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Former Man United striker Bellion training with Cosmos ahead of possible deal

DavidBellionBordeaux (Getty)


The New York Cosmos has been rapidly constructing their roster ahead of the NASL fall season, and have already added some name recognition to the squad with the recent addition of Marcos Senna.

Now it appears they could be lining up a move for another familiar name to European soccer fans in the states. Former Manchester United and Bordeaux striker David Bellion has been training with the Cosmos and is looking to secure a deal with the club.

Sources tell SBI that while the training stint is not formally a trial, Bellion is looking to sign on with the NASL side. No offer has been made at the moment, though sources tell is there is some interest in adding him to the club.

A player with Manchester United from 2003 to 2006, Bellion has spent the past seven years in France, on the books at Bordeaux. He has had multiple loan spells with Nice, but the 30-year-old striker has struggled for playing time at Bordeaux and appears ready for a new challenge in the USA.

What do you think of this development? Surprised the Cosmos are attracting interest from European players? Think Bellion would be a good signing?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Maybe Nike wants to have a soccer competition at Citi field with only teams that wear Nike, told Cosmos to step up their game so they can play in this competition and benefit by getting most of the ticket sales.

  2. You had me going until the 2nd to last sentence.

    But in all seriousness, I wish the cosmos haters would tone it down just a little. I’m a Cosmos fan and I don’t believe the NASL will overtake MLS. But I identify with the Cosmos, care about what they’re doing, and am a season ticket holder. If you mean it when you say you want a stronger 2nd division, you need people like me. It would do you well to stop with the snarky attitudes.

  3. I like what the Cosmos are doing. Good for them. Fans appreciate it when you spend money to put quality on the pitch. Strengthening the second division is a win-win for everyone. Maybe if they become good enough, they might be able to turn bring some much-needed attention to the US Open Cup.

      • Enjoy the drive to Hempstead where you can watch some branding experiment play a bunch of tiny second division teams with a global collection of scrubs. Hey maybe they’ll remind you about how Pele played a few games for them 40 years ago. That’s important for some reason.

      • It’s important to people who care about culture and identity. I guess you aren’t one of those people. If the Cosmos played in the street I would still rather support them than NYCFC.

    • That would be why he’s just training with them. They want to have a look. He’s still relatively young, so certianly worth a trial.

  4. I repeat, Cosmos are gonna destroy NASL and that is good. Why? because Cosmos are setting the example for other NASL teams and maybe other NASL teams will open their wallet and go after that kind of talent. Another thing, NASL knows what is doing and Cosmos too, I think Cosmos want MLS and they are sending signals to Garber and NASL knows that. Cosmos will last about 4 to 6 years in NASL, setting the example for other teams and then in 4 to 6 years, if Red Bull dont make it or simply they join MLS after salary cap is up, maybe the DP number would 5 in in 5 years but I can assure myself and others, that Cosmos are sending signals to Garber and they will set the blue print for the NASL.

    Therefore, I see Cosmos being a midtable team from MLS, like earthquakes, rapids, crew and cosmos will be a tough opponent in the US Open Cup.

    Now, the interesting part of Cosmos coming back is, if their stadium plan is approved, then they have a serious future, but if no stadium, then what happens………..its simple, stadium=bright future, no stadium=no resurrection

  5. Good, glad to see them making these moves….hopefully they do well in the US Open Cup when they come into the league and then win it and go to Champions League and have a good showing. That way MLS has to look at them…..I really wish they were going to the MLS. Although I like some of the MLS’ rules they really do have to chance some stuff up.

  6. In my opinion, it’s only a matter of time until the Cosmos join the MLS. Really, I think the only thing they’re waiting for in the stadium to be completed and the deal is as good as done. The NASL is nice yeah, because they don’t have a cap like the MLS, but the Cosmos beating everyone 4-0, 5-0, every game against sub-pro teams is going to get old really fast. If they want to stay in business for the long term, they need the top league. The MLS is growing as well, I’m sure in the coming years the cap will raise and better players will migrate back to the MLS. Plus, if the MLS is trying to become a league that everyone takes seriously, which I feel like they are, then they need the Cosmos just as much as the Cosmos need them. Cosmos are a big money American team with history, NYCFC hopefully becomes a pipeline from one of the top clubs in the world, and hopefully RBNY can stay relevant enough to compete with them. With the RBNY budget I think they can. A three team rivalry in the biggest city in the U.S. is just what the doctor ordered for the MLS.

    • They really only have two players that in theory head and heels above any other player on other NASL rosters.

      The cosmos have Carlos Mendes, the Strikers have a Shavar Thomas

      They have a hunter freeman, Edmonton has David Proctor

      Point being every NASL team has fringe level MLS players on their rosters.

      Can’t say the same for USL

      • Give me a roster besides Orlando on an usl team that’s compares to Ft Lauderdale, Carolina, San Antonio, Tampa Bay or the Cosmos?

      • On the battery, 3 players: josh Wilson, Amadou Sanyang and Jared VanSchaik that could compete on an NASL level.

        But make ur argument for other players on the battery, then please go on and list other teams

      • They can’t afford to pay quality players, unlike the NASL. So how is it that the two leagues have budgets? They’ve guaranteed their stature in US soccer in the third tier by becoming affiliates to MLS and no, they aren’t on equal terms of the NASL financially or in terms of quality of soccer. I’ve gone through, this already. And I think most ppl would agree NASL is superior and the aforementioned reasons are why USL is 3rd div.

    • I really question why you think NYCFC will be so strong in it’s own identity. So far they’ve used nothing but the Man City connection to promote it. Using their colors is insulting enough, but further than that they’ve had twitter contests to win Man City gear. People who signed up for their email list are getting Man City junk mail. Their social media posts use British spelling. The entire thing strikes me as really patronizing and fake. This isn’t like the Arsenal-Colorado Rapids relationship.

      • And that’s because they have the same owner!

        Or the San Jose Tottenham partnership for that matter.

      • If Manchester City used “defense” instead of “defence”, you don’t think fans in England would notice? If they’re going to have a New York identity they can at least try to be good at faking it.

  7. Question for the group,…

    These players are playing USA second division. Not quite retiring, but sure as hell not polishing themselves for a world cup roster.

    So how does this work exactly? How much pull does the Cosmos name have?

    Do we think its’ worth a couple thousand off each contract, or what? How are they getting MLSish players?

    • Money. Money. Money. Pay more then what they would get in Europe and more then what a MLS team would be willing to pay. These guys aren’t DP’s so MLS teams can’t justify the spending on them even if they are good enough to play in MLS they would command more money then a MLS budget can fit. While I do think the Cosmos are trying to be a super club which in theory is great. They don’t seem to understand that this isn’t a soccer crazy country. Trying to spend all this money on a sport that doesn’t have national traction yet is silly. Your going to spend tons on a sport people still don’t watch in mass. While MLS may drive us nuts with their lack of spending, they understand the situation that soccer is in, in this country. Its popular enough to grab peoples attention on the national level but club wise its way behind even sports like golf. You have to make do till you can do better. The Cosmos seem to think throwing a ton of money at a problem will fix it or accelerate soccer’s popularity but they will find out that money can’t fix cultures. Ask the NFL how NFL Europe worked out for them.

      • The Cosmos have only one way to get to”super club” status and that’s thru the US Open Cup. CCL and maybe World Cup of clubs will bring them the international fame that they dream off.

    • They’re getting MLS-ish players because they’re willing to pay MLS-ish salaries for so far, one player. And I wonder how MLS-ish they are if they’re signing for us anyway. If MLS were interested in Senna I’m sure they have the resources to outbid us.

      For professional soccer players, the Cosmos name I’m sure has zero to do with why they choose to sign. If they have to play in the NASL, I’m sure it’s the option to live in New York while they do it that attracts them to the Cosmos rather than say, Minnesota United.

  8. It’s crazy to see how hopped up everyone is about this. You would think this team was either the next best Barça or the antichrist….

  9. So, the Cosmos have reportedly referred to MLS as an “outdated model” and I can agree with that to an extent. However, they’re certainly following the MLS blueprint with these signings.

      • Billion was a disaster at Man U. He’s been a disaster at Bordaux, so mu ch that they have to loan him out as it seems no one will buy. No way he does “we’ll” in NASL just because you view it as a league inferior to MLS. News Flash: Bellion is inferior to MLS.

      • Billion wasn’t a disaster at bordeux or any other club. Just extremely inconsistent.

        Peguy luyindula has been quite the “disaster” himself yet he’s still managed to land himself on the red bulls, where he’s been quite the disaster hasn’t he?

      • The most goals Bellion ever had in any season in his career is 7. As a forward I call that a disaster. And at Man U he was an unmitigated disaster. How many goals does Peguy luyindula have? And if you’re using NYRB for help a claim about talented player decisions it’s obvious debating you is a waste of time.

      • 12 actually in in his first season at Bordeaux. At because he didn’t break through at one of the biggest clubs in the world he’s a disaster? Ur right about that one ppl who don’t succeed at Man U never have any success then on.

        How many goals does luyindula have? In his 180 appearances at PSG in 5 yrs? 37.

        Comparing though to is very plausible because they’ve both had their ups and downs with big teams in the French league and now find themselves in N. America at the tail end of their careers.I really don’t know what u mean with that last part about red bull talented player decisions.

      • You are not a quality player when you are a 30 year old Frenchman and are forced to join a second division team in the United States.

  10. I think if the Cosmos keep this up we’ll be unstoppable on the field. Hopefully other NASL teams are inspired to step up their game.

    • Wow. How. There no one on Orlando’s roster that has any sort of pedigree like Senna or Bellion.

      NASL rosters are fine and will be able to compete. Stop hating on the cosmos and NASL because ur a fan of…i don’t even know what

      • your team is NYCFC. what team? Who’s on the squad? Where are they playing? You the troll begging for people to create supporter’s club?

        BTW, u are the first acknowledge NYCFC fan, hooray & boohoo.

        May I borrow your looking glass?

      • God go away and make some friends at a soccer game that’s actually fields a team.

      • This sounded very good until you mentioned NYCFC being a real team. And what exactly does “supporting” them entail?

      • There was the Borough Boys but then they decided they did not want to support a team in the 5 BOROUGHS any longer and got behind some lower league team, I am not sure which one.

      • Dillon, Borough Boys never supported NYCFC, some of them were once supporter’s of RBNY or I should say Metrostars, they have always been a Cosmos’ Supporter’s group since the clubs rebirth, along w/ Sagan’s Army, & La Banda Del Cosmos, I’m sure I am leaving out a few others.

        RBNY have several Supporter’s groups

        NYCFC has no supporter’s group I’ve heard of. Maybe someone will educate me if I m wrong.

      • Why is he delusional to mention that the NASL wants to improve the quality of play on the field, and that they have aspirations to some day be quality product like MLS wants to be in world football? Why? It is good for both league to challenge each other.

    • Why wouldn’t the other teams be able to step up? I’m a Cosmos supporter but we aren’t the only team in the NASL with potential. The fact that the Cosmos are going to be competitive should be motivation for them to be more ambitious. I remember the day after Fly Emirates was announced Rowdies fans were saying the same thing. They want to see their teams make big moves too. We should be raising the standard if we want 2nd division to get stronger, not settling for what we have.

  11. Decent player, really fast, or at least he used to be, he has never been a consistent goal scorer though perhaps at NASL level that will be different. Not sure if he’s past it, it sort of seems like he might be, havent honestly seen him play for probably 4-5 years though I also dont watch much French footy.

  12. You are correct that it is important that the lower division grows. At the same time, it is just as important that the lower division realizes that it is, in fact, the “lower” division.

    • No, that is not true. They are not a lower division club the way you are mentioning it. Yes, they are lower quality than MLS, but they want to improve the quality on the field in order to get a tv contract for the league. The Cosmos are working on that plan. They will share the wealth like the epl, but not like mls.

    • All this NASL is in trouble are just you MLS fanboys quaking. Why would you not be happy to see D2 reach new heights? Just a few yrs ago everyone expected NASL to fold. On this sight you quite fume w/ hatred for the Cosmos which I believe is secret envy that Cosmos are not part of your MLS.

      Cosmos Cosmos Cosmos, yet you fail to speak of the FuryFc, Indy11, Cavalry FC all solid expansion teams w/ solid owners creating good market for their squad.

      Waits until Fluminese of Brazil buys the Railhawks.

      You guys hardly speaks bout your team.

      My teams is the Cosmos

      • Yes the NASL or whatever the current name for Division 2 is almost folds every couple years. It is just a matter of time before it almost folds again. There is a reason why an independently operated minor league has never been successful beyond single A unaffiliated minor league baseball.

    • Unless you have a true promotion/relegation you don’t have to consider yourself ‘lower’ division. I hope get a side together that will beat any MLS side.


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