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USA 2, Jamaica 1: Field Level Highlights

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  1. again, why didn’t EJ chip that final ball over Ricketts? i know he’s trying to run out the clock, but in the BeIn highlights, it shows that ricketts was almost at the top of his box when EJ gets taken down.

  2. Loved it. The speed of the game is so fast. I love how when one player gets smoked like Evans did on the first half another ilk Howard is there to cut off the cross. Dempsey didn’t look too happy with Fabien’s shot early on. C’mon Captain. Support your mates, ,lol. I am so pumped for tonight.

    • Kind of unfair to compare BeIn Sport’s commentary with any kind of noise. Jackhammers would have been better. Feedback? Great and more informative!

      • I prefer that Bein Sport’s guy to Ian Darke. He tends, IMO, to give more objective and balanced insight into the game. I also like Cobi Jones.

      • Bein sports is fine. Some people just won’t be happy unless their soccer commentary has an English accent.

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