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The SBI Show: Episode 43 (Talking USMNT, MLS Week 17, and more)

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With the U.S. Men’s National Team having torn through World Cup qualifying on their way to a perfect 4-0 month, Episode of The SBI Show takes a look back at the U.S. qualifying win vs. Honduras, as well as an overall look back at the team’s climb to the top of the CONCACAF HEX standings.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I look back at the U.S. win at Rio Tinto Stadium, as well as which USMNT players saw their stock go up the most after June’s qualifiers. We also take a look ahead to the next phase of CONCACAF qualifiers.

We also discuss MLS Week 17, including Portland’s impressive unbeaten streak and Mike Magee’s continued goal-scoring run.

Give Episode 43 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

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What did you think of the show? Excited about the USMNT’s success in qualifying? Disappointed in the U.S. Under-20 National Team’s World Cup performances? Starting to buy into the Portland Timbers as a title contender?

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  1. Excellent show as usual. By the way, I like the length of the shows. To me, it’s right in that place where it’s not over too soon, but it doesn’t drag on forever. In any case, I’m looking forward to having three shows in a week. Thanks for all the work you two put into the podcasts…

  2. love the show, I was sitting there all week hitting the refresh button on my podcast app…but no SBI show!! I didn’t feel like complaining since there was a lot of soccer on TV to watch to keep me busy.

  3. Yedlin needs to be on the WC roster as a backup right back. The kid is a beast on the wing. he can defend and is something special on offense. I worry that the U-20 team is pretty undersized. I was amazed at how Hispanic the team was. Not saying anything is wrong with that but given all the options, it make you wonder who was making the selections. It says a lot about how future USMNTs will look.

  4. Dude…it’s the World Cup in Brazil. No need to wait for the US to qualify. Even if they don’t qualify somehow it will be the most fun place on Earth.

  5. EH, I prefer the show with no guests. It is nice to hear from a USMNT player once in a while, but I like them better without a guest.

  6. This message is for number 1 super RSL fan Garrett Cleverly. Minute 30: “Kyle Beckerman’s goal UN-BELIEVABLE”. Come on Number 1 RSL guy, Beckerman poached a deflected ball and punched it in from six feet out. At most, you could say it was a great finish on an opportunistic chance. It would have been un-believeable if he had not converted. What is very believable is that #1 super RSL Fan GC thought that such a feat was UN-BELIEVABLE.

  7. Awesome show fellas, as usual. One suggestion – I’d love to see more journo guests, i.e. Dave Martinez, Franco Panizo, other SBI or MLS contributors. One of the best parts of Seeing Red is when other writers come on and provide their insight and perspective. Just a thought.

  8. Hey, Ives,

    Just a suggestion, as most people, or maybe just me, don’t have time to listen to the entire show. Do you think you could put time markers for different topics throughout the show? I think you’d have better viewing numbers as well as more conversation. Thanks

      • It’s not working for me. Instead of seeing the soundcloud app I see the following:

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        Here are some suggestions:

        Reload this webpage later.

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