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Scolari announces Brazil squad for Confederations Cup

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In advance of the Confederations Cup this June, Brazil National Team manager Luiz Felipe Scolari released the list of 23 players that would make up Brazil’s squad at the tournament.

Headlining the squad is Neymar, Hulk, Oscar, and Lucas, but what may be more interesting are the players who didn’t get a call up for the international competition that begins on June 15. Midfielders Ronaldinho, Kaka, and Ramires were left off the squad, as was former Milan forward Alexandre Pato.

The roster is split nearly down the middle, with 11 players based out of Brazil and the other 12 based across Europe. Brazilian side Fluminense have three players called up: Goalkeeper Diego Cavalieri, full back Jean, and forward Fred.

Here’s the full Brazil roster for this summer’s Confederations Cup (after the jump):


Julio Cesar – Queens Park Rangers
Diego Cavalieri – Fluminense
Jefferson – Botafogo

Central Defenders

Thiago Silva – Paris Saint-Germain
Rever – Atletico Mineiro
David Luiz – Chelsea
Dante – Bayern Munich

Wing Backs

Daniel Alves – Barcelona
Jean – Fluminense
Marcelo – Real Madrid
Felipe Luis – Atletico Madrid

Holding Midfielders

Fernando – Gremio
Hernanes – Lazio
Luiz Gustavo – Bayern Munich
Paulinho – Corinthians

Attacking Midfielders and Forwards

Jadson – Sao Paulo
Oscar – Chelsea
Lucas – Paris Saint-Germain
Hulk – Zenit St. Petersburg
Bernard – Atletico Mineiro
Leandro Damiao – Internacional
Fred – Fluminense
Neymar – Santos


What do you make of the roster? Think Scolari should have called in Ronaldinho? How do you see Brazil faring in the Confederations Cup?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I really hope Ronaldinho makes the WC squad. He would bring skill (obviously) but also a leadership and experience that a lot of these younger players can’t bring to the squad. He knows what it takes to win a World Cup, and he’s still good enough to go out and perform with the world’s best.

  2. I think its only fair to give a chance to the current squad&the players that are omitted from the squad cannot be the forever.their time has come&gone,maybe we could see them at the worldcup nextyear


  4. well i think the squad is pretty strong enough to compete against sides like spain. but again im a little bit doubtful about the experience of the team as a whole.

  5. Honestly … I’m under whelmed. There is not one single player of the ability of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka or Robinho in their prime. Maybe Hulk. But color me under whelmed.

    I’ll repeat a post from above … and continue

    NO … Ramires, Pato, Dede, Diego Alves or even Cassio OR Robinho, Coutinho, Ronaldinho, Kaka, et. al.

  6. disappointing not to see Ronaldinho or Kaka…simply because they only thing keeping them from MLS is the chance for the World Cup. Lampard, Ronaldinho, and Kaka…just come to MLS!

  7. I wonder why Rafael wasnt chosen. I thought he’s been good for ManU this season.

    In any event, this seems like a mediocre team, when you compare it to past Brazil sides. There is simply nobody on the team that is on the elite levels of the past. Their defense is good but their attackers and midfield is really subpar for a Brazil side. There is Neymar, who is young and untested – more style than substance so far in his career – and who else? Look at the Balon d’Or voting the past few years ( not a perfect measure, but still) – Brazil hasn’t had anyone in the top 10 invotes the past 3 years!

    • Rafael has had a tough time breaking in. I think it’s his size. Brazil has favored big, powerful sidebacks for the past four years.

      • I am sure Raphael is best right wing back Brazil will ever see, It is unfair for Raphael not to get call to the Brazil Squad

  8. kaka, ronaldinho to MLS and as a matter fact, after brazil 2014, expect a buffet of players to come to MLS. make it MLS teams!!!!!

  9. I think the Brazilian squad is shaping up to be good enough to get the expectations high enough for the home country to expect victory… but not good enough to win in 2014…. Can anyone say National guard please…..

  10. How unbelievably stacked is Brazil? I bet they could qualify an A and B team for the world cup (hypothetical situation of course). Weep for USA and our dearth of established talent beyond the first XI.

    • Really? I think this Brazil team is severely lacking when compared to past vintages. Not saying they are not still really good, but this is a squad capable of being beaten.

      • I think Brazil’s players 75-90 are probably even better than Spain’s E, F, G teams, whatever, but their A team, maybe because we’re spoiled, makes me say ‘meh’. The defense (Marcelo/Thiago Silva/Dante/Dani Aves) is by far the best part of the team, but the rest of it isn’t as good as we are used to from Brazil.

        With that being said, while their top players aren’t as good as some other countries, it seems like they have about 50-60 people where there would be little drop off from the first team.

    • I would have said that about prior Brazil teams, but this one doesn’t seem that impressive. No one of the quality of Ronaldo or Ronaldinho, or even Kaka in his prime, for example. As for the US, we are deeper than ever before.

      • You just named two of the best players we’ve seen in the last 40 years, and Kaka before he was injured was on his way too. Not having those guys on the roster and dinging the Brazilian team for that only goes to show how high the bar is for the quality and talent coming out of that country.

    • I would select our GK’s, MB, Dempsey and maybe Landon over their Brazilian couterparts! Of course they have the deepest pool in the world but this is far from one of the better Brazilian sides in history. IMO they are lacking 1 or 2 absolute stars like Pele, Kaka, Dinho, Ronaldo, etc that can change the game… Idk maybe Neymar or Oscar or Luiz can deliver..

      • Yeah, the current USA is better than the current Brazil. You guys are clueless. Not a single USA player could sniff the Brazil B team lineup bench. Landon Donovan good enough for this squad…are you frickin nuts! The USA team is deep? WTF?

  11. No Ramires, Pato, Dede, Diego Alves or even Cassio. The midfield is the worst, Hernanes is a bum and will get worked over by Spain and Italy. Not to mention Paulinho is inconsistent! If this is his World Cup team as well, Brazil will be lucky to make it out of the group stage.

      • Pato has scored almost every game he’s played for the Corinthians and that’s with very few minutes as they are trying to bring him back slowly. He is far better than Damiao.

      • That’s simply untrue. He’s scored 7 times in 20 appearances. That is NOT “almost every game.”

      • i am agree with you. pato is better than leandro damiao.i think coutinho must be in the current squad.

    • I had the feeling that the confed cup would not have been a tryout for the Selacao. I always thought it, plus the exhibition games were an attempt to demonstrate to the players how much better the world is compared to Brazil.

      The idea that Brazil just has to swap out 2 or 3 pieces and a new coach and they can win everything is atleasty a decade out of date. I dont think theyd win world cup qualifying, being excluded did them no favors.

      As far as a world XI Thiago Silva then maybe Dani Alves and a healthy Marcelo an argument could be made to include them. Noone else.

    • they will be playing at home. It’s Brazil. They should at least get as far as the semi-finals, no matter who they field (within reason, of course).

    • Ramires is one of a list of players like Moses and Luiz and Torres and Cahill that contribute to CFC being a 3rd best team.

    • i don’t think so skip. Hernanes is a very efficient midfielder and i think he is more consistent than ramires. this team will surprise spaoin and brasil in the confe cup. you will see

  12. If anyone though that Kaka would stay in Europe to increase his chances of being picked for the Brazilian WC team, you have your answer. A big NO. Kaka had a quite season, mainly came of the bench BUT, was reasonably healthy. Mourinho chose not to use him and his chances to make the Brazilian Squad suffered.

    He will be no worse off by leaving Real Madrid. Indeed the novelty and exposure of playing in the MLS, and playing in the MLS well and frequently as a starter, may buy him another chance, but it would not hurt his chances as we see now.

    With Frank Lampard still on the fence about the Galaxy (He still, despite the press reports, has not been officially offered a new contract) and his chances of staying at Chelsea growing because of Mourinho stated admiration, the Galaxy would do well to up the pressure on Real Madrid to sell Kaka now.

      • My name is Mr alamari I am a big brazil fan and of samaba football good luck in the world cup but you don’t have the same squad of 2002 I know some teams want to stop latin american teams to win in on there ground wish for the best make use of the players only thing you have to worry about is injured players

    • I’m not sure what to think about Lampard, I’d read somewhere that the combination of Lieweke’s exit and potentially Mourinho at CFC had changed that idea. Lampard is enough of a CFC fixture where he might be content just to retire on home soil.

    • Scolari would never call up a player who is playing in MLS. Just not good enough for them when they have so many high level players to choose from

    • Playing at MLS would not increase Kaka’s chances to make Brazil squad. He would have to move to Brazil improve his chances of making a squad and even that is not a given – see Ronaldinho.


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