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The SBI Show: Episode 44 (Talking USMNT Gold Cup roster; U.S. Under-20 World Cup team; and more)

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With so much to discuss in the American Soccer landscape, the SBI Show is kicking things up to a new gear, with a mid-week show being added to the rotation.

Episode 44 of The SBI Show takes a look at the U.S. Gold Cup squad, which will be revealed on Thursday. Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I discuss the options Jurgen Klinsmann has, the players we should expect to see, and those who could be a surprise.

We also delve into the U.S. Under-20 Men’s National Team, which faces a do-or-die match against Ghana (yes, again) in the final group match of their Under-20 World Cup campaign. A victory against Ghana would all but ensure a place in the Round of 16 for the Americans.

Among the other topics on the docket are the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open Cup, Danny Williams’ move to Reading FC and the latest installment of The SBI Show.

Give Episode 44 of the SBI Show a listen after the jump:

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What did you think of the show? Agree with our take on the USMNT Gold Cup roster? See the U.S. Under-20s beating Ghana? Like the Danny Williams move to Reading?

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  1. Would you please discuss what it would take for the USA to be a top seed at the World Cup? As you know, the 32 WC teams are divided into four groups prior to the cup. The groups go from the strongest 8 teams (including the host) to the weakest 8. Each of the 8 groups of 4 that play amongst each other in the first round of the Cup is made up of one team from each of the four seeding groups. It would help the USA’s chances to be seeded in the top group but Mexico always seems to beat us out whether we have a demonstrably better team or not. Top seeding could make the difference between having a team like Spain as the US’s strongest opponent in the first round vs. having a weaker team like New Zealand.

    The implications of where we are seeded could mean that even though we have done well in qualifications so far and it appears that we’ll go to the World Cup the final qualification games might make a difference in our chances of going into the later rounds. For example, when we play Mexico in Columbus this far do we need to beat them so that perhaps they won’t qualify? Or doesn’t it matter?


    St. Paul, mn

  2. Hey Ives, Love the podcast. I am a big fan and long time reader.

    One note though…

    Its obvious Garret doesn’t know soccer like you do, and he doesn’t always say the right things, but i don’t believe its necessary to point out his every time he makes a comment on something. It was more noticeable on this episode than the others. There has to be a better way then to always correct your co-host.

    Again, love the podcast overall..keep it up man

  3. “too long”? lol, how about stop listening if you don’t want to hear anymore?… the hell is wrong with you people.

  4. Completely off-topic, but why do you think Arsenal signed Park Chu-Young? He seemed to have a good scoring record with South Korea and then again with Monaco, but wasn’t even given a chance for Arsenal. 10 minutes total. Had scored in the Carling Cup against Bolton, looked dangerous in other games, but was never given a chance and after his loan to Celta Vigo failed, it seems as if his professional career is all but over in a top flight European league.

  5. Why do you say a win for the US would almost assure advancing? Presently the US is 6th among the 3rd place teams and only 4 advance. Only Mali with 2 pts looks susceptible to a US win. Iraq still has 2 games to play and the others need only a tie. The goal difference does not help the US.

    • Depends on what happens later to Croatia and Iraq, but, it doesn’t look good for the US. We need to win, and beyond that, at least 1 team among the top 4 at the end of today needs to drop points. Croatia is probably going to beat New Zealand, putting them at least 6 pts. The chance that one of 3 teams is going to lose is going to be acceptable, but drawing will put the US at risk of losing to goal differential.

      Honestly our best chance is to hope that Spain whoops France to set back their goal, and we beat Ghana, putting us 2nd in the group.

    • It’s not impossible for USA to go out on four points but a lot would have to happen for them to be eliminated with 4 points. What the stands are right now matter little since we’re talking about what the scenarios are if USA beats Ghana. They need two third place teams to fall short of 4 points, which is entirely possible. Though funny enough, USA might have to root for Mexico.


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