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MLS Week 13: Your Sunday Running Commentary



Robbie Rogers is set to make his Los Angeles Galaxy debut tonight as the Galaxy face red-hot Seattle in the most high-profile match of the day in Major League Soccer.

Three matches fill the league schedule today, starting with the Eastern Conference rivalry clash between Sporting Kansas City and the Houston Dynamo. Sporting KC beat the Dynamo at BBVA Compass Stadium two weeks ago, snapping their record home unbeaten streak while also halting the Dynamo’s recent dominance over Sporting. Today, the Dynamo will be without starting centerbacks Jermaine Taylor (injured) and Bobby Boswell (suspended) as Dom Kinnear’s men try to slow down a Sporting side looking to close the gap on first-place New York.

The Red Bulls are also in action today, taking on the Columbus Crew as they try to extend their unbeaten streak to seven matches. The Red Bulls defense has tightened up in recent weeks, and will look to stifle a Crew attack that has been struggling to generate goals in recent weeks.

The match of the day takes place at Home Depot Center, where the struggling Galaxy take on a Sounders side unbeaten in six matches. Eddie Johnson and Omar Gonzalez are set to be teammates on the U.S. Men’s National Team next week, but tonight they will face off in a match-up of the league’s best.

If you will be watching today’s MLS action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Well I really started something! My 6-0 comment was a follow-up to a comment just a couple of minutes earlier about an obvious 5-0 chance. Both were meant to point out huge chances the Gals wasted. No comment was intended regarding the legitimacy of the existing scoreline. I in fact agreed earlier that the first penalty should not have been given. Not so sure about the handball though. In any event, only one team showed up for this game, regardless of the actual score. If anything, Seattle deserved to lose by far more than they did, imho.

  2. Bad nights happen, that was certainly one of them. Caught LA on a very bad night, they had lost 3 of 4 and were going to come out strong. It happens but Sigi needs to look at some of his personnel choices closely.

    • Tired of carrasco and evans. I understand that Alonso and Zak were injured tonight, but why not a mario martinez from the start. I don’t get the love affair with Evans. I would seriously not be upset if Sigi were not our coach because he ALWAYS sticks with evans.

    • if by 6-0 you mean a gifted penalty kick, and a possible hand ball on goal two. and i think evans hardly touched the galaxy player on the 2nd PK, i would say 2-0.

      obviosly doesnt effect the outcome because seattle had nothing offensively, but anyone can play the what if game. i say 2-0 you say 6-0.

      • the first PK was clearly not a PK. when i saw the replay i didnt think that evans got much of juninho on the second one actually but it doesnt matter. LA thoroughly dominated, the end score is fair.

      • Pete your the delusional one.

        Never said anything about how Seattle deserved to win or ANYTHING like that. But if you think the first PK was desereved you are hopeless! And i only said the second was QUESTIONABLE. THATS ALL IM SAYING. read the comment by Travis. Obviously I’m not the only one.

      • It was 4-0 and Seattle was lucky it was only that as LA wasted chance after chance. The first penalty and retake was horrible but the second one was clear as day. It doesn’t matter how little you touch someone when you slide in from behind and make contact that will be a penalty every time. I would worry more about Seattle’s lack of anything resembling a game plan than hypotheticals about goals that maybe should not have counted.

      • I’ve stated that, now TWO times. Seattle lost and deserved to lose.

        However, I believe that LA were gifted atleast a goal, maybe two. Thats the beauty of America though, its okay when people have their own opinions.

      • I would hardly say I went as far to say you are a “joke” as a person. Perhaps I was too blunt in my statement of how you saw the penalties. I agree the first penalty and retake was a joke. However the second penalty will always be a penalty.

      • I’ll apologize as well for going a bit too far.

        I didn’t appreciate being called delusional, as you didn’t appreciate being called a joke.

        That being said, we have differing opinions on a few instances in this game, (that to be honest, was always going to be won by the Galaxy), so its kind of splitting hairs. Either way, hate to be the guy that gets into a spat on the internet for no reason. Again, i apologize, I guess you guys owed us for the 4-0 last year.

        I’ll be there in October when the Cali boys cant handle 40 degrees!
        go Sounders!

      • Yeah, no worries I should have expanded more than just posting that. I am by no means a Galaxy fan though. In fact they are probably my 3rd least favorite team, so you can probably figure out who I support.

    • i take it back halfway. i dont think the first play was in any way thuggish. when your playing a sport things happen, and sometimes physically you get a little out of control.

      The second time, however, seemed intentional.

  3. Donovan and Keane are miles ahead of everyone else on the pitch right now. Their vision and passing are fun to watch.

  4. thank you, about time Neagle comes in. Hes been on fire and actually does things when he comes in, unlike Evans. Why they didnt bring in two offensive subs at half is beyond me. cant get much worse than 4-0, might as well go for it

  5. As twellman just noted, i also thought that second ball was a (hand/upper arm?) ball? gifted second goal. should be 2-0. and BTW how many times can the Sounders be offsides in one match

  6. Just checked the schedule. Thought it was Galaxy v. Sounders. Turns out it’s Galaxy v. Eddie Johnson and ten guys he picked up off the street.

  7. Seattle’s strategy of doing nothing and hoping Martins or Johnson can go on a 50 yard run and score doesn’t seem to be working so well.

  8. Zardes schooling Traore, but very lucky to get the penalty. Keane scores on the second attempt, After Gspurning is called for clearly coming off his line. The rout is on.

  9. Keane with a lazy penalty that gets stopped… let him shoot again, goal!
    2 goals and an assist and still 10 mins to go before halftime.

  10. I like what I see from Zardes. Not trying to do too much… collects, picks up his head and seems to do the right thing with the ball. A nice target man for the future.

  11. Seattles set piece defense needs a serious looking at. Gave up two goals last week on it and two goals already this week, simply unacceptable.

  12. Really wish Neagle was in instead of Evans, that was a good chance he completely wasted. Neagle is dangerous and makes things happen

  13. ESPN is incapable of showing replays on things we want. I want to see a replay of close offside calls, not a closeup on the ref for the 10 seconds it takes the to take the kick. Use that time productive you twats. So frustrating to see, will be thrilled when they no longer have any MLS rights.

  14. I started frequenting this website following the Confederations Cup in 2009 as a way to follow the careers of USMNT players in Europe. I’d never been an MLS fan as I don’t have a team in my state and I never felt compelled to follow any out-of-state teams, but after becoming a loyal SBI podcast listener, I find myself speeding down the interstate on Sunday night so that I don’t miss the start of the Galaxy/Sounders game.

  15. I’m sorry but Ike Opara is clumsy as hell. His positioning is just not good enough for future USMNT and he runs like a weirdo.

      • This isn’t Mexico. He’s called Jose Francisco Torres, J.F. Torres or simply Jose Torres.

        Also for clarification, he’s not a LB. Hasn’t been a LB and has not performed well when given the opportunity at LB under Klinsmann.

        0 for 2 (on the wrong side of those numbers again, I might add.)

      • Thank you for clarifying which country we are not in. This morning, I thought we might be in Austria. And then other day, I thought we were in Benin. At least now we know that we’re not in Mexico.

      • So according to you he should only be called Gringo Torres in Mexico? Because you know…. there is a tiny bit amount of people in the US who speak Spanish and at least understand it enough to know, recognize and even enjoy the nicknames to some of the USMNT players…. And please don’t tell me you’re one of those who thinks Gringo is a derogatory name?

      • Please don’t tell me you’re one of the simple people that believes it holds no negative value.

        I’ve grown up around enough Latin Americans to know that it can quite easily be used as a negative term. If your implying it’s a term of endearment, respect or holding positive nature…you’re either a fool or calling someone else a fool to believe it.

        Context does matter when it’s used but it’s hardly an endearing term. Quit advertising that it is.

      • He wears “Gringo” on his shirt at Tigres, so clearly he doesn’t have a problem with it. If he likes the nickname enough to put it on his shirt, I don’t see why people in the U.S. can’t call him “Gringo Torres”.

  16. Chillin watching Dynamo v SKC 2 see some great footy. Looking forward to fluid attacking play, which my team DCU seems incapable of.

    In YA news, T Boyd with a goal and assist today.


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