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The SBI Show: Episode 41 (A look back at USA-Panama, U.S. Open Cup, MLS Week 16, and more)

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In the wake of the U.S. Men’s National Team’s most impressive performance of the Jurgen Klinsmann era, the SBI Show takes a look back at the team’s 2-0 victory vs. Panama last Tuesday.

Along with looking at the players who stood out for the U.S. vs. Panama, co-host Garrett Cleverly and I discuss the memorable night in Seattle, and the state of the USMNT as it sits atop the CONCACAF Hexagonal standings.

We also discuss the U.S. Open Cup, which featured some upsets in the fourth round, as well as looking at MLS Week 16. Among the other topics covered on the show include the New York Cosmos and the sorry state of Chivas USA.

Lastly, we also have another Q&A segment, which includes questions about Sporting KC, the U.S. left back options vs. Honduras, and how the atmosphere in Seattle for USA-Panama compared to other USMNT matches (I also offer up my picks for most memorable USMNT home matches I’ve been to.)

Make sure to give the show a listen. Here is Episode 41 of The SBI Show:

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What did you think of the show? Agree with our take on USA-Panama? Impressed with Orlando City’s run to the U.S. Open Cup quarterfinals? Think it’s time for MLS to step in and save Chivas USA? Who do you see winning the big Portland-FC Dallas match-up this weekend?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Great show guys! I submitted a review on iTunes. What is the name of the song at the end of the show? It was cool.

    Looking forward to being at the RioT on Tuesday! Go USA!

  2. Not sure how to leave a review on itunes, but I like the show. Has Garrett ever had an intimate encounter with a non-pet? I know he lives in AZ where they don’t have basements, but I imagine if he did, he’d be living in his mom’s basement. BTW, his mom is a total cougar.

    • That was my mistake. Had just watched the replay and swore I’d heard the announcer say Howard would miss the next match. WHen I watched it over, I realized what happened was Ian Darke talked about the Beasley yellow card at the time Tim Howard was being booked. Howard is not suspended.

  3. Finally got to the end of the podcast. The thought of a scarf was almost enough for me to download the evil that is iTunes to write a review but not quite enough. Can you write a review without iTunes? I couldn’t figure out a way on the site.

  4. Arshavin would have been a hilarious guest on this, I can only imagine what he would say. Also nice burp Garrett, sounded like you were in trouble there for a moment




    Man, love love love this track. People sleep on Grand Puba to this day, though that new Sadat X album is pretty decent. ALL FOR ONE, BRAND NUBIAN! Great stuff, IG.

  6. Consider me one of the guys criticizing Beasley. Is he getting the job done and providing a good offensive spark at the LB position? Yes, without question. I’m not too worried about he starting against most of the teams in concacaf. However, and maybe I’m wrong, I regularly see him taking poor angles and making poor tackles. The only reason he isn’t getting crapped on as much as Gonzo is because when he makes a bone head defending play he has a bit more space and another teammate to help him out. He generally recovers due to his speed but when we get to the world cup and he is much more likely to be defending against someone who has both the technical ability to exploit his average defending AND the speed to keep him from recovering I see him getting used. I’d rather have the defensive responsibilities of the left back be the priority over the offensive responsibilities once we start hitting competition noticeably better than us.

    All that being said I readily admit there are few options other than FJ to put back there and, at least until another LM surpasses him, FJ is needed in the midfield. Thats why I’m hoping Castillo gets the nod at LB so we can see if he might be able to pass Beasley on the depth chart and provide some more defensive chops. Its not a given of course but you’d assume a natural defender would have more consistent positioning and tackling skills instead of a converted midfielder.

    • ‘at least until another LM surp@sses him, FJ is needed in the midfield.’

      exactly, which is why i’m wondering why we haven’t really tried beasley out in midfield, which is his natural position. i think, especially considering that fabian hasn’t really shone at LM, that beasley could easily be better there than fabian.

      and while noting that beasley has also held his own against germany and belgium (not just concacaf), i agree with you: i think that he’s done well so far, but he’s playing on borrowed time; he makes too many mistakes to be our starting LB at the world cup.

  7. Great show! Big props to Ives for his commentary,…informed, measured,…provides great perspective on various issues (Beasely/left back situation, team’s progress under Klinsman, US Open Cup, etc.). Garret did nice job moving the discussion along with his questions (though let’s forget his “knife to gunfight” comment!).

    Man,…I was in Denver,…but do I wish I was in Seattle. Let me tell you folks,…echoing Alexander’s comment above….in the 80’s US soccer was in the wilderness. There is no other federation that has come so far (on and off the field) in the past 25 years. Results on the field,…great organization, coverage of matches. Wow!

    Great stuff!

  8. Great show!

    As a long time U.S. soccer fan, going back to the darkest days of the 1980s soccer. I join the American Outlaws support group and with social media Face Book is connecting USMNT & MLS Soccer supporters all over the U.S.

    I agree with you show comments that Bradley MVP for the game. Cameron cover down for Bradley to more up on an offensive attack creating more opportunities.

    The blizzard storm in Denver set from heaven symbolized that US Soccer arrived. Pay attention to the team. There is something special with this team.

    The JAM WCQ away win! A difficult task for any team set the mine set confidence needed to move the team forward to the Panama game.

    Watching the game on TV I was in tears all choke-up threw the entire coverage. It’s only going to get better.


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