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SBI MLS Team of the Week: Seattle Sounders

LamarNeagleSoundersvsFCDallas (USATodaySports)


The Seattle Sounders have continued to roll, as their forward line is finally healthy and playing at optimal level.

The Sounders lit up FC Dallas, 4-2, on Saturday afternoon at CenturyLink Field, earning them SBI MLS Team of the Week. Eddie Johnson scored twice, with a Lamar Neagle goal and Obafemi Martins strike to finish off the day. It’s the second week in a row that the Sounders earn Team of the Week honors.

Honorable mention for this week’s award goes to the New England Revolution, New York Red Bulls, and Real Salt Lake.

What did you make of the Sounders performance this week? What team impressed you the most in MLS Week 12?

Share your thought’s below.


  1. Sounders looked pretty dynamic but lets get real….they’re not scoring 4 goals vs. Dallas with George John in the lineup. Factor that in with the fact that the 2010 league MVP (Ferriera) wasnt on the field nor was Andrew Jacobson who has been playing awesome this year in the defensive midfield spot and you got what was essentially a B team on the field. Not saying Seattle isn’t a great team, just don’t be a fool and let that game dictate your assessment.

    • “essentially a B team.” Haha. I get you’re a Dallas fan, and making excuse for them is in your DNA, but calling them a B team is a serious stretch. Short-handed? Sure. B Team? Come on.

      • That comment doesn’t even take into account that Dallas was in no way facing the Sounders “A” side either, so moot point. Talk to me when Oba, Alonso, AND our creator Rosales play the entire game against you folks. John would have made no difference in this game (and DO remember that I watched him his entire career in Seattle and happen to love the guy)… his strength is in the air and on physical challenges, neither of which (okay, EJ’s first goal) were in play in this game.

  2. I feel the biggest addition of late has been Mr. Alex Morgan aka Servando Carasco. He and Alonso have paired well in the center and controlled the run of play. Traore has been a great addition in the back. When Zakuani returns the office will be even more of a force.

  3. maybe gspurning needs to make a few great saves… but he is part of the defense as well… so collectively, I will happily take the 3rd best defense out there in terms of GA per game.

    • Its going to be hard for Yedlin to win if Jahn keeps scoring goals. If the voters see a rookie with 10 goals at the end of the year its hard for them to ignore.

  4. They are going to score a lot of goals, and are mostly likely going to finish in the Top 3 of the West again. Even though they’ve been mostly stout this season, I still feel like the defense isn’t MLS Cup worthy. The fact that they’ve allowed so few goals seems to have a lot to do with Gspurning–and counting on a hot keeper all the way to the title seems a bit risky. The number of offensive threats, though, is unbelievable. ‘ll take Lamar Neagle for most improved player in MLS, and wonder whether his current form might merit at least consideration for the Gold Cup. What happens when everyone is healthy is anyone’s guess. There are few enough speedy, aggressive, goal scorers in the US Pool to make this reasonable.

    • I disagree people talk about Seattle’s defense being shaky but with Alonso as your CDM and a hot GK you can be a little weaker in the back 4 and still be cup worthy.

      • Seattle’s defense is not centered around Gspurning in any way, shape, or form. Gspurning isn’t a “shot blocker” per se. His strength is in never allowing a shot to happen, by ruling the penalty box and anything in the air and a positioning sensibility that goes well beyond the norm in MLS.

    • Seattle defense is one of the best in the league. Ozzy as CDM, Yedlin (potential RotY) at RB, Djimi Traore as CB (he’s been a beast all year), and G’spurning in goal. I challenge you to put up more than 2 goals in a game against that squad. If anything it’s up to the offense to start scoring goals… which they’ve been doing. Now if they could get a handle on defending set pieces they’re going to be a team no one wants to face.


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