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Thursday Kickoff: Man United hire Moyes; Monterrey beats Tigres in Liga MX playoffs; and more

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For those wondering who might be the next Manchester United manager, the picture just became much more clear.

Everton FC confirmed on Thursday morning that David Moyes would be leaving the club at the end of the season, ending an 11-year run at Goodison Park. In his time at Everton, Moyes has guided the Toffees to a top-ten finish in all but three seasons, running the club on a shoestring budget but grinding out results. Prior to his stay at Everton, Moyes coached Preston North End for four seasons.

(UPDATED- Manchester United has announced the signing of David Moyes to a six-year deal to become the team’s new manager next season).

“When we discussed the candidates that we felt had the right attributes we unanimously agreed on David Moyes,” Ferguson said in a statement issued by the club. “David is a man of great integrity with a strong work ethic. I’ve admired his work for a long time and approached him as far back as 1998 to discuss the position of Assistant Manager here.

“He was a young man then at the start of his career and has since gone on to do a magnificent job at Everton. There is no question he has all the qualities we expect of a manager at this Club.”

Here are some more stories to get your Thursday started:


Eighth-seeded Monterrey pulled off the biggest win of the night on the opening night of the Liga MX Clausura playoffs, taking down top-seeded Tigres UANL by a score of 1-0. Star forward Humberto Suazo scored the only goal of the match in the 19th minute, giving his side a massive advantage as they head towards the second leg on Saturday in Nuevo Leon.

Also in Liguilla action on Wednesday, Club America defeated Pumas UNAM, 1-0, in another edition of the Clasico Capitalino. Young Mexico international forward Raul Jimenez scored the lone goal for the visitors in the 29th minute as the stage shifts to Estadio Azteca for the second-leg on Saturday.


As much as Sir Alex Ferguson had been a fixture at Manchester United for the better part of two and a half decades, so has forward Wayne Rooney, wearing the Red shirt for the last nine seasons.

If the latest news says anything though, Rooney has decided it’s time for a shirt change.

The England international shocked the club and world when reports came out on Wednesday evening that he has put in a transfer request, the second time he has done so during his long tenure with the club. Rooney has been linked before with Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain, but it seemed just a week ago like a very outside chance that he would join either of those clubs.

Now, with the news of the transfer request, the new Manchester United boss may be missing one of the best strikers the Premier League has seen come the start of next season. In his time at United, Rooney has scored 141 Premier League goals, including 27 last season.

United has responded to the reports by releasing a statement saying that Rooney is not for sale.


Aston Villa captain and former Bulgaria international Stiliyan Petrov has decided to officially hang up his boots, as he continues his fight against leukemia. (REPORT)

Barcelona defender Carles Puyol has denied any claims he is negotiating a transfer to AC Milan. (REPORT)

Inter Milan, Champions League winners in 2010, will be out of Europe next season for the first time since 1999. (REPORT)

Mesut Ozil suffered an ankle injury in Real Madrid’s 6-2 victory on Wednesday, potentially ruling him out of the Copa del Rey final. (REPORT)


What do you make of these reports? Who do you think would be a good candidate to take over at Everton? Do you like Monterrey’s chances to advance? Do you see Rooney leaving United this summer?

Share your thoughts below.


    • “Took a lot of balls” – Jozy Altidore, postgame interview.

      Pretty funny. “Always polite,” said the interviewer, “Have to be,” replied Jozy. Awesome.

      First American to score the game-winner in a cup final?

  1. LD to United? Let’s not try to resurrect a dead horse. LD’s time is over.

    Howard to United? Possible, only if Howard contract had expired AND ManU didn’t have De Gea.

    Most likely USMNT candidate for a ManU landing? Jozy Altidore!!!!!

    Am I out of my mind? Maybe. It’s pretty obvious that AZ is going to sell Jozy this summer, and with his size and speed, he’s pretty likely to end up in the EPL again. And I think Rooney is very likely to be sold this summer as well, so United will be looking for attacking options.

    Jozy has been in great forms for the past 2 years at AZ and improved quite a lot with his technical skills and soccer IQ.

    If Glazer wanted a USMNT on the team, it’s gotta be Jozy. Very well known, young, and lots of upward potentials. And I’ll give this possibility maybe a 5% at most.

    • Well I hope it’s not Jozy, he wouldn’t sniff the field. He is a serviceable striker and is improving, but they already have RVP and Chicharito and should be able to buy all but the top five or six strikers in the world with the Rooney money if they sell him.

  2. So now that Moyes has the ManU job I’m thinking Roberto Martinez has to be #1 on Everton’s list? Almost a no brainer even if Wigan stays up.

  3. YAY! good move for United. Our coach Kinnear reminds me of Moyes and vice-versa. Good player aqusitions with a tight budget.

  4. Great hire. Hard working, stand up guy who gets the most out of his players. It remains to be seen whether he can handle giant egos and the massive pressure that comes with coaching United (not to mention filling SAF’s shoes). I wish him the best.

    Excited to see Baines follow Moyes to Old Trafford. Timmy would be nice too, but I don’t see that happening.

  5. Donovan is mentioned up top as a potential Man U player since Moyes has experience with him, but realistically why not Howard? He has experience at the club, Moyes knows and trusts him, and De Gea had more than his share of blunders last year.

    • The only way Howard joins United is as a #2 to help tutor the incredibly inconsistent De Gea.

      I think the club is committed to the young GK, regardless, though.

      • You mean the starting keeper for the runaway EPL champs? I think the ‘inconsistent’ label is a little dated, yeah? And ‘incredibly inconsistent’ is gross hyperbole.

      • doesn’t matter if man u won every trophy available this year, the way de gea has played can certainly be classified as ‘inconsistent’.

      • doesn’t matter if man u won every trophy available this year, the way de gea has played can certainly be cla$$ified as ‘inconsistent’.

      • Oh, right. United success is directly attributed to De Gea.

        Except it’s not, so, that’s why you’ll continue to see the observation I made.

        He’s been an average keeper on a great team. Let’s not exaggerate his value or importance.

        He’s not even close to being the best GK in the EPL on the best team in the EPL…yes, THAT keeper.

      • Actually, it is strictly your opinion that he is not close to being the best keeper. I realize stats and W-D-L record is not the only the metric but working behind that patchwork defense at ManU this year, he did amazing work. Believe me, I had hoped he would fail there but he didn’t.

        And if Sir Bloody Alex deems him better than his very, very able backup, then guess what, he IS one of the best keepers in the league.

      • and it’s strictly your opinion that:

        ” I think the ‘inconsistent’ label is a little dated, yeah? And ‘incredibly inconsistent’ is gross hyperbole.”

        So, this conversation starts and stop with that logic.

      • Maybe Howard can get a “consulting” gig on the side over at Manchester while still holding the line between the stix over at Everton. Timmie would do well back at United. Of course, he is class; he would do well anywhere.

  6. Donovan to Man U! Yes, I said it. Why?

    Because he was nearly the best player at Everton in his time there. He almost always changed games. He still has quality. He got an extra rest this off season. This may be his last World Cup so becoming an excellent off-the-bench option at the stories club might be up his alley and he will feel less pressure to be “the guy” that he has in the US. He played for David Moyes. And, I would like it because Donovan has clearly been the next generation of American footballers before their time.

    Will it happen? I give it a 25% chance.

    • While the impact you eluded to was true, two major issues prohibit any probability.

      -Donovan is older/probably not capable of reaching the height of his previous impact.
      -Moyes can afford players of Donovan’s quality (and better), that are 10 years younger and still advancing.

      So…the percentage is more likely 2.5%.

    • make that 0% chance. LD is great and all, but Man United is in a whole other league (lame pun, I know). Landon was a good play for a budget strapped Everton. When you have options of RVP, Chicharito etc, and can court/pursue the best/most in form players on the planet (think CR7, Falcao, Bale etc) I just don’t see Landon factoring in. I’m not hating on LD, but I just do not see him showing up on ManU’s radar.

      • seriously you cant throw chicharito in the conversation he hardly ever plays and when he does its with three minutes to go in the game

      • But that’s exactly my point, when Chicharito only gets 3 minutes on the pitch, do you really expect room on that roster for a LD pick up to happen?

      • This entire conversation is for nothing, as Donovan WILL NOT join United.

        With that said, I really don’t see Donovan playing in an advanced role in their system. He’d be a wide midfielder…so any discussion of Hernandez and Donovan is odd, as they play entirely different roles.

      • and he still scored 16 goals this season competing with the best striker in the world, Donovan can’t compete at that level.

      • Just because Man U have a lot of money it does not mean they are averse to a bargain in an older player, if they think the player will help.

        A few years ago in 2007 SAF took Henrik Larsson, the famed striker from Sweden, Celtic and Barca on loan at a time when he felt they needed cover at the striker position. Larsson had already left Barca and was playing for Helsingborg in Sweden and was about 35 at the time. SAF had him for 7 games and wanted to keep him permanently but Larsson was committed to return to Helsingborg ( Bedoya’s team now, I think).

        Of course Moyes is his own man and Larsson was better than LD but since the whole point of hiring Moyes is that he and SAF are like peas in a pod then the idea of Moyes bringing in LD while unlikely, is hardly some insane fantasy.

        Moyes was a very,very big fan of LD so, if LD can show him he still has “it” I see no reason why Moyes would not consider it.

        Moyes is reknowned for his caution so if, for example, Rooney takes off and LD shows he still has it I have no doubt Moyes would consider something. After all, Man U could now afford the luxury of having a Donovan around as a part timer.

        And of course, for the US side of it, if Landon needed a challenge, something to get him going for the 2014 World Cup, a transfer or long term loan to Man U would fit the bill.

      • It was necessary caution. This is on a much grander scale.

        Truthfully, I don’t think Moyes is being given the entire keys. I think he’ll have a lot of people aiding him in every capacity, whether it’s needed or not, and I don’t see them letting him buy an American 30 year old that recently took a hiatus and has not regained elite form…while aging in the process.

        Could it happen? Anything is literally possible.
        With it happen? Well, you could also win the lottery…but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

      • Moyes is a cautious man by nature.
        The fact that he now has money doesn’t mean he will suddenly go all drunken salesman at the Cheetah in Vegas on them. Unfortunately, drastic changes may be “forced” on him.
        How long will Vidic and Ferdinand hold on? Will Scholes and Giggs play next season? Rooney? C. Ronaldo , as has been heavily rumoured, may come back. Last season was RVP’s first full season in a long time. You can’t count on him to hold up.
        I don’t think LD is going anywhere. And I’m not sure he will ever play for the USMNT again.
        But I do remember Moyes being very clear about how highly he rated LD and Moyes does not strike me as a BS artist. If Landon can get back to that level, he could be an inexpensive, known quantity to Moyes.
        And such a player could be very useful in an uncertain first season. Sure, it’s very unlikely but it’s hardly that unlikely.

    • One other factor to consider is the marketing factor. Having Donovan on Man U would generate huge interest here in the US to the casual fan and bring in some TV audience and shirt sales. Man U could definitely afford to throw some money at Donovan just to have him on the bench if it meant they could generate more money off the marketing gimic.

      Not saying it will happen, but it’s another variable to consider.

      • If they were looking for the US marketing angle, why did they ship off Tim Howard? ManU is quite nearly as market saturated as a brand can be, I don’t think they’re worried about LD’s shirt sales contribution. If anything they bring in a US keeper, (Guzan, or Howard’s triumphant return possibly, with his connection to Moyes). An area they could actually use help, and the US has the quality to make the contribution, and the potential sales upside to boot. I understand your point, and again I respect Landon Donovan, but I just don’t think ManU picks up LD. It just doesn’t make sense, but then again that’s just me.

      • Manchester United have never been averse to signing players from wherever.

        Whether they signed them only to help expand their brand is hard to say.

        They had a Chinese player, Dong Fangzhuo on their books from 2004-2008. He made a few EPL and Champions league appearances but never really caught on. JI Sung Park of course was far more successful Asian player and now they have Kagawa and Chicharito to fill out their quota of players from slightly unexpected places .

        And of course, Man U had Americans Spector, Cooper Jr., Kirovski, Rossi and Howard on their books at various times.

      • I am a huge United fan…have been since the beginning of the Cantona Era. Needless to say, your angle of approach with respect to selling more jerseys in the U.S. made me ill.

        Sign the best players…pay them what they are worth…and most importantly, keep filling the hardware case. Keep winning and the brand will grow.

    • I doubt that Landon could be a starter for Man U. But, if he would regain his form in coming months, show well for the USMNT in June at WCQ games, plus if the fire in his belly would start burning again, then there might be a slight chance that Moyse would bring him in as player for late-game situations. Let’s not forget, Moyse obviously likes Donovan and Man U. would have no trouble meeting his salary. The lowest level PL players, such as Tim Ream, make more than $1 million a year. Man U would easily recoup Donovan’s salary in shirt sales, not to mention get the PR benefit of having America’s greatest player of the last decade on the team (Please don’t forget that, Jurgen). And at Donovan’s age, being a substitute player would not necessarily be bad thing and Man U is the sort of team that respects experience.

      All that said, do I think it’s gong to happen? No. But we can still dream, can’t we, because I would love to see Donovan move to Europe (and move out of his comfort zone 😉 and give it one more try.

    • Others have already pointed out that this comment is a little crazy. But I love that Sean thinks coming off the bench for Man U will somehow relieve any stress Donovan feels as being “the guy” for USMNT. This is Man U, say it again to yourself. Now any time you’re tempted to think that there is less pressure playing for Man U than the USMNT, no matter what your role is, slap your own face repeatedly until that thought is gone.

  7. He has his skeptics but there’s not a single manager I respect more than David Moyes and I’m excited to see what he can do with a bigger club.

    Same goes for Roberto Martinez whether it’s Everton or another club in the future.

    Not surprised to see Rooney suddenly wanting to exit, too. Moyes and Rooney aren’t exactly buddies.

    • Agreed on all counts. It’s surprising that Rooney and Moyes are not in agreement since Rooney xferd to United form Everton.

      • Not that any of it matters. Rooney wanted out before Ferguson announced his retirement plans.

      • He wanted out as soon as RVP signed and instantly became the focal point of the attack. When RVP signed it raised more than a few eyebrows about the long-term future of Rooney. RVP and Rooney are kind of in the same mold. They are different stylistically but ultimately play the same role. I had a hunch RVP’s signing was the beginning of the end for Rooney. He’ll have zero problems finding new employment.

    • ‘He has his skeptics but there’s not a single manager I respect more than David Moyes and I’m excited to see what he can do with a bigger club.’

      agreed, although, as one of those skeptics, i wouldn’t be totally surprised to see him fail hard at man u. it’s an entirely different challenge than the one he’s used to. which is also why i find it hilarious that they ‘unanimously agreed’ on moyes; it’s not like he’s far and away the best manager out there, and he has no real accomplishments to speak of (no, promotion in a lower division doesn’t count).

      • From what I have heard he is a man who commands a lot of respect. For a Man U boss, being able to control athletes with large egos is just as important as X’s and O’s. Also, given the talent at his disposal I think the consensus is that they have consistently punched above their weight class. He is at minimum a good tactitian and/or good evaluator of talent to pull that off. He’s also shown that he’s committed and won’t get bored and chase the next challenge like some “Special” managers who’s names came up in relation to the opening. There may be better managers out there, but they won’t be the next Ferguson or Wenger (great managers who stick with one club.) Moyes just might be the man for the job.

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