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MLS Week 10: SBI Live Match Commentary



The Seattle Sounders are about to embark on a very difficult month of May, but also a month that will give them a chance to climb out of the MLS Western Conference basement after a rough start to the season.

The Sounders are at PP&L Park tonight to take on the Philadelphia Union in one of the day’s more intriguing match-ups as the Sounders look to stop MLS leading scorer Jack McInerney, and the Union defense tries to stop Eddie Johnson, who is back after a long injury layoff.

Today’s MLS schedule is a relatively light one, with only five matches on the docket. The New York Red Bulls are in Columbus to take on the Crew in a clash of Eastern Conference teams with playoff aspirations. Both teams enter with winning records, and today’s winner will receive a big boost in the standings.

SBI will be providing live commentary on today’s matches so please feel free to follow along with the action here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s commentary is after the jump):


  1. Now, to the NY Columbus game. That game was painful to watch. Not much fluidity. Columbus had the point, if not 3, in the bag. They let their fans down.

    • just like you said “STOP STUTTER STEPPING YOUR PENALTY KICKS” . Everyone, ACCEPT THE MLS REFEREEING AND MOVE THE HELL ON. We all know it sucks and the home team usually gets shafted but there are more than enough screw ups to go around for both home and away teams. All the whining is lame and I guarantee you, you will enjoy watching your team a lot more. I accepted the ref issue back in 2009 and have not looked back.

  2. Ref in the seattle philly game just ruined it.sent off neagle and williams for what should have been yellow. then sent off yedlin for a foul that was barely even a yellow. is he serious? MLS needs to fine him for this awful performance

    • not to mention the fairly clear handball he then missed. he let them be physical all game and then suddenly goes straight for reds? terrible reffing

    • That went on for way to long to be a yellow, slaps to the face, not being willing to seperate. It wasn’t as easy a red as the other one, but it wasn’t something he will or should be reprimanded for. EJ got off real easy though, a kick to a player on the ground is a red in any league I’ve ever seen, if not a longer suspension than that. He’s the one I expect to hear from the disciplinary committee about.

      • What do you mean it wasnt as easy a red as the other one, you talking about the yedlin one? If so I am not sure what you are talking about because that is a yellow in every league nothing more. Farfan barely got touched and went flying. EJ did get off a bit lucky, although he didn’t kick him from what i saw, more like he ran into him on purpose while the other guy was getting up

      • Your a fool if you don’t think the Yedlin foul was a red…Yeah Farfan hops the tackle, but what to you want him to do? Stand there have his ACL torn?
        Have you ever played the game a high level? B/c the only place you see that tackle as a yellow is HS ball. He’ll be lucky if he’s not suspended.
        Both Williams and Neagle are dumb and that was a handball at the end of the came.
        Hackworth still can’t coach.

      • I played the game all throughout childhood and until I was about 20 and still play for fun. I watch a ton of games and I see that sort of tackle weekly and it is never given a red. He was from the side and barely gets Farfan. Farfan was in no danger of having his ACL torn, overreact more please.

      • If you watch the play a few seconds before Yedlin had 2 reckless tackles in a row, the first missed and the second connected. i think that the red was a result of 2 reckless efforts back to back

      • Sorry but how was the first tackle reckless? He got the ball cleanly, it just happened to bounce back to Farfan.

  3. Dear everyone ever in soccer.

    STOP STUTTER STEPPING YOUR PENALTY KICKS. It not only messes up your rhythm, but a professional keeper rarely ever bites and then you’ve got a single step and no angle to beat the keeper.

  4. Roy Miller is self destructing in an epic way right in front of us. Very sad when fans can tell you what’s going to happen with a player and the coach is oblivious.

    This guy is a clown. Seriously.

  5. The Red Bulls are turning the ball over on nearly a third of their passes in the past 10 minutes. This is god awful.

  6. Let me get this right…

    The attacking midfielder that played for Brazil in the 2010 World Cup against Chile is sitting on the bench behind Michael Farfan, Brian Carrol and Keon Daniel.

    Alrighty then…..

    • It’s hard to believe, although I haven’t seen Kleberson play that I recall. He certainly does have a pedigree and is only 33…

      • He has played a few times, last 20 of a few games and each time has set up 2-3 scoring chances

      • Thanks for the info. I try and watch as much MLS as I can but admit I’m lacking in depth of knowledge for most teams in the league. Appreciate you sharing the insight. Union looked promising today, deserved 3 pts in the end I thought.

  7. the Union attack really just lacks a skilled creator to find the final balls for Jack Mac, Casey, and Le Toux. As weird as it sounds, they really could use Freddy Adu. It’s too bad he didn’t work out in Philly. They look on the cusp of taking a big step as a team to me but I think they’re just missing that something.

    • if Keon Daniel and Marfan are the best Philly has for a creative midfield it’s gonna be a disappointing season.

      • I agree, I think they’re one player away from having a really nice attack tho. A bit thin at the back tho, esp now with Parke pulling a hammy.

    • They have Roger Torres and Jose Kleberson. Both are creative midfielders. Kleberson is working back to fitness but I’d like to see more of him even as a sub. I don’t know why Torres hasn’t seen much of the field this year but for either of them seeing field time is a much needed change.


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