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Jones cleared to play vs. Honduras

Jermaine Jones

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Jurgen Klinsmann received some good news a day ahead of a crucial World Cup qualifier.

U.S. Soccer announced that Jermaine Jones has been cleared to play in Tuesday night’s World Cup qualifying match against Honduras, in Salt Lake City, after passing the “return to play” protocol following a concussion suffered on June 7.

Jones suffered his concussion during the match against Jamaica, forcing the 31-year-old Schalke midfielder out of the 2-0 win against Panama last Tuesday.

What do you make of this news? Do you expect Jones back in the starting XI on Tuesday night?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Of course, if Jones is 100% he should start. But it’s only been what 11 days since he was knocked out cold? I don’t seen how he can be completely recovered and no way he should even play unless it was like a WC match or something. Ask Taylor Twellman about concussions.

  2. I totally respect what Jones brings to the table. However, Geoff alongside Michael produce a dynamic type of offensive soccer. That produced two goals against Panama. Rest him one

    more game bring Jones in for the crucial Mexico game at home.

  3. Maybe I’m missing something, but doesn’t cleared to play mean he has no additional risk. If he’s cleared to play by the medical staff that means he can go 100%, no restraints. They don’t partially clear you, where you need to be careful. You’re either good to go or you’re not.

  4. Jones: Bradley plays deeper and destruction of opponent moves is bloodier. Jones brings a bite and toughness to the center of the park necessary when playing against teams like Germany who tend to intimidate opponents as well as outplay them. The flow of the game is choppier with Jones because there are more fouls more restarts and more errant passes. Against Honduras with its strength in the center of midfield Jones can make it a war zone for the Hondurans that pull the strings.

    Cameron: There is less history to inform analysis of the Cameron effect. Bradley was much higher and more offensive minded with Cameron. Cameron tends to win the ball more cleanly, fouling less and playing quickly from deeper positions. This created immediate transition opportunities. Against Panama the Yanks were much more of a transition team. The first goal was a masterpiece of the transition game. Not sure I’ve seen that with Jones in midfield. Perhaps Jones can play a long ball of the quality displayed by Cameron, we haven’t seen it on the International level. Even Bradley has not been able to produce a pass like that. Not sure Cameron will have the same success against two very good central midfielders in Honduras.

    I’d be happy with either player, though stylistically I like the way Cameron influenced the US transition game.

  5. I am disappointed. I wanted to see Geoff alongside Michael one more game. With the way Cameron played, and the risks associated with concussions, I was hoping Jones would sit this out and hit the beach for the summer.

  6. Jones plays te highest level club ball on the entire team. Only Bradley and Dempsey are close. I think that will be critical this time next year. And probably also for the next two qualifiers after this one vs Costa Rica away and vs Mexico.

    That said, I want to see Cameron and Bradley a second time. Tomorrow seems like a good chance given the concussion. And it wouldn’t be the first time that subbing off a better player do a worse one made the team better. I would start Cameron.

  7. I think it depends on how fit Jones is and if he was precautionarily held out for a headache or if he is any risk. If he had to sit a few days and has lost fitness, Cameron. If there’s any chance he’s still symptomatic, Cameron. If this was just precaution over a headache, and he was running while everyone else was playing, I think Honduras is a stern test and people are a tad overboard on a + and – Cameron performance.

  8. Whether Camron or Jones plays I feel pretty comfortable about how they’ve played in the midfield. Of course, Jones has paired up with MB in the midfield more often than Cameron, even though he had a good performance against Panama. I’d keep Cameron out there but if Jones feels ready that decision is up to Klinnsmann. Honduras isn’t Panama and even with their injuries/suspensions the U.S. shouldn’t look pass them. Play some good soccer to get the 3 points at home and seperate ourselves from the rest of our competitors.

  9. Cameron played very well against Panama but with the same group of players Jermaine Jones played well against Germany. With Zusi back in the line up it will be the exact same team that registered 4 goals against a good German side with the exception of Beasley. If we Boss Honduras the same way we did Panama then the USMNT is going to be a force to be reckoned with in Brazil, and the only way to know that is to keep the line-up the same.


    —Fabian Johnson——————-Dempsey——————–Zusi—————-

    ——————-Michael Bradley—————–Jermaine Jones——————-



    Substitutes: Johnson for Zusi, Cameron for Jermaine Jones and someone on standby for Castillo……just incase Honduras found the key to unlock our defense from the left!!!

  10. See Klinsmann’s latest comments on the ussoccer website, he mentions the Bradley-Jones pairing in midfield as a strong one and then Cameron as alternative. I’d be shocked if Jones wasn’t starting tomorrow.

  11. And I’m not saying this because I prefer Cam, I prefer JJ… Big time… just think for this game we’re better served with him coming from the bench

  12. Start Cameron

    1. Gives us another look to see if he can replicate his performance

    2. Use Jones off the bench

    -No need to rush him back for a full 90

    – With 9 guys carrying yellow ( Jones doesn’t have one) you can bring him in late for Bradley, Cam, or even Fabian..who are all carrying yellow

    3. Anytime he plays he’s a yellow card risk, and it usually happens when he gets tired later in games, don’t want to go into the next few games with all your good CM options on cards

    4. If Cam stinks the place up, you got a good sub to use

    • The yellows is a good point. If Cameron plays and gets a 2nd yellow, Jones is still fresh. He could draw a YC against Costa Rica and still be good to go for Mexico.

  13. The only change really required vs Honduras is to drop in Castillo, sorry Jones and Zusi, we should keep the flow going and play aggressively. Randy

  14. Throughout our most recent panic, Jones was one of few if not the only player playing a high level. He runs until he’s completely gassed, has cut out the cards, and has had vision in his passing. Not to mention opposing players just seem to want to avoid him. He is one of the leaders on our team.

    People who are ignoring this because of one good game by Cameron are proof that we live in a complete knee-jerk society.

    Jones will start.

    • Great post. For any high-level competition, we need Jones out there.

      I do wonder, however, since Cameron played well, we’re playing a depleted team we should beat at home, maybe Cameron starts and Jones comes as a sub if needed. I’m sure he wants to play, but maybe the extra rest wouldn’t hurt.

      • Exactly. Cameron has earned himself a second look at the spot but jones is established. It’s his spot to lose. The only real reason to start Cameron is if jones is injured or your resting him (say after a concussion).

    • Cameron runs the whole game and doesn’t get gassed. Because of the type of injury, sit Jones and start Cameron. It will be better than okay.

    • For the most part I don’t think people saying they want to see Cameron start mean it as a slight to Jones. They want to get another look at Cameron to see if he can back up his great Panama performance with another quality start. If he does that he can solidify his standing as the 3rd CM above Edu and Sacha. Another person touched on this earlier but we need have a solid group of players we can trust to play at any time, not just a starting 11. We know Jones is one of those players. Can Cameron be one as well? Another start could prove it wasn’t a one off performance for us.

  15. I like Cameron better with MB, but I think Jones starts… And if he does play, he’ll probably be disciplined and dialed in – he knows he has real competition now…

    • I’m fine with either Jones or Cameron starting as long as the game plan is to let Bradley go forward first. Bradley is a different player after this year at Roma and is much better than Jones (and obviously Cameron) in the final 3rd.

  16. I was one of the people on this site that was hating on Cameron before the Panama game, I did not think he had the chops to play CM for the USMNT, he proved me wrong (albeit for one game against a struggling team). That being said I still think its JJ’s spot going forward, but if he were to go down Cameron would be a quality back up.

    • How was Panama a struggling team? Aside from the illness of Perez, Panama was undefeated in WCQ and coming off a draw against Mexico.

  17. Things I hate about soccer… a player has 1 good game and people overreact and think he should start from now on. Conversely, a player has 1 bad game and people overreact and think he should never start again.

    • I’m with you. For me, Cameron’s showing against Panama gave me confidence that he can fill in ably when it is needed, but I think the spot is still Jones’ for now.

      • Jermaine is a better passer and dribbler in the midfield than Cameron. Two very important skills. I really like that Cameron stayed true defensively and allowed Bradley to move up the pitch. He was every bit the destroyer that Jermaine usually is defensively. Cameron also seemed much less reckless, I never felt like he was one silly foul from getting sent off the way Jermaine is.

        For once, I am indifferent on if Cameron or Jones starts this game. I could make a case for either one.

    • Right. As nice as it was that Cameron played dominantly against Panama, let’s give him a handful of starts in that position first before we jump to conclusions.

      (I also think that this is a good opportunity, with Jones maybe not at 100%, and at a point when we look to finish well in the hex, to do that. But that’s maybe just me.)

    • In fairness, Cameron’s ability in the midfield may be a new revelation for those that didn’t watch him play prior to being called up with the Nats.

      He’s had more than “one good game” at the midfield on his resume. This is the same reason I was touting him to replace JJ when news of his concussion came about.

      A lot of people, apparently, are unaware of how versatile he is and how capable of doing exactly what he showed against Panama.

      • +1

        It’s not like JK was the first coach with an original idea to play Cameron at DMid. He played there regularly for Houston & at Stoke.

    • No way he replaces Jones for this cycle, however due to Camerons ability to play well at several positions, we need him to get playing time with the nats.

    • I don’t think that Cameron has necessarily won the starting spot over JJ. However, Cameron is a solid player at the DM role, and it could be wise to ease any player returning from any injury back into a starting XI role. Thus, rather than say that Cameron has earned the position over JJ, Cameron could be given the start in the Honduras game as a show of confidence given his performance against Panama, but also out of an abundance of caution for a player returning from a concussion.

      So, essentially I agree with Dank, above.

    • There is absolutely no way Cameron is taking Jones’ position. Watch their club games; they’re similar athletically, much different offensively.

  18. Honestly, given the nature of concussions, the quality of his replacement, and our strong position in the table, I’d rather him not start and only come on late if we’re trailing. I’m not saying he shouldn’t start in the future, but we fans need to realize that there will always be injuries, and a soccer team is rarely divided into “the starting 11” versus “the bench players”. We need at least 15 or 16 players we’re comfortable starting going into any major stretch of games.

  19. “Do you expect Jones back in the starting XI on Tuesday night?”

    I’ve always been a big fan of his game, even when I was in the minority. However, Cameron has really thrust himself into the midfield conversation.

    Not a fan of a player losing his spot due to injury but Cameron has certainly made it a “good problem” with playing in tandem with Bradley.

    I just hope we don’t revert to 3 DM’s again. Not after the progress in attack we’ve seen.

    • +1 I too have always been a fan of his. Wish he could of played in last world cup. If I were Klinsman I’d give him the night off, just to make sure with the concussion.

      Cameron will be in Brazil. He can cover 3 spots well, we need his depth. But I have to rate Jones higher, he has more big game experience

    • That is why Cameron should start at CB. I think Besler has played better than OG. In fact I dont think OG has played that great.

      • I’m absolutely ok with that, too, Bryson. Something else I’ve been consistent on is being a fan of the: Besler/Cameron pairing over Gonzalez.

      • +1

        Gonzalez playing “not that great” is just a nice way of saying BAD. He has consistently looked BAD. 2-3 awful mental errors in almost every game.

      • Agree. Gonzalez is still in the mix, but needs to eliminate the mental errors quickly. Starting him tomorrow will indicate that he’s now an automatic starter, and his play doesn’t merit that distinction.

      • + 2

        If healthy, you have to start Jones, but Cameron gives us some nice depth.

        I’d also like to see Cameron/Besler… Cameron and Gonzales have similar qualities, but Cameron is better

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