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Five-star Revs demolish dreadful Galaxy

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After last week’s 4-0 rout of the Seattle Sounders, many wondered if the Los Angeles Galaxy could recreate that offensive performance without striker Robbie Keane and against a defense that had recorded back-to-back shutouts.

On Sunday, the defending champions’ performance looked more like their midweek U.S. Open Cup loss than their prime time blowout win over Seattle.

Playing without Keane and starting centerback Omar Gonzalez, the Galaxy gave up three goals in the final three minutes of regulation time as the New England Revolution defeated the Galaxy, 5-0, at Gillette Stadium.

Once again, Diego Fagundez was the star for the Revolution. The teenage midfielder assisted on the Revs’ first two goals and grabbed one of his own just before being subbed off. His 87th-minute strike extended his scoring streak to four straight MLS matches.

Fagundez’s first assist was to Saer Sene, who was making his first start since his ACL injury back in August 2012. The French striker made Los Angeles pay for their missed chances early on, finishing a quick counter attack with an excellent finish near post. The 33rd-minute goal was Sene’s first since his return from the injury.

The Galaxy continued their tight grip on possession into the second half, but a controversial call and some quick thinking from the Revs put them two goals back in the 71st minute.

Referee Fotis Bazakos overruled a call from his assistant referee near the sideline, turning a Galaxy throw-in into a Revolution free kick. Fagundez quickly took the free kick and passed the ball to Lee Nguyen, who wrong-footed Carlo Cudicini with a cutback shot through the legs of defender Tommy Meyer.

Fagundez put the match out of reach towards the end of regular time, finishing off a one-two with substitute Kelyn Rowe for New England’s third goal.

Rowe capped the match off with a stoppage time assist to former Galaxy man Chad Barrett and adding a curling goal moments before the final whistle.

New England (5-4-4) continue their four-match home stand next Saturday with a meeting with struggling D.C. United. Los Angeles (6-5-2) will hit the road on that same day for a match with Real Salt Lake.

Here are the match highlights:


  1. Juan Agudelo, Lee Nyugen, Fagundez are problems for any defense in MLS. They are beating team convincingly, without PK’s or set pieces. With the addition of Agudelo something just happened to this team (because the rest of the players were always there…hahahaha). Very entertaining…..with Montreal, Timbers, Whitecaps all playing quality/entertaining soccer at a higher level, MLS is on the rise, and it’s not just the RSL’s, the Galaxy’s, the Dynamo’s, the Earthquakes and the NYRB’s anymore…..difference between a 2-0 win and a 2-0 loss in this league is slim

  2. Honestly I think I’ll buy my MLS Cup tickets now, like anyone will remember this result when the Galaxy are lifting that third straight cup. You also rans enjoy it while you can.

  3. Galaxy were awful. That backline was totally outplayed, Hector can’t serve a decent ball into the area even when he’s not defended (and teams leave him to make plays seemingly knowing he can’t), and Mike Magee is gravely missed

    Landon looking better every game tho but the Galaxy are horrible on the road all year so far

    • Looks like so far and in the short term the Fire have the better end of the deal. Magee has two goals for Chicago. The western conference says thanks to Chicago for holding out for Magee.

    • I only caught 20 min or so of the game, but was a little shocked at some of the poor touches from Donovan. It was the first I’ve seen him since he’s back and was admittedly a short sample, but wow. He has a long way to go.

      • I guess it depends on which 20 minutes you saw…, the touch to spring Zardes early was sublime.

      • Ok glad to hear that, it was later in the 2nd half I was watching. So maybe some consistency/fitness issues stemming from the layoff, certainly understandable. Hard not to think about what a “2010 Donovan” could add to the nice attacking display the USMNT put on Germany. Rooting for him to get back in form.

  4. Our Immigration Policy is such a joke. We hand out citizenship like candy to people from 3rd world countries like Adu and Agbossoumonde yet someone from a first world country like Uruguay can’t get citizenship after living here most of their lives?

    • Gale Agbossoumonde’s family was forced out of his home country of Togo for fear of death or worse. He was accepted to our country as a refugee because that is who we are. That is what we do. We take those who have nowhere else with open arms and borders.

      Fagundez is the son of a professional athlete from a near-first world nation under no duress of persecution. His family is wealthy and he is young. Who knows how involved he has been in attaining citizenship if he was even interested until recently.

      If your response to someone escaping war and hell is that they are not welcome then you should a long, hard look at your life, your values and then educate yourself on why this country was founded–as a home for those escaping persecution of religious and cultural identities.

      • Adu – Ghana = 3rd World Country, not so skilled people
        Agbossoumonde – Togo = 3rd World Country = not so smart people

        Fagundez – Uruguay = 1st World Country = Smart People

        And in Soccer:

        Uruguay > Ghana and Togo

      • Jason:

        You might want to put the shovel down before you are in a hole that you can’t dig yourself out of. Both of your comments show an unbelievable amount of ignorance in spreading false information (1st post), and what could be considered racism (2nd post).

    • Of course you realize that naturalization as a US Citizen for those who legally immigrate to the United States of America is available after 5 years of residence. Any failure to apply for naturalization by an individual who came to this country from Uruguay as a child who undoubtedly rest with the parents of that individual.

      I trust that this explains any misconceptions you might have about the naturalization process.

      • Reality is that his parents weren’t here legally, so they couldn’t qualify for a Green Card.

    • Uruguay has highest standard living in Latin America and most EU countries now, food is cheap (especially beef), school is free, children have free laptop with free internet, and Uruguay has lowest crime in Americas. You can’t compare Uruguay standards with Western Africa countries.

      Note : I was born Uruguay, but U.S. citizen now.

  5. So which dp is coming to the rescue, kaka,ronaldinho, russian power, tevez, drogba, lampard, bocanegra, rooney or ? Superman, asa akira, homer.

  6. Donovan didn’t know the call had gone the other way. He had his back to the ref when the call was reversed. Other Galaxy players however were looking at the ref. Donovan thought it was a thrown in for the Galaxy.

  7. I was there tonight and I’m so happy with what I’m seeing. This team has some serious talent, and it seems like it’s starting to come together. Sene looked dangerous tonight for the first time since his ACL injury, and that’s just another huge piece to the attack. Fagundez is the real deal, and combines so well with the players around him.

    On another note I thought Robbie Rogers looked decent, he was always going to be rusty after such a long time away. It was cool to see him play though, I have so much respect for the guy.

      • Because just playing takes a lot of guts. Until everyone knows it’s no big deal to be openly gay and playing professionally, it’s a big deal. I was one a number of NE fans tonight who stood up for him when he came on.

      • That is, respect to you for offering support to Robbie Rogers. We all love our clubs, and it’s no fun to lose 5-0, but your show of class takes some of the sting out of the result for this Galaxy supporter.

  8. Landon Donovan is lucky that he’s Landon Donovan. A lesser known player is probably ejected for that tirade he threw after he fell asleep on the quick restart goal.


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