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Puebla acquire Michael Orozco on permanent transfer

MichaelOrozcoPuebla2 (MLSSoccer)


Recently announced on the 35-player provisional list ahead of this summer’s Gold Cup, defender Michael Orozco made permanent his move to Puebla F.C.

A day after letting DaMarcus Beasley go on a free transfer, the Liga MX club announced the permanent signing of Orozco, who has earned five caps for the U.S. Men’s National Team, after spending the Clausura season on loan with Puebla.

Orozco, the goal scorer in the USMNT’s 1-0 victory at Azteca Stadium last August, started in all 19 matches he featured in for Puebla in all competitions, failing to score but going the full 90 on all but three occasions.

What do you make of this news? Like the move to stay with Puebla? Think he could make the final Gold Cup roster?

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  1. MLS needs to raise dps to 4 and for MLS cup champions 5, raise cap and get rid of the allocation process. For instance, MLS can steal ligamx top talent but MLS dumb salary cap and parity rules and calendar. As an example, monterreys suazo and denigris which denigris just signed with chivas, walter ayovi went to pachuca, angel reina is a free agent, omar bravo is back to his level and chivas wants him now, suazo resigned for 5 years, hercules gomez a xolo now, and in reality there is plenty of players who can be real dps from ligamx in MLS. But at the end of the day, MLS TEAMS wont pursue top talent, only midlevel talent from the world. If i was chicago or some top market i would go for kaka, suazo, giovani, tevez, because i know they will teach the team real skills and the fans will love them.

      • Yes 🙂 as a matter of fact, LigaMx is copying MLS in long term plans and present plans. Their new league name, targeting big markets in mexico and players, and they have taken over all the big markets in mexico with relocation and paying up like MLS new teams. Pretty much all their big markets are in division 1 and none in division 2. They have
        Chivas and atlas same city of guadalajara
        Unam, america, cruz azul, in mexico city gorgeous city
        Leon are the timbers of ligamx
        toluca a wealthy city and rich in soccer
        Morelia another gorgeous city
        Pachuca another beautiful city
        Tijuana a mexican american soccerborder city
        Tigres and monterrey in same city,bigger market than mexico city
        Veracruz back in ligamx after paying up a relocation for a team which veracruz is a big soccer market and also gorgeous city
        Santos torreon another big market
        Puebla, a very big market but bad owners
        So ligamx has only 2 markets, atlante in acapulco, jaguares chiapas really bad which will be relegated.
        Ligamx is copying MLS in all terms but nobody mentions anything in the states.

    • I’m not sure 100% sure but I don’t think his tattoo is in Arabic. I believe the script might be in Tengar (Elvish alphabet) which is a created alphabet made famous in The Hobit and Lord of the Rings. It kind of resembes Arabic and Tibetian lettering. Sergio Aguero, Fernando Torres, and few others have tattoos in Tengar.

    • It is definitely in Arabic script, but it might be in Farsi.

      His left arm has the letters mim-alef visible, which says “ma” and means “we” in Farsi.
      It looks like there are other letters after that though so I can’t tell if Ma is the word since the letter alef never connects to a following letter in written Arabic script.

      His other arm visibly reads vav-ein, although there is a letter connecting to the vav that I can’t make out clearly. I don’t have a clue what it might say.

      Clear as mud?

  2. He is a very good player who was victimized by that Nigerian cheat in the ’08 Olympics! I am glad he’s back in the mix for the NT.

  3. good for him. he found a place he can play. good for him.

    now we need Boca, Lichaj, and Beasley to figure out their situations.


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