey turn their attention to Saturday evening’s clash with Cruz Azul. If Monterrey draw or win, they will clinch a playoff spot in Liga MX.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):

9:30am – GolTV – Nürnberg vs. Bayer Leverkusen

10am – FoxSoccer2Go – Fulham vs. Reading

10am – Fox Soccer Channel – Norwich City vs. Aston Villa

10am – Fox Deportes – Swansea City vs. Manchester City

10am – ESPN2 – Tottenham Hotspur vs. Southampton 

10am – Fox Soccer Plus – West Bromwich Albion vs. Wigan Athletic

10am – FoxSoccer2Go – West Ham United vs. Newcastle United

10am – beIN Sport en Español – Valencia vs. Osasuna

11am – Univision Deportes – Olympique Marseille vs. Bastia

12pm – beIN Sport – Chievo vs. Cagliari

12pm – beIN Sport en Español – Granada vs. Málaga

12:30pm – Fox Soccer Channel – Queens Park Rangers vs. Arsenal

12:30pm – GolTV – Borussia Dortmund vs. Bayern Munich

2pm – beIN Sport – Real Madrid vs. Real Valladolid 

4pm – NBC Sports Network – Columbus Crew vs. New York Red Bulls

4pm – MLS Direct Kick – San Jose Earthquakes vs. Montreal Impact

4pm – MLS Direct Kick – Philadelphia Union vs. Seattle Sounders

4pm – beIN Sport en Español – Deportivo La Coruña vs. Atlético Madrid

6pm – Univision – América vs. Tigres UANL

8pm – UniMás – Monterrey vs. Cruz Azul

8pm – Univision Deportes – Santos Laguna vs. Morelia

9pm – MLS Direct Kick – Colorado Rapids vs. Toronto FC

9pm – MLS Direct Kick – Real Salt Lake vs. Vancouver Whitecaps

10pm – Univision Deportes – Atlas vs. León


  1. Andrew Wooten with a brace today in 2.Bundesliga. Since he plays in Germany, will Klinsi call him in? Since his team is dropping, perhaps a move to another club?

    • Pretty sure Wooten is owned by Kaiserslautern and is only on loan at Sandhausen.

      In that case, he should still be in the 2. Bundesliga next year if not the 1. (since Kaiserslautern currently sits in the Promotion playoff spot and can lock it in with a draw or better in their final game).

  2. Not a good day for USMNT fullbacks today. Fabian Johnson started at left wing again against Bremen, but was invisible, named flop of the match by some web sites. With Hoffenheim down 2-0 at half-time he was pulled, and Hoffenheim came back to score two goals in the second-half for a 2-2 draw.

    Timothy Chandler’s poor form in recent games is piling up on him at Nurnberg. He spent the full game against Bayer Leverkusen warming the bench. Will be interesting to see what effect this will have on Klinsmann’s high opinion of Chandler.

      • If you are on JK favorite list, you will get a call-up, no matter how you play OR if you play at all. Nevermind that there are players doing well, working hard for a shot, unless you are a favorite son, you have no chance.

        Stuart Holden SAT OUT the whole match for Bolton against Liecester. They tied and lost their place in the playoffs for promotion. So much for the hype we heard that he wasrecovering so well and he was NEEDED at Bolton for a playoff push. If Holden is not good enough to even come in as a sub against a team in the middle of the standings in a second division, WHY should he merit a call-up to the USMNT? Too late, JK has sung his praises to the world and now, to avoid looking foolish, he must be named to the call-up.

      • Well there are 2 friendlies just before WCQs and then Gold Cup. Do we really have such a long list of central midfielders that you wouldn’t call him to give him a look?

      • Mr. caps,

        You are being dramatic.

        Holden is being called in to camp. How he does there will
        determine whether he actually plays in the upcoming slate of exhibition games.

        Same for the Gold Cup. What the US is doing is taking over what would have been Holden’s rehabilitation program since Bolton is now basically done for the year.

        Clearly JK is using Stu’s remarkable comeback story as a motivational tool and example to the rest of the player pool. I didn’t see JK actually promising Stu any playing time. It’s possible Stu will not play in any of the US games if he isn’t up to requirements.

        It has happened before. Bob Bradley made an exception for Adu in 2009 by taking him to the Confederations Cup even though Freddy had only nine games for Monaco that season and never actually played a second for the US in South Africa.
        What JK is doing is pretty smart but it is perilously close to being a publicity stunt.

  3. Dempsey has to score in the last 2 matches of the season. 6 league goals compared to 17 last season. Come on dude

    I demand 2 hat tricks in the last games or else

    • Not for nothing, but “FUN” is the worst band I’ve heard make it big in a long, long time.

      That guys voice is more whiny than people crying about Dempsey’s performance this year for a club fighting for a CL spot.

      • Sniffle. Sniffle. Well, Old School. I have a confession to make. I’m really not best band in the world right now is FUN. It’s just one in long list of fake names I have used to post silly, mean-spirited comments about Clint Dempsey. It’s an addiction. Sniffle. Sniffle. I can’t help it, especially when I’m sad and angry like today, with my team getting beat 4-2 by crummy little team. Helps me release my anger. Plus, I’m not very smart and I suffer from pe*is envy because I got a real little one. Sniffle. Sniffle. Until next time. Cheers.

      • waitwaitwait, ‘best band in the world right now is FUN’ isn’t your real name???

  4. Dempsey is not a starter on a CL club

    but he can start every now and then. Next season most likely he will only start 50% of all the games but he will do well. He will be a super-sub. Probably first or 2nd off the bench.

    That’s not bad for a 30 year old at a big club vying for the CL each season

    • by cl club, you mean the top 4 epl teams? because he could very easily be a starter on lots of champions league clubs. hell, michael parkhurst was.

      and even talking epl, i think dempsey would do much better on a team like arsenal than spurs. not that arsenal were buying; just that his style of play fits them much better than avb’s run-your-heart-out.

      • You are confusing a player that plays at the level of a CL caliber team with a player that was transferred to a CL team.

  5. If Bale leaves regardless, Bale continuing to make a ton of money for the likely transfer and Champions League birth for Tottenham.

      • But have an edge on Arsenal with a game in hand. It all pretty much comes down to the Spurs-Chelsea match this Wednesday. Tottenham cannot drop ANY points as they are behind both Chelsea and Arsenal in goal differential. So tying Chelsea or Arsenal for the forth spot on points, will do no good.

  6. Has to be a bit of a blow for Southampton, for the first 70-80 min you could easily argue they were the better team on the pitch

  7. Though even Bale looked like crap today, mostly. I just don’t understand how this team could be so terrible – they really need to step it up.

    • this is how the Spurs have looked for most of the year. Stay solid in midfield, pressure a bit, don’t give up a goal and a moment of individual brilliance wins the game

      • while I agree with the analysis, please don’t call use the term “the spurs” they are not a San Antonio basketball team

      • Ummm, thanks, I think you are missing what I meant. THE spurs compared to just spurs. I know it is pedantic but the americanization of nicknames annoys me.

  8. That was so dumb by Southampton, they let Bale come in way to easily. He is by far the most dangerous player on the pitch, although I thought the goalie should have had it.

  9. Spurs are not going to make Champions League. They need a bunch of new players to fit Villas Boas preferred system. Dempsey, Hudds, Siggy, and even Holtby don’t seem to be Champions League level.

    • thought Dempsey has been a better performer for Spurs lately, especially with Bale out, but not today. he and Bale need to connect better out there imo, Bale driving that left side looking for Clint crashing the box if they play that formation together. Don’t think I saw that one time today

      • Dempsey went from being the star on Fulham to a role player, and I don’t think he was very good making the adjustment. It will be interesting to see what Spurs do with him next year. People are going to have a problem with my next statement, but I don’t think Demps is Champions League material. He is a very good League player, which is no small accomplishment.

      • have you seen him play with Bale out? pretty impressive performances but maybe you’re right although he is one clutch player and has proven it lately

        as Bale delivers again. HE is Champions League material, no doubt

      • Problem is, he will be playing Champions League football for Madrid next year.

        The only chance Spurs have of keeping him is if they secure that 4th UCL spot, and it’s by no means a guarantee even then.

      • hahaha, you’re a funny poster. if when Clint was delivering lately you had the stones to praise his performances, your joyous rips when he stumbles would truly carry some weight instead of just hot wind, know what I’m saying louisz? probably not, but it’s the internet so bring it on

      • Clint is a very good player for us. It is just for some folks he is beyond good. a reality check needs to happen from time to time to keep things in to prospective.

      • And what makes a CL quality player? Kljestan played, CL, so did J Jones and Michael Parkhurst. Is Dempsey not good enough to play for Celtic who beat Barcelona in CL? Is Dempsey unqualified to play in the WC finals then, despite being one of only a couple of Americans to score in more than one WC? Yours is a statement that shows little to no thought.

    • re. Champions League quality as a team, have to agree with you at this point as Spurs struggle down the stretch

  10. Gabby makes a huge play for Villa. Always liked that guy. He has transitioned nicely to a wing striker from being the primary central guy earlier in his career. Good old pro.

    • Villa takes 3 points on the road. Westwood with the inch perfect thru ball to unlock Agbonlahor slotted home far post. great winning goal and Lichay played fine

      and how good is Guzan? pretty darn good, a complete GK

      • And with Wigan winning, the pucker factor for Newcastle and Sunderland just increased. And Norwich too for that matter.

    • this was the same dude that got 3 girls pregnant all within the same year.

    • why is it when Clint plays bad, someone always blames the whole team and when he plays well, is because he did it by himself. This is almost as bad as AYSO parents rating their own child.

      • They’d better not play like this against Chelsea.

        Hope Dembele is alright – they really need him out there.

      • if that was directed at me, you are mistaken; until bale scored, give me the name of one spurs player who played well.

        I have no problem with Clint being subbed, but I have a probelm when others imply that he is the only one.

        Dafoe and Lennon added nothing. Adebayor did nothing when he came on.

      • Agreed. The only shot on goal was Bale’s rocket.

        Clint isn’t the only attacking player on the team.

      • Because the entire team did play poorly. If it weren’t for Bales one moment of brilliance they would have and deserved to lose.

    • I’d love to see Jozy back with Hull, but I’m not sure they have great memories of him. It is 3 years and like 40-50 goals later for Jozy, but they might not want to take the chance again. Not that they shouldn’t.

      • As someone who watched almost every Hull City game they played while Jozy was there…never again.

  11. The problem was that Bale is not suited for the “free” role that AVB initially put him in. Glad they shifted back with Clint now in the middle.

    • That’s such a load. Dempsey equalized for Spurs against City from that role, and has been amazing there for Fulham and the U.S.. Lets be real here.

      • He shined over there on the left today now didn’t he? And you’re referring to that tap-in that GB put on his foot vs. City. I think you need to be real, sir.

      • that’s literally the position he made a name for himself in at Fulham…out wide…maybe on the right though

  12. love the Spurs lineup – haven’t seen it in a while with all of the injuries (can’t forget Sandro, though).

      • I know he hasn’t scored much but in the few times I watched Norwich, he performed well. I wouldn’t mind him coming back though. I know KC would love to have him

      • Norwich fan forums seem to like him and what he’s brought to the team but he’s seen as a quality player for cheap but not what they need going forward

      • dude, do you even read the news? they are very high on him as well as other EPL teams. i hope he comes back to MLS though.

      • Last day heartbreak two seasons in a row.

        On a related note, Tim Ream went 91 minutes. I guess that’s why Bolton had two goals scored on them for the first time in a while?

      • seems likely. if they would have made a return to the PL, i doubt he would have been ever off the bench

    • Well, we can’t assume Ream’s 100% at fault unless someone has evidence, but it seems strange they would entrust the most important game of the season to him after he’s been riding pine for months.

      Maybe everyone else was injured?

      That said, heartbreak for Bolton. Any win would have done it.

  13. Spurs match being delayed half an hour because of bad traffic around the stadium? That seems really odd. But now I know something called the cross fit games exists.


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