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Mexico vs. Jamaica: Your Running Commentary



The Mexico Men’s National Team only has to look back four years to recall a familiar situation.

With just three points from their first three matches (one win and two losses) in 2010 World Cup qualification, El Tri entered began three-match June schedule with an embarrassing loss at El Salvador, before rounding off five straight wins to ease into qualification for South Africa.

This time around, with the team struggling to win games and find goal scorers not named Javier Hernandez, they will step into “The Office” in Kingston, Jamaica tonight (9:30pm, Telemundo), to face a Jamaica side with their backs against the wall.

Neither Mexico or Jamaica has won a match in the HEX after three rounds, making tonight’s match a vital one for both side. A loss for either team would put them in the basement of the qualifying group after four matches, leaving just six matches to turn things around.

If you will be watching tonight’s match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (A closer look at tonight’s match can be found after the jump):


TV: 9:30pm, Telemundo

Last Time Out: Mexico draw at home with the United States, 0-0, while Jamaica fell in Costa Rica, 2-0. Mexico and Jamaica met in the first match day of the Hexagonal round, drawing 0-0 in Estadio Azteca last February.

The Matchup: Mexico are searching for goalscorers not named Javier Hernandez, who has had to carry an entire nation on his shoulders while teammates around him continue to misfire. Aldo de Nigris and Raul Jimenez were added to the squad, while experienced veterans Andres Guardado and Giovani Dos Santos should either provide service into the box or manage to score goals themselves. Jamaica is desperately in need of goals too, with Simon Elliott scoring the lone goal in three qualifying matches. Playing at home should give them a boost, as well as an in-form Ryan Johnson and Darren Mattocks up top, giving them speed and strength through the channels.


  1. In order to help my Telemundo Friends. He pronounces it Maht-Tocks. Their attempts at pronouncing it making me cringe. Another reason the switch made no sense.

    • They are more gifted. With the Jamaicans its always the same toughness, footspeed and great goalkeeping. Everything else good luck.

  2. How many more good chances would Jamaica have if they weren’t all so selfish? It’s like a team of Pando Ramirez’.

    • Whatsthat the fourth one that shoulda been. To think we tanked the caCaribbean cup for this. Atleast wed be in the gold cup. If we won that as we always do.

      • I thought Johnson’s header was in for sure, great save, but that cross was in slow motion just waiting to be headed home and he blew it.

  3. So why does Carlos Vela not get called up/refuse to play for Mexico again? Is it all about that party he threw that time?

    • Doesn’t want to risk his club spot. Gets slammed by the press and coach all the time. Wouldn’t be a sure starter.

      Also, they once scheduled his return to the NT on his birthday, whih conflicted with the party he had scheduled in Spain.

  4. 50/50 ball straight up in the air with about four seconds of hang time…and no Jamaican challenges. Pathetic effort.

  5. Does anyone know what happened to Rodolfo Zelaya? I remember him tearing things up in the gold cup 2 years ago, and then moving to Russia. What is his status?

  6. Darn all those French classes, my Spanish is very limited, but watching the game. Are they playing on artifical turf? I remember the pitch in The Office looking like our back yard in the summer.

    • Jamaica keeps making good plays to get into the final third but keep finding themselves in a 2 vs 5 match up; Mexico playing strong&composed defense

  7. I know the game is on telemundo, but I don’t see channel 406 as a channel that’s even available. anyone else have this issue? Any good suggestions on where to watch online?

  8. Best result for any team above two other teams in a group is for those two teams to draw. For the USMNT, a draw makes it less likely that Jamaica or Mexico passes them in the standings. Also, a draw would dampen Jamaica’s confidence going into Friday, especially if Mexico scores late to get the draw. And Mexico dropping more points is always good.

    Actually, it’s a win-win-win situation for the USMNT. Any result will have some good consequences. Draw has more good consequences, I think.

    The schedule for this stretch of games is good for the USMNT. Jamaica has to play US on three days rest, Mexico has to go to Panama on three days rest, Panama has to come to US after what is probably their biggest emotional game.

  9. This Jamaican attack looked threatening in the Azteca in Feb. they just could not finish. This Mexican team has not looked too good in qualifying so far.

  10. I want Jamaica to win so 1) they can use this boost to help them reach the World Cup, and 2) make Mexico sweat some more, increasing the pressure on them to get better results. The last 3 rounds of the Hex should be a lot of fun…

  11. so if Mexico loses this game do they make a manager change before the confed cup?

    I doubt they change a manager after 7 draws but two points out of two games vs Jamaica might do it.. Chepo better have his squad ready to fight!

  12. I see most of you so called USMNT fans are really hoping for a mexico loss or tie…
    Come on people ! That is sad.. I would be more worried about the U.S. qualifying.
    I’m Mexican and 100% El Tri fan and I don’t care if the U.S win, tie or loses or any other team in the region for that matter. The one thing I will guarantee along with all the mexico supporters is we win tonight in Kingston Jamaica and go on to qualify…

    • We want to not only qualify but win the qualifying group. Should be obvious how Mexico drawing tonight helps us win the group, but anything other than 3 pts for Mexico looks increasingly unlikely

    • I’m not so sure you speak for many El Tri fans. There are plenty that enjoy US losses, and let’s not pretend otherwise.

      • Yea but your talking about Mexican Americans I’m talking about Mexicans from mexico .. The mexico fans are just worrying about mexico qualification and that’s it I don’t care if the US qualify to the WC or not.
        I was really surprised to here not just usmnt fans but other fans from the region just hating on mexico. Let me ask you a question does mexico losing make the usmnt any better or does it make the usmnt fans feel better just because they have had a bad era with jurgan k ?

      • Wrong…I’m Mexican American and will NEVER cheer for the US and quite frankly, don’t know of any others who cheer for the US here in Austin…stop kidding yourself.

      • “Let me ask you a question does mexico losing make the usmnt any better or does it make the usmnt fans feel better just because they have had a bad era with jurgan k ?”

        mexico losing will always make me feel better, no matter what.

      • clearly you don’t understand the American sport mentality. have you ever heard a Yankees fan cheer for Boston? have you ever heard a Dodger fan cheer for the Giants? Redskins cheer for Cowboys? not. a. chance.

        this is the sport mentality in the US. there is no mercy for your fiercest rival. even if the Lakers were out of the playoffs, you think their fans are going to cheer for Boston if the Celtics were still in? nope. there is no benefit to the Lakers, but they still want to see the Celtics lose.

        that’s just how it is. and that mentality carries over into soccer. now, most fans also realize that while it’s fun to berate your rivals, it won’t change your team and that should remain your focus.

  13. I noticed Andre Blake from UCONN made the WCQ squad for Jamaica. The kid has some real potential. College ball isn’t as bad as some want to make it out to be. It continues to develope and attract better talent every year.

  14. As the only Jamaica fan on here I wish for 4-1 and a resulting Mexican implosion in the papers next day. Our only reasonable hope is the 4th place then battle New Zealand (how we got in last time). We have a ton of talented players all over MLS and Europe. A world cup berth would inspire the next generation.

    Mattocks/Johnson/Shelton should if all goes well terrorize this team. Then take the boost and do the same to the US.

    • they are in town.. I would put them up at the game if I was in charge. What better game to watch than the team you are about to play vs your greatest rival..

      • Would the Jamaican Federation have any right to not allow them in? I imagine it would definitely be advantageous for the USMNT to be there and see the game live and would love to see them do it, but could Jamaica keep them out?

  15. Rooting for Mexico.

    A Jamaican win leaves the US having to face two really desperate teams.
    A draw leaves both teams desperate and dangerous though not quite as much.
    A Mexican win puts Jamaica’s hopes on life support and leaves the US one less team to worry about.

    Mexico is likely to qualfiy regardless so lets get this over with.

    • After game 1 of the hex, I’d totally agree with you. If Mexico is still winless after game 4….? I’d think that alarm bells might start sounding.

    • You could also argue that if Jamaica loses, and knows that Friday night is do or die, their motivation could be ramped up even further. Something about a wounded animal being most dangerous.

      Ultimately, they are a pretty professional side, so injuries or suspensions aside, I think we will get a similar effort regardless of tonight’s outcome.

      • Yeah, if Jamaica loses they are just as likely to be mentally in a do or die mode, than an oh well, guess it’s over, mode.

        US qualifies regardless even with all of GW’s sissy wringing of hands scenarios (j/k man), might as well see our biggest rivals suffer a little.

  16. Hi guys,

    Can I play tonight? Because I did get a straight red against Nigeria. Or is it just a suspension for the next friendly?


    • As far as I know, red cards in friendlies do not carry any suspensions. You’re just out for the match you got carded in.

  17. I prefer a Mexico win, so that Jamaica feels great pressure to open things up and go for the victory against the US. If Jamaica beats El Tri, then they may be satisfied bunkering and getting a point from the US. Either way, though, the short turnaround for the Reggae Boys is a break for the USMNT. Let’s hope they can build on the offensive performance vs. Germany

    • very true.. i would think that Jamaica really wants to get 2-4 points out of these two home games and if they start out with 3 there is little to no incentive to “go for it” in the second game vs. the USA. I would much rather play a Jamaica team looking for a win than one that is content with a low scoring draw (a la the Jamaica team we faced 2x back in September)

  18. I would love to see a brace from Ryan Johnson for a 2-1 Jamaica win, but I don’t foresee that happening 🙁

  19. Lets go reggae boys! I would just love for Mexico to not qualify. I’m tired of that teams antics…. It seems they always win by flopping free kicks/penalties or some other drama. I expect the same tonight…..

  20. looking forward to watching this game. ideally, i would think US fans want a draw. keep Jamaica at 3 points, last place, and that would only allow Mexico to get up to 4 points. yes, that would put them into the m@ssive 4 point tie right now, but everyone else would have a game in hand.

  21. looking forward to watching this game. ideally, i would think US fans want a draw. keep Jamaica at 3 points, last place, and that would only allow Mexico to get up to 4 points. yes, that would put them into the massive 4 point tie right now, but everyone else would have a game in hand.


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