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Friday Kickoff: Blatter allays fears over Maracana construction; Nigeria to arrive in Brazil on Sunday; and more

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The top storyline it seems ahead of the Confederations Cup this summer has been the molasses-like pace that some of the World Cup stadiums in Brazil are being completed at.

The Maracana, Brazil’s jewel piece and stadium to host the opener and final, is still undergoing construction on parts of the stadium, though FIFA President Sepp Blatter eased fears that it wouldn’t be finished in time for the start of next summer’s World Cup.

“I have seen worse situations. Yes there is still work to be done, but it will get done,” Blatter said to BBC Sport. “I have been to many tournaments when the painters are still painting the stadiums an hour before the first match. It is not a surprise to me that people are still working. It just means that something has not been finished and they need to finish it.”

The World Cup begins in less than 365 days, with six of the 12 stadiums for the tournament being used this month for the Confederations Cup. Nearly all of the stadiums were either built from scratch or have undergone massive renovations.

Here are some more stories to get your Friday kicked off:


The Nigerian players and technical staff came to an agreement over unpaid bonuses by the Nigerian Football Federation, ending a self-imposed strike in a Windhoek, Namibia hotel.

Supposed to be in Brazil preparing for the Confederations Cup as Africa’s representative, the Super Eagles never left their hotel after a 1-1 draw against Namibia on Wednesday, striking over promised bonuses of reported $10,000 for each player. The originally promised money was cut down to $2,500 due to financial constraints, causing the players to refuse to leave the hotel when they heard the news.

Finally on Friday, Nigeria’s Minister of Sport Bolaji Abdullahi intervened on behalf of the federation and helped the two sides come to an agreement, ending the strike and putting the Nigeria National Team on course to arrive in Brazil on Sunday, just one day before they begin play against Tahiti in Belo Horizonte.


One might think that after spending upwards of $180 million on transfer fees alone, AS Monaco would call it a day. One would probably be wrong.

According to reports out of France, Monaco is still interested in bringing in another forward to the club, with the Ligue 1 side eyeing Zenit St. Petersburg’s Hulk. The reports state that Hulk would cost Monaco around $60 million just for the transfer fee, and certainly he would earn a massive salary as well.

Since moving to Zenit last summer from Porto, Hulk has struggled to gel, scoring just seven times in 18 Russian Premier League matches. The 26-year-old Brazilian is currently with the National Team as they prepare to kick off the Confederations Cup on Saturday against Japan.


Though it looked like he was well on his way out, Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes has decided to see out the rest of his contract at the club, which expires at the end of June 2014.

The Catalonian born and raised Valdes had been rumored for a move to AS Monaco or Arsenal for the last few months, but the 31-year-old shot stopper has put an end to those rumors according to reports out of Spain. Barcelona will lose Valdes at the end of the 2013-2014 season on a free transfer, making speculation that he would exit this summer so Barcelona could bring in some sort of transfer fee.

The Spain No. 2 behind Iker Casillas, who has made 12 appearances for his country, is currently in Brazil with the Spanish National Team as they close out preparations for the Confederations Cup. In his time at Barcelona, Valdes has featured for the Blaugrana no less than 465 times in all competitions. This past season, he started 44 times in goal in all competitions for the Barcelona club.


Former Bolton boss Owen Coyle has been confirmed by Wigan chairman Dave Whelan as the Championship club’s next manager. (REPORT)

Celtic have completed the signing of towering forward Amido Balde from Vitoria Guimaraes in Portugal on a four-year contract. (REPORT)

The French Football Federation and Ligue 1 released the fixtures for the upcoming season, which will see Paris Saint-Germain and AS Monaco facing each other for the first time on September 21. (REPORT)

Mano Menezes, who coached Brazil from 2010-2012, has been appointed the newest head coach at Flamengo. (REPORT)


What do you make of these reports? Do you see the Maracana being finished in time? Think we’ve heard the last of stadium issues in Brazil? Do you think Hulk could go to Monaco?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. “It is not a surprise to me that people are still working. It just means that something has not been finished and they need to finish it.”

    My 2 year old son would agree, Sepp.

  2. It’s incredible to me that they continually pass up host nations that would be good for the game, rather than good for their pocket.

    FIFAs inability to realize that what’s good for the game would eventually be good for their pocket amazes me.

    The USA could stage a safer, more profitable, more comfortable, more compelling, World Cup THIS SUMEMR than Brazil/Qatar/Russia combined could host 10 Summers from now.

    • That’s exactly why there’s no way the U.S. will get picked to actually host a world cup. What other country has the infrastructure to host a World Cup at a moment’s notice should Brazil, Russia, or Qatar falter? The U.S. is and always will be the safest backup plan, meaning it won’t be getting selected anytime soon.

      • I’m not saying other countries COULDN’T host a world cup, I agree other european countries have the stadiums to do it. I’m saying no other country is on the same level as the U.S. in terms of hotels, airports, restaurants, local attractions, and number of stadiums to choose from to make it a smooth event with almost no prep time. We have more than 100 football stadiums around the country (college and NFL) that seat more than 50,000 and are not in use cause its summer.

      • So no other countries have good airports, hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, stadiums? Have you ever left the USA? It doesnt sound like it or you would not make such ridiculous statements. Oh well, if you are from the USA Im not surprised at your ignorance

    • Arrogant Americans thinking its their birthright to host the World Cup every time. Yes, the USA is the best at everything, nobody can do anything better than us. blah blah blah. STFU

      • Um no. However we do think we would make a better host than Qatar, Australia would have as well. Qatar as a host was a joke when it was announced and it is still a joke two and a half years later.

      • Oh, you’re in the United States? Thanks for your taxes.

        Oh, you’re not in the United States? Thanks for finding an American website.

        Oh, you’re not here legally? Thanks for your cheap labor.

        Did I miss anything?

      • you pretty much nailed it Old School…except maybe:

        Oh, you’re upset at American success? Thanks for your jealousy

      • jealous of the USA? what the hell for? Your violence, your failing economy, your mountains of debt, your slum cities?

      • “jealous of the USA? what the hell for? Your violence, your failing economy, your mountains of debt, your slum cities?”

        Actually, I wouldn’t mind all that. It’s the spying on your own citizens that freak me out more than anything and sort of make the US sort of a joke when talking about civil liberties and freedom, IMHO.

      • OK Id (you should change your name to Ego, by the way), who else could host a WC right now on short notice better than the US? Maybe a few major European powers, maybe. I guess South Africa could use their recent infrastructure improvements. Help me out.

        Give us an alternative Id, please

      • Germany, Japan, South Korea, England, France, China, just off the top of my head, im sure there are more if i really thought about it

  3. “Think we’ve heard the last of stadium issues in Brazil?” Now, that’s funny right there! After writing “Nearly all of the {12} stadiums were either built from scratch or have undergone massive renovations.” you really need to ask that question? The real question isn’t is THIS the last we’ll hear about this, it’s when WILL we hear the last of it: An hour before opening kickoff is my guess.

    Oh well, at least the 2022 WC will be in Qatar, where all their WC stadiums are already ready to go.


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