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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

Gerrard vs. Everton

Super Sunday kicks off early today, with the infamous Merseyside Derby taking center stage.

Liverpool will of course be without polarizing star Luis Suarez, who will be serving his third of a ten match ban for his bite on Branislav Ivanovic three weeks ago. David Moyes, on the other hand, has a full squad to choose from, as Everton attempt to finish ahead of Liverpool for the second consecutive season.

A little bit later in the afternoon, Chelsea will visit Old Trafford in a match with big Champions League implications for the Blues.

Chelsea have a phenomenal record against Manchester United in the Premier League era, defeating the Red Devils more times and scoring more goals than any other club in the league. Sir Alex Ferguson’s men have already wrapped up the league title, and seemingly have nothing left to play for, but rest assured Ferguson will do everything in his power to defeat his counterpart Rafa Benitez.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):



8:30am – Fox Soccer Channel – Liverpool vs. Everton

9am – beIN Sport – Juventus vs. Palermo

11am – Fox Soccer Channel – Manchester United vs. Chelsea

1pm – Univision – Toluca vs. San Luis

3pm – beIN Sport – Barcelona vs. Real Betis

5pm – UniMás – Sporting Kansas CIty vs. Chivas USA

7pm – Univision Deportes – Atlante vs. Pumas UNAM

11pm – ESPN2 – Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Houston Dynamo


  1. To all the comments above about Aron Johannson being American–dude was born in Mobile, Alabama. He wasn’t born in Iceland.

    • Yeah, to Icelandic parents who were studying at the time in Alabama. The family went back to Iceland when Aron was 3, and he has had no connection to the US ever since.

    • To the same commenter who keeps ignoring what was siad above about the kid’s only connection to US is having born here — just to repeat the same point about being born in Mobile, as if that makes him more American than, say if he were born in Houston…..try reading the comments you are replying to.

  2. My brain is going to explode.

    United’s first red of the season comes at Old Trafford, from Howard Webb, on Rafael.

      • with three points on Tottenham and goal differential locked, it would be rather unlikely. Add in that they have a point and game in hand on Arsenal and it is so unlikely that both finish higher. Tottenham needs to win at the Bridge and get help.

        Possible sure, but it’s pretty much locked.

      • tottenham could easily beat them, depending on which teams show up and then theyd be even although their GD is much better than spurs is. also you seem to think everton is going to be an easy game, highly doubtful. i think they probably make it but it is far from assured at this point.

      • If Tottenham wins out, they finish ahead of Arsenal. Unlikely, but still possible. A tie vs Tottenham would pretty much ice it for Chelsea.

  3. these brazilians have it out for each other eh. anyone else see david luiz laughing while he was on the ground grimacing

      • I can’t see what others think is so great about Gerrard..I never did see much of young Gerrard though… so maybe that is why.

      • that is definitely why.

        he’s certainly past his prime, but he and lampard were two of the best mids in the world for a while, which is why england’s constant failures in the past decade or so have been so aggravating to the english.

  4. Ashley Cole has been out of position twice already and I don’t know if it is his poor decision making or FSW’s poor tactical setup.

    • Jazzed about the prospect (or at least rumors) of Mourinho returning to coach The Blues? Actually think Rafa has done reasonably well…

      • I’m jazzed about anybody that is not Benitez. I will admit he has not screwed things up as badly as I expected but he simply does not know how to manage his substitutions and that is where Chelsea dropped points this year: late in the game.

        Mainly though, I just can’t stand seeing his face on the sideline.


      • Don’t blame you for not being inspired by Rafa’s sideline persona. He usually appears to have forgotten his probiotics or Metamucil… Maybe he’s just pondering brilliant substitution tactics?

      • Pondering maybe. But wow, the constipated SOB hasn’t made a substitution in the 75th minute. This is a deep bench he has.

      • Well… El Niño is on. I shouldn’t rag on Rafa too much as he did lead Liverpool to the 2005 Champions league title.

  5. Player grades for this season

    Howard? Jozy? Dempsey? Bradley? Bocanegra? Cameron? Shea? Gooch? Cherundolo? Friedel? Edu?

    • One person’s ravings:

      A: Altidore, Guzan
      A-: Bradley
      B+: Boyd, Cameron, Chandler, Dempsey, Dolo, Kljestan, O’Brien, Parkhurst
      B: Boca, Edu, Friedel, Howard
      B- or lower: Gooch, Goodson, Lichaj, Williams
      Inc.: Shea

  6. The 22 year old American, Aron Johannson, has 3 goals in 4 appearances for AZ Alkmaar since his move. He scored just 2 minutes after Jozy was taken off for him.

      • He’s white European so he will never choose the U.S. We only get non-European rejects

      • Or maybe he’s just a kid born in Iceland to Icelandic parents with almost no connection to the US. Seriously. This isn’t a Jermaine Jones with “two hearts,” because of his US veteran father, this is a kid who’s citizenship is SOLELY AND ONLY because he was born here while his parents were students. I’d rather he played for Iceland, since the US would feel too mercenary to me…

      • He would choose the US for the same reason all the Germans have chosen to play for the US: it gives him the only chance of playing in the World Cup. Iceland is highly unlikely to ever qualify.

      • Actually, Iceland is second in their WCQ group and have a pretty decent chance of making it. Not exactly like we have it all wrapped up yet.

      • I was trying to leave a comment for the zge guy, but it wouldn’t let me. Iceland qualifying would be no more surprising/unwarranted than Slovakia doing so for WC 2010.

        Iceland has some good players and, as others have said, a manageable qualifying group.

      • Not going to lie–I have been rooting for Iceland to cap-tie this guy for quite awhile now.

      • Wow. If the intent behind this statement is half as racist as it objectively appears to be, you should never be allowed to post again.

        You might as well have said, “If he’s a true, proud Aryan, he will never play for the United States. We only get ethnically inferior mongrels.” Because that’s what it bloody sounds like.

        I feel at a total loss to effectively communicate how idiotic that sounds, let alone how misguided that strain of thought is.

      • He’s certainly Icelandic first, because he was raised there, yet he does remember his HS year in the US fondly and his family even celebrates Thanksgiving. If Iceland continues to ignore him, he could wander over to our side. Glad to have him, but not worrying if he chooses Iceland first.

  7. Jozy with 30 goals this season, 23 in the league.

    2 matches left for him. The league match and the cup final versus PSV.

    He needs 2 big performances to ensure he gets sold to a decent club. I have a feeling it’ll be a Europa League club. Nice 4th-7th ranked club. Say a Frankfurt in Bundesliga or Fiorentina in Italy or Lille in France or Everton in the PL

    • Not sure. By the end of the day there should be a report. But 4-0 victory is a great thing for the club. Johansson scored again. 3 in 4 matches. Looks like Jozy is gone this summer


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