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Soccer Tuesday: Your Running Commentary

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Millions of dollars are on the line today when Arsenal faces off against Wigan in the Premier League.

The Latics are coming off the high of winning the FA Cup for the first time in club history, but they need to re-focus their efforts to Tuesday night’s Premier League match. Roberto Martinez’s side currently sit in the final relegation spot, needing a win to keep survival alive.

Arsenal on the other hand are fighting for a place in the lucrative place in next season’s Champions League and are currently on the outside looking in. A win over Wigan at Emirates Stadium would send Arsenal back into fourth place and a point above rivals Tottenham.

Also in Premier League action on Tuesday, Manchester City takes on relegated Reading, and in the Copa Libertadores, Club Tijuana makes the long trip to Brazil to face Palmeiras for a place in the quarterfinal round. The two sides played to a scoreless draw in the first-leg in Tijuana.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):

2:45pm – Fox Soccer Channel – Arsenal vs. Wigan

3:00pm – Fox Soccer Plus – Reading vs. Manchester City

9:00pm – Fox Deportes – Palmeiras vs. Club Tijuana


  1. SBI Nation – Any recommendations on where to watch the Europa league final tomorrow in Sydney Australia?


      • Each time he scores a celebrity dies:

        Ramsey goal: 5-1-11, vs. Manchester United. Next day: Osama bin Laden killed.

        Ramsey goal: 10-2-11, vs. Tottenham. Three days later: Steve Jobs died.

        Ramsey goal: 10-19-11, vs. Marseille. Next day: Gaddafi killed.

        Ramsey goal: 2-11-12, vs. Sunderland. That night: Whitney Houston died.

        There was a taiwanese animation of it as well

    • 7 million for a 23 year old scoring 38 goals?

      Only if he gets the “Well, he’s American.” euro-snob label pricing. I expect him to go for at least double that.

      • he scored 31 this season. and of course a lot of criticism due to nationality. he’s worth 9million tops

      • If he was Jozinho Altidinho he’d go for $20 million, but the fact that he is a Yank drops his value below $10 million.

      • More drama for Sunday’s games if Wigan has a chance to stay up (and Villa, Sunderland, etc. can still go down)

      • You don’t think the drama over which London club makes the Champions League carries a little more interest than whither Wigan?

      • That “drama” (the battle for the final CL spot) was going to be present regardless of today’s result. Now, it’s going to be an uncharacteristically dull final Sunday in the PL with all the relegation spots decided.

  2. With Klinsman doing all he can to screw the Nats, I really need Arsenal to come through today. I don’t want them just to win. I want them to send a message about next year…

    • What message is that…?

      “Pencil us in for the fourth place trophy next year too!!!”

      Sorry, disgruntled Arsenal fan.

      • More the “we’ve been the best team the second half of the season have secure our core will spend money and win the league next year” message.

        – Eternally optmistic Arsenal fan

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