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Cahill eyeing winter loan move before World Cup

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With the 2014 World Cup looming next summer, New York Red Bulls forward Tim Cahill is already considering plans to help prepare him for Brazil.

The Socceroos midfielder helped his nation qualify automatically with a 1-0 victory over Iraq on June 18, and with the long offseason in Major League Soccer spanning from early December to the start of March, Cahill is considering returning to the Premier League to keep match fitness.

“Footballers need to play,” Cahill told the Herald Sun. “That’s what I did before I came into the Socceroos World Cup qualifying campaign and I think when you’re playing and keeping fit you’re keeping that momentum there. It’s the best thing for any player.

“My first option would be to go on loan to the Premier League or somewhere in Europe,” Cahill said.

The subject of a winter loan move to England is nothing new for Cahill, who made similar proclamations a year ago only to have the Red Bulls balk at any winter loans for Cahill or Thierry Henry.

Cahill spent eight years at Everton FC before moving to the Red Bulls in July 2012. With a new manager taking charge of the Toffees after David Moyes’ departure to Manchester United, it is unclear just where in Europe Cahill would seek a loan to.

Cahill looks non-committal about a decision, with plenty of time before the end of the MLS season, and currently working to overcome a groin injury suffered in the last match he played in Sydney, Australia.

What do you make of this report? Would you be in favor of a winter loan for Cahill? Do you see the Red Bulls allowing him to go abroad?

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  1. Why does he need to play all winter? If he starts playing with RBNY in March he should be fine for the World Cup. I wouldn’t let him do it. He’s getting paid over $3m a year, his priority should be RBNY and Australia, not this nonsense.

  2. why don’t you focus on your current team and winning MLS cup you prick. Think about world cup, loan and etc after the end of the season!!!!!!!!!

  3. Let him play. Put language in the Loan to protect your investment.

    Cahill’s International play and WC play raises the NYRB profile. WIn – Win.

    An Unhappy and out of form player is a Lose – Lose.

  4. So, Cahill would not be in consideration for a move back to Merseyside because Moyes is out, but Martinez, who knows Cahill as well is in?? I’m sure the boys and the fans would love to have him back and Martinez would do well to reunite him, if anything for the emotional boost of having a revered (sp) former toffee back home.

  5. As long as he’s back for the march kickoff in one piece fine by me. I would not be happy with him having a 6 month loan, but a 3 month Donovan or Keane type loan is ok.

    • The fact is that these international stars playing in a lower league that doesn’t play nearly as much as other leagues, need to stay fit before tournaments. I don’t blame any of them for wanting a loan. It’s not about money. It’s not about prestige. It’s simply them wishing to keep in shape and at the top of their game.

      Blame MLS for not extending the season or offering more ways for them to play.


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