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Klinsmann adds Beckerman to USMNT roster

Kyle Beckerman

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Jurgen Klinsmann added Kyle Beckerman to the United States Men’s National Team roster on Friday as the team continues their preparation in Salt Lake City ahead of Tuesday’s World Cup qualifying match against Honduras.

Beckerman’s addition adds depth to a central midfield position that was missing usual starter Jermaine Jones because of a concussion. The call-up now puts the 31-year-old alongside Jones, Michael Bradley, Sacha Kljestan, and Geoff Cameron in the middle of the field on the roster.

Real Salt Lake have no games until June 22, leaving Beckerman clear to join the USMNT camp without missing any club games. The RSL captain has played 25 times for the USMNT in his career, including captaining the national side in their January draw against Canada in Houston.

What do you make of this decision? Do you see Beckerman playing against Honduras? Surprised at his call-up?

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  1. Unless injuries happen, this is pretty inconsequential, It does throw a bone to a guy who will likely be a central figure in the Gold Cup.

  2. We needed coverage at CM and with Beckerman he is a known player to Klinsmann. There are other players that are far better, i’m def not in the beckerman camp at all, but his addition makes perfect sense.

    • i don’t think you have seen many of their groupies. Jesse James has the look of the people who like Kottonmouth Kings. i’m not saying people with dreads don’t listen to them, i’m sure there are, but their fans have the “inland California/Arizona/New Mexico meets ICP” look.

  3. Not a bad call. I’ll explain why. I wouldn’t rank Beckerman in the top 8 def midfielders for the USMNT. However, if you want a player that trains well, isn’t going to get playing time, provides leadership and is local then Beckerman is a good pick.

  4. “Runaway train, never going back. Wrong way on a one-way track. Seems like I should be getting somewhere. Somehow I’m neither here nor there.”

    Beckerman needs to go back to his band and leave the international soccer to people who can hack it.

  5. This is a reasonable move. Mikey’s going forward now and Cameron needs a backup. Klinsy might see Sasha as a backup for Mikey and Holden’s probably not ready. It’s in Salt Lake and Beckerman’s about as good as Williams at that position anyway. Klinsy is retaking control of his team following the turmoil before and after the first Honduras match. He’s apparently made a few adjustments in how he approaches the players and how he trains the team. And, because it’s not an emergency, he’s not going to call in Landon. And I bet the rest of the team respects that decision.

  6. Hi guys,

    It’s part of Coach Klinsmann’s contract with US soccer that, if a competitive match is to be played at a MLS stadium, the USMNT must contain at least 1 MLS player who calls that stadium home. I have provided Jürgen with a list of preferable call-up players from each MLS team:

    RSL: Kyle Beckerman

    SEA: Brad Evans

    SKC: Graham Zusi

    NYRB: Dax McF arty

    DC: Bill Hamid

    CHI: Sean Johnson

    HOU: Brad Davis

    DAL: Brek Shea

    POR: Jack Jewsbury

    LA: Omar Gonzales

    NE: Juan Agudelo

    COL: Edson Buddle

    SJ: Alan Gordon

    CLM: Chad Marshall

    PHI: Jack McInerney

    Since Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are not places where we will be playing late-stage WC qualifiers any time soon, I have excluded these teams from Jürgen’s team-building conditions. Additionally, we consider the Home Depot Center part of Mexico when Chivas USA is playing there, so again, we exclude Chivas USA players from the conditions of the contract.

    So, until we play another qualifier in Carson, it might be awhile before Landon shows up on the USMNT roster. Thanks for your understanding. Go USMNT+MLS!

  7. Two comments:

    Donovan is not done being punished

    If Beckerman sees any minutes, it will be if a) The game is in hand and b) maybe 10 minutes for the home fans

    I fully expect Cameron to start again if Jones is a no go. Sasha must feel like crap about now. Parkhurst too. Evans cant carry his jock and hes starting over him. JK is strange sometimes

  8. How is anyone complaining about this? I mean honestly.

    Game is at RSL. He plays for RSL. Jones is injured. Cameron is filling in and we now need a back up for him or to pull Bradley early if we go up comfortably.

    It’s a great move and he isn’t taking anyone else’s spot. This has nothing to do with Donovan and seriously quit bringing him up. He isn’t magically being moved from the Gold Cup roster to this roster.

    • Plus, people forget that not only is Jones injured and possibly out, but Williams is injured and left camp to rest his injury and Edu had to leave for an injury before camp started. So, JK has potentially lost three defensive midfielders from his original roster, has an open roster spot, and is playing in the stadium of a player who is probably next in line at that position (or at least is in the pool for defensive midfielders) and who wouldn’t have to miss any club games to join the USMNT. It’s a no-brainer. In fact, it would be irresponsible not to call him in as insurance.

      • Dropping some logic – I agree this is a no lose situation. The real idiot move would be if Klinsmann didn’t make this so easy no loss move with all the cdm injuries, the game being in Salt Lake with them having no games and MB on a yellow and MB missed a game for a foul in the 85th minute when we were up 2-0 and had no one on the bench to take his place for a few minutes.

      • Dropping some logic – I agree this is a no lose situation. The real bad move would be if Klinsmann didn’t make this so easy no loss move with all the cdm injuries, the game being in Salt Lake with them having no games and MB on a yellow and MB missed a game for a foul in the 85th minute when we were up 2-0 and had no one on the bench to take his place for a few minutes.

        edited to get rid of a word

  9. This tells me that Klinsmann fears that Jones will not play. Cameron will need a viable back up on the bench.

  10. Given the call up, I’m guessing that Jones will not be fit to play on Tuesday.Cameron will and should get the nod to start again, with Beckerman providing some cover in case of injury.

    If the U.S. is up after the 70th minute, I could see Beckerman coming on to replace Bradley in order to avoid the risk of MB90 receiving a second yellow.

    On a different note, there may be a real competition for the second central midfielder slot if Cameron has another stellar performance…

    • I agree with most of what you said, but if it were Bradley and Cameron in the midfield; I would rather see Holden get that 20 minutes of PT. I feel Beckerman is a last gasp option after Kljestan and Holden.

  11. I think he’s just going to be a practice player since they are already in his backyard and he doesn’t have any club games this week. Good guy to fill out the scrimmages and a good guy to have in the locker room, I would be shocked to see him on the field.

    • I agree with everything you said, but JK might just throw him out there for 5 minutes at the end for the hometown fans if there winning nicely

  12. So call Beckerman but not Donovan. Ok so maybe LA has some games in that time but sheesh. I really think the breakdown in the relationship (between Donovan & Klinsmann) has to do with the ill-fated adventure in Munich. I feel that Donovan- although he deserved a rest- went a bit far in showing how playing for the nats under Klinsmann wasnt a priorty. Now Donovan’s getting a ‘right-back-at-you’ from the coach. i hope they can both get over it.

    • The game’s in Salt Lake City and Beckerman plays a similar role to Jones. I am positive that neither Klinsmann nor Donovan interpret this the way you do here.

      • This sounds right. Beckerman call up most likely means Jones is not going to be ready or will be held out as a precaution.

      • Double +1. As fans we have to get over the Donovan drama and stop reading into things. He will be back soon enough, but in the mean time clearly the coach knows what he’s doing.

    • Do you know what position Landon Donovan plays? Beckerman plays the same position as Jones, Donovan is out wide….can’t believe some people here always questioning Klinsmann, especially when the ones questioning him are wrong on this one haha….just wow

    • Why would Klinsmann call Donovan?

      Zusi and Fabian will be starting on the wings. It got the job done against Germany and Jamaica. If Fabian moves to LB, EJ will start on the left side. Castillo is there for substitute coverage.

      I don’t see any suspensions or injuries requiring LD to join the team that’s already gotten 10 points in 5 games without him.

      • Klinsmann probably feels the team has won him some breathing room with the last couple wins. Not saying we’ll win the group, but it looks like the current roster will take the side through to Brazil.

        Donovan’s path to the World Cup will be through the Gold Cup. If he shows the old ability and desire while on the B team, you can bet big money Klinsmann will have him on the A team next summer. Zusi is playing better than I expected, but he’s not Donovan. Zusi can’t spearhead a counter like Donovan can, and a lot of our goals against other than CONCACAF teams have been off counters.

  13. Two things about this surprise me, I had no idea he was 31 and that he has 25 caps for the USMNT. I am not surprised by the callup, Klinsmann clearly likes him.

    • He was part of the somewhat famous US U-17 team with Donovan, Beasley, Onyewu and others that got to the U-17 WC semis.

  14. Not too surprised he’s being called in for cover and with the game being in SLC. He’ll probably see minimal minutes if any.

    • I was about to say “Whyyyyyy?!!?!!?” but yeah what you said makes sense. Don’t really wanna see him play though =(

      Just not a fan. Its not that he is bad… its just that he is kinda old and offers little upside.

      • Well, hes pretty good for the MLS. But yes, I was trying to be diplomatic.

        If you want the truth, I never wanna see his dread-locked self on the field again well for the US.

      • I was surprised Beckerman wasn’t already on the roster. Klinsmann doesn’t plan to play him (hopefully), but likes having Beckerman around. Said last year he was a good mix to the locker room chemistry.

      • i’m not. he’s a main key to our Gold Cup team. before these issues, we didn’t need him and didn’t want to anger RSL by having him gone from for some of May, most of June, and then all of July.

    • Not as long as things are going alright. If we lose a couple games, though, the volume of questions and criticisms will increase.

    • I believe the rules stated they could call up players who were originally called up to camp. Donavan wasn’t on that list.


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