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Soccer Friday: Your Running Commentary

RonaldoPortugalRussia1 (AFP)


World Cup qualifiers run the gamut on Friday with no less than 25 matches taking place around the globe. The outcomes of these matches could have far reaching effects on the rest of qualifying for the 2014 World Cup.

On the European continent, Portugal hosts Russia looking for revenge after falling, 1-0, last October in Moscow, while Belgium hosts Serbia in a game that could determine the qualifying group winner in.

In South America, the qualification matches are headlined by new Monaco forward Radamel Falcao Garcia’s trip to the Estadio Monumental in Buenos Aires to take on Lionel Messi and Argentina.

A top of the Hexagonal group clash tonight occurs in CONCACAF qualifying as Mexico returns home to play Panama, surprising leaders in the region until Tuesday night’s result in Jamaica.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):

12pm – ESPN3 – Finland vs. Belarus

12pm – ESPN3 – Azerbaijan vs. Luxembourg

12pm – ESPN3 – Armenia vs. Malta

12:30pm – ESPN3 – Latvia vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina

1:45pm – ESPN3 – Lithuania vs. Greece

2pm – ESPN3 – Liechtenstein vs. Slovakia

2:15pm – ESPN3 – Moldova vs. Poland

2:15pm – ESPN3 – Croatia vs. Scotland

2:30pm – ESPN3 – Albania vs. Norway

2:30pm – ESPN3 – Montenegro vs. Ukraine

2:45pm – GolTV – Austria vs. Sweden

2:45pm – ESPN3 – Belgium vs. Serbia

2:45pm – ESPN – Czech Republic vs. Italy

3pm – ESPN3 – Iceland vs. Slovenia

3:45pm – ESPN3 – Portugal vs. Russia

4pm – beIN Sport – Bolivia vs. Venezuela

6:05pm – beIN Sport – Argentina vs. Colombia

8:10pm – beIN Sport en Español – Paraguay vs. Chile

9:30pm – beIN Sport – Jamaica vs. United States

10pm – beIN Sport en Español – Costa Rica vs. Honduras

10pm – Telemundo – Panama vs. Mexico


  1. Soccerlogic:
    – Scotland just beat Croatia 1-0
    – Croatia is the #4 ranked team in the world
    – USA beat Scotland 5-1
    – USA is the best team in the world!!!

  2. Waiting for Argentina/Columbia after watching Euro qualifying this afternoon. Bolivia/Venezuela winding down on beIn. This one is tough to watch.

  3. Decent from the Czechs. They are only one point behind the Bulgarians for 2nd in the group. They had the better of the chances in the second half.

    This has become a very good group because of the way Bulgaria are playing and Denmark is still right there.

  4. balotelli’s second yellow was exactly what I expect from him–he reaches around and grabs the face of a guy he’s going up with for a 50/50

    and then his UFC fight with the walls in the tunnel? wouldn’t be shocked to hear he’s out with broken hands and a foot.

    • He is frustrating. Love watching him play and he can be such an elegant striker. But like many strikers, he is a drama queen and more so, he does this wacky cr*p once in a while. It’s a measure of how good he is that clubs and the national team keep using him.

      • agree. that goal vs. Germany in the Euro 2012 is a great example of his quality, but what a liability potential at any time for the team he’s on…makes too many selfish decisions on the field

      • I feel bad for Balotelli today. That second yellow was very soft. And if I were his coach, I wouldn’t care that he’s upset enough to punch a wall when he walks out the tunnel. It shows he cares.

      • his reputation precedes him, so it’s a different standard on him, I’ll give you that, but not absurd that he got that second yellow for that after having just been carded and warned minutes before; he dared the ref to card him again, and he did

  5. Buffon comes up big to save the best chance so far after having nothing to do for 60+ minutes. not the most exciting game is Italy-Czech Republic so far

  6. and Austria up 2-0 on Sweden? What IS going on with Sweden? They are not having a good qualifying run to this point.

  7. Russia and Portugal are also on ESPN Deportes. Going to start any minute now and should be good. Italy game still at nil nil.

  8. My god make Taylor Twellman go away. That was the dumbest thing he’s said in games.

    “When Balotelli is on, Italy is unstoppable.”

    • LOL, that does not sounds too bad (other than an exageration) but i know what you mean. He says the darnest things.

      • I just picked up bein on time warner as part of the sports package for $9. Doesn’t get me spanish language bein (or gol). Those 2 would cost $9 more a month as theyre part of the spanish language package, and not sports. Attempts to explain to time warner that they are sports channels fell on deaf ears (as expected).

  9. I’m most interested in the Belgium v Serbia game.

    What kind of repercussions does the Czech Rep. v Italy game have for those teams?


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